Dell Call Center in the Philippines

With Dell signing on, the Philippines has just scored well in it’s bid to ride the outsourcing boom.

Dell, the world’s largest computer systems company, has announced that they will open a call center in Metro Manila early next year. With the RCBC Plaza Tower in Makati City as the base of recruitment and training operations, Dell will be hiring around 700 technical support and customer service agents to staff the new Dell Call Center which will begin operations in February 2006.

With the number of skilled English-speaking Filipinos, I am not surprised why the Philippines was chosen by Dell for their call center needs.

If you are interested in applying, head on to the Dell Website.

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  • So is this the reason why they’re trying to wiggle their way out of E-Telecare, the biggest supplier of BPO/Call center specialists to Dell for the last 3-4 years?

    Why not open a separate category in Pinoy Tech Blog for “Offshoring” or “Outsourcing”? The Philippines right now is no. 2 in that area and many readers would love to read articles and write ups such as this.

    Great work! AnP!


    i didn’t even know that they previously used e-telecare.

    probably they were initally just trying it out. i assume that dell’s inital number of 700 call center support staff is a lot bigger than what they sub-contracted with e-telecare.

    anyone knows more about this? the story behind this recent development?

  • Here’s the feed from AP. Ironic considering they don’t have sales/support here!

  • so any updates if Dell will closed its account with Etelecare ?

  • i think dell will close its account, seems to be the logical conclusion

  • webmaster111

    Surprising to know that Dell has hsifted to Phillipines. Are you sure Dell used TeleCare before?
    For outsourcing voice, chat, email or back-office support, visit the website of Aumenta Call Center, India.

  • mcoy

    i miss dell! why did they pull out dell acct in teleperformance? we are performing a lot and we give our very best! and we compete with the internal sites of dell.

  • nickel

    dell is still in etelecare and they are here to stay..that’s because etelecre provides them the best of breeds of technical support agents.

  • creme1112

    I am an etelecare employee up untill now but I am not underl Dell accout.

    I can attest to you that up until now, etelecare has a technical account for based in makati and libis…..and as a matter of fact the program is ramping up….

  • Giovz

    Im a dell tech support for wireless. Been with etelecare more than a year. Yes dell is still with etelecare cuz we rock.

  • Lludw

    Well i used to be a Dell tech @ Etelecare as of Nov 11th of 2008 they were bought out bu Ayala & Providence & the Dell account sent overseas to the Philippine Centers that Etelecare has.

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  • Mac

    eTelecare should have been great if not with those new people who managed it who obviously lack people skills.

  • mark

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  • That is great news for the Philippines. For Dell to open a Call Center in the said country means it is regarded as one of the best place to outsource. Also, it is good news as it will provide work to 700 Filipinos and that number will increase as the year progresses.

  • Call center industry here in the Philippines is rapidly growing. This firms will provide more jobs to people. Thanks for the info.

  • Call Center or BPO was so terrific, It gives a lot of job opportunities here in our country. The economic will be going better.

  • Shary Flenniken

    I have been spending, literally, full business days on the phone with three different Dell tech support associates in the Philippines call center. The could not be nicer or more sincere in their efforts to help me. However, they have not been prepared to deal with complex hardware issues on a higher-end system such as my Precision T7600 Workstation.
    I don't want to be too boringly technical, but the first support person incorrectly advised me to wipe all the information off my hard drive, so we then spent two days trying to install the correct drivers that might get it working. These support people are working with inadequate training and do not have access to the actual PC models for which they are advising. There are either none or too few technically advanced individuals to whom more difficult problems are escalated, since my problem has been "kicked upstairs" more than once with no response at all. My product is under warrantee, and there should be a relatively simple solution to my needs. Dell is after all, a hardware company.
    If you look on the web, you will see a lot of derogatory comments and jokes about tech support situated in India. I fear that my friends in the Philippines will be subjected to the same derision unless Dell institutes more training, hires more competent individuals, and gives them the products they need in order to diagnose and solve problems.
    Meanwhile, I am writing this on an iPad because Dell tech support killed my beautiful, expensive PC.

  • Dan

    Dell tech support in the philippines has ceased and it has been transferred back to india for obvious reasons: cost. No matter what the head honcho tells everyone, he dropped the ball on them with a smile on his face.