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Dell Global Contact Centers to Close Operations?

A source from inside one of the Metro Manila contact centers of Dell tipped us of an imminent closure of Dell Global Center both in Pasay City and Quezon City. Reasons aren’t clear but it seems that the US recession and weak dollar may have a hand in the decision.

The operations will be sold or transfered to other BPO companies locally — Teletech and Accenture. That means there will still be jobs but it will outsourced unlike the previous setup where Dell is the one directly handling the operation in the Philippines.

This came as a surprise since Dell Philippines has also announced its entry in the PC retail market. Press release circulated last week made the formal announcement capping it up with a lavish party at the Prince of Jaipur, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City last night.

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  • jefferson faudan

    quite wondering though… despite the cheap labor that they have to pay for offshore outsourcing they still find it costly? That’s what they do…knowing that asian countries have cheap labor… they just have these tendencies of squeezing the most from what they spent, unknowingly understanding the workload that they give. Comparatively, if they’ll think about it, they pay an agent equivalent to a pair of Diesel or Calvin Klein at its the most. And how much would a Dell laptop cost once again??? They cost to a thousand dollars and even more… care to do the mathematics in getting cheap labor???

  • raymond laurel

    This is NOT TRUE!!! Show us your sources where you got this news.

    This is unnecesarily creating jitters for employees who depend on the company for their living. To date, this all looks like gossip unsubstantiated by any official release from the company.

  • Norman

    Dell has experienced outsourcing and knows very well the dangers and savings (of course). FYI, it was outsourcing that brought about the need for in-house support. It made Dell wealthier in the process. Dell’s support services does not focus on the non-revenue generating Line-of-business, that’s why Dell is no need of Outsourcing “all” it’s essential customer services.

  • Norman

    As your speculation you can stop now, or better yet shove it up your arse.

  • i have not heard this news yet, though few of my friends are closly associated with Dell.

  • nitesoul

    i am from Dell QC site. this has no truth in it. if there were, we are the ones who should know about it because we’re the ones who are employed by Dell. and one more thing, i worked for an outsourced company before, it sucked. Teletech and Accenture are giving us problems because they dont care about the concerns of the customers of Dell.

  • ompong


    matagal na itong balita. nung november 2007 pa (or possibly as early as august 07). hanggang ngayon in house pa din yung dalawang centers na binanggit.

    di ako elibs. hehehe.

  • Jimmy Desla

    This news is NOT true.

    Dell has a real “Open Door” policy and lets its employee’s know what will happen before it hits the media. It’s not some Outsourced company that takes clients from some fortune 500 corporation to represent. Come on, this is Dell, the computer company. Dell can afford to buy Accenture or Teletech, With and office down the street anytime, ask them, they’re probably the one who’s spreading the rumors since they can’t afford losing so much employees after Dell Opened and probably are sourgraping about it.

  • vader

    This is a hoax !

  • frederick dela cruz

    lolz… im working at dell, both pasay and libis are still open and we’ll not close, infact we’re still hiring!

  • laugh-a-lot

    Well peeps npw that Del Pasay ha been sold to TP…what can you say about the open door policy that our company told us? It seems nagkagulatan na lang…. Hope this will not happen to Dell QC….”Speed Of Dell”

  • joel

    fred, you spoke too soon. 🙁

  • I started in Dell at 2007. From DOC to XPS. I already heard news about this after a meeting with the Bombay bosses (which smells bad) around 2008. I thought Bombay bosses did not push through the plan after they added another support which is ANZ for AU and NZ consumers December of 2008. Right after New Year BOOM! That’s it! So fast! I’d heard that TP will taking over. WOW! DISPUTES! The announcement was on March then I left Dell around August. Guys, for those who wants to apply in a call center PLEASE AVOID TELEPERFOMANCE…THEY DON’T PAY FAIR…EVERY PAY DAY… SALARIES HAS DISCREPANCIES AND DISPUTES! THEY SAY ITS BECAUSE OF THE TRANSITION! FUCK YOU LIAR TP! THIS FUCKING PAY HAPPEN TO ALL TP SITES…NOW! HOW WOULD YOU SAY THAT ITS BCOZ OF TRANSITION? BITCH INDIANS! CONTROLLING DELL ASIA AND PACIFIC SUPPORT!

  • Now where all those who said DELL is not closing? HA! HA! TP payout issues again, why RDOT was not paid? Shit!

  • Due to recession, many companies are closing or cutting the number of their employees down. Many workers are being separated from their jobs. I think this blog is true.

  • Global financial crisis really affects the business industry including the field of information technology. This is a sad news for Dell.

  • DellTechPSY


    Sad to say but its true, right now we are being left behind by dell, they formally announced that Dell XPS – PSY tech support will only last for June 25, 2010, i was part of the original TSR from dell acquired by TP – but now we are indeed looking for a diff account.. So much for dell.. sad to say but the boat is sinking!! all the promises was just put to waste.. any consideration.. tsk! they are now moving to INDIANS which has poor image but low cost of operations. so much for experience.. sorry sour graping..

  • Tagamasid

    been here with Dell since December 2008, when Teleperformance took over the account I decided to stay with dell hoping that they will keep promisses. Now Dell is closing the account with TP on June 25, 2010. They will going to put the Dell hired agents on Floating with out Pay. That’s sucks. we been loyal to Dell up until now taking good care of their customers. Solving all issue even giving extra mile to the customer just to solve issue.
    now they will going to put us on Floating Status without pay up until they transfer us to different account and yet we know it is the end.
    That’s what we get for working hard here on TP.

    Thanks Anyway

  • Turokmakto

    Dell is transferring to India. Why? because most of the Bosses of Dell are from India. my Opinion is they are trying to MONOPOLIZE the account.

    Poor Dell if they only knew that their customer is looking for another Computer brand because the Tech Support is from India and they can’t understand them.

    No wonder why they lost sales.

    I will not be surprised if Dell will declared Bankruptcy..

    so That’s it.

    Great Work Dell Pasay (XPS, DOC) we’ve done a great Job, but we have to cross the bridge. No More mga ser

  • boy sisiw

    dell is hell! rakenrol! \m/

  • ryswick

    nothing much to say here… we move on, move fast, and that’s it.

    Good job, Dell Employees.

    -dell xps batch 8 (may’08)

  • boy sisiw

    di ako techy, i was forced into it kasi nga nag-apply ako dito at natanggap. tumagal at ngayon ay may hawak na responsibilidad, and now that i had seen the best and mostly the worst of it, naintindihan ko na kayo, old dell pasay hired people! rak en rol! \m/

  • chikitita

    and they said that we are secured… DELL is known for giving misinformation and misleading people. and the product speaks for themselves.. xps 1330 anyone???
    and the amazing bosses are really there for their team .. NOT.
    one even promised me not to give up because SHE is still there for me and that she will help me get somewhere…oh she did get me somewhere alright … to another station… i have been meaning to tell her … i am in need of a nanny or house maid and willing to pay her 9k a month which is what she takes home every pay day here at TP. 😀

  • dellmonyo

    been with dell last aug.09 and to be honest with you, madami me ntutunan. technical-wise,sales and SCAM…..yeah SCAM..they told us to sell Dell PC TUNE UP but guess what, whose the culprit of those problem with dell system??? ask a SOLUTION STATION tech and first thing that they will do is to uninstall thT f888ING SOFTWARE and wala!!!! problem solved!!!!! good luck to dell costumer who will be assisted by INDIANS…..

    XPS and Sol Station Tech…gud job…