Debugging PTB

Hello everyone,

We’ve been constantly getting feedback about the CSS layout of our blog. While we’re trying to test them on all possible platforms, browser flavors and versions as well as screen sizes, we still cannot cover all of them. (I’m running the latest versions of Flock, FireFox, IE, and Opera on a 12″ laptop at 1024×768 and found no errors, I swear!)

Although another layout is on the way, we’d like to seek help from you to find out what we’re missing in the CSS codes. Please leave us a comment detailing your OS, browser type and version, screen resolution/size and monitor size.

I’d like to thank you those who have already sent their feedback regarding this matter and though we thought that the bugs have been dealt with, apparently they’re not completely fixed.

I have also enabled Full RSS feeds.

Thanks again.

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