Delineate or Mint?

After the popularity of Shortstat, Shaun Inman created another excellent web application called Mint, a nifty referrer-spam-proof tool that helps your siteidentify where the most interest is being generate and over what». But the only drawback is you have to buy it for $30/per site.

Well, after the success of two, Ben Sekulowicz exposes his “super-secret” project Delineate beta which is a Mint-like web tool.

delineate is a community driven visitor tracking service that tells you who your visitors are and what they want from the web.

Delineate gives you this information by tracking not only your website’s visitor information but that of every member of the delineate user community to create a greater knowledge base of your visitors and their interests. The system provides all of the information you would expect from a modern day statistics package together with specific information about every hit, search engine request and visit. — excerpt:

delineate part 00

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