D-Link’s Boxee Box is coming to the Philippines

D-Link’s DSM-380 Boxee Box Network Multiplayer or Boxee for short is one of the popular media boxes in the US and we got word that it is set to arrive in the country this quarter. One of the features that separate Boxee from other media players aside from its funky design is its integration with online sites that streams TV shows.

d-link boxee box

The D-Link Boxee Box is a media device powered by an Intel Atom CE4100 processor and is capable of 1080p HD playback on most popular media file formats. It doesn’t have a hard drive on its own so playing local content is done via streaming over the network (wired or its built-in wireless) or by plugging external drives on its USB port. It’s like a better Apple TV made for the PC.

With the poor internet speed in our country, the D-Link Boxee Box would probably only appeal to those with high-speed internet access (2Mbps perhaps?) if it’s going to be used mainly for watching online videos. However, one of its major online content provider is Netflix which doesn’t work outside US so at most it’s going to be your run-of-the-mill media player that has a kick-ass design.

The D-Link DSM-380 Boxee Box has a local price of Php13,000. Or you could create your own set-top box or use an old netbook and load the Boxee software on it instead, with your iPhone or Android phone as your remote.

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  • Mharko

    Would you know where to buy the Boxee Box in Manila for 13k?