DDoS Extortionist Hits Filipino Blogger

Ryan Cleary alias “ViraL”, one of the three hackers who conspired to bring down 4chan with a DDoS attack, posted this threatening comment on my blog the other day.

ViraL on August 21st, 2008 at 2:02 pm

Are you serious right now? Remove all material on us from your site or it won’t come back up. You can’t “œprevent” DDoS, and you certainly can’t pipe 70gbps on the budget your on, so if I were you, I’d comply.

I did not comply with his extortion demands. My blog is now under DDoS attack. Ryan Cleary is a felon twice over.

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  • ms high blood

    1 year na kaming kinukunsumi ng bayantel na i2, nagsisisi kami kung bakit pa kami nagpakabit ng dsl nila. pero bala na naming ipa terminate ang dsl namin pati yung landline namin, BULOK TALAGA

  • Mark D

    Shame about the DDoS, but it might lighten your day to know he eventually targetted the wrong person and had his computer compromised. :’)