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Cut the Rope now playable on your web browser

Following the footsteps of Angry Birds, the popular Cut the Rope game made the transition from mobile devices to your web browser. Now you can feed the cute, candy-gobbling monster, Om Nom straight from your browser simply by going to http://www.cuttherope.ie/.

Cut the Rope

The game, which has been downloaded over 60 million times on the iOS and Android platform is converted to HTML5 and optimized for Internet Explorer 9 (although Chrome, Firefox and other modern web browser users can also play). This web version is developed by a partnership between Microsoft, web design agency Pixel Lab and ZeptoLab’s lead creative team to showcase the rich interactive capabilities of the HTML5 web standard.

IE9 users get more fun though. Aside from being able to pin the game to your Windows 7 task bar for one-click access, you will also unlock 7 unique levels that’s not available to other browsers. I just wonder how it will reflect those levels where you need two fingers to swipe at the same instant when all you have here is a mouse.

Go check Cut the Rope now on your web browser.


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  • JmBalicano

    I’ve played this on an iPhone, and it’s crazy addictive. One thing though.. What about those levels where the only way to get all the stars is by using multi-touch to cut multiple ropes or control 2 points at the same time?

  • yup that’s what i was thinking about too. maybe they removed it.

  • John G

    There are only a few levels in the browser version – the easier ones that don’t need multi touch. I finished everything in 10 minutes. You can also configure it to either drag or click to cut.

  • thejorlanb

    Bitin. 😀