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Dell Streak 5 is no more, in the US market at least

Ahhh the Dell Streak 5. The 5-inch pocket tablet that is not quite a phone and not quite a tablet has now been shelved by Dell in the US. If you go the Dell Streak 5’s website, it says that the tablet’s no longer available. Reports are saying that it’s partly due to sales not meeting the company’s expectation for that region.

Dell Streak 5 EOL

However in the Asian market, the Streak 5 is still alive and kicking. Dell Hong Kong still has the Streak 5 site up and running. We saw this Android pocket tablet last April when it was launched but it’s just recently that units are making the rounds to tech editors. You can read a nice and detailed review over at Yugatech.

But the big question is, will it suffer the same fate as its US brethren? One thing it has going for itself is its unique size but the Php25k price tag associated with it can be a downer for the savvy buyer. And I’m sure this EOL news of the Streak 5 will have a ripple effect in other markets including ours.

So do you still think that the Dell Streak 5 is a good investment for a portable tablet device?

[Streak Smart]
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  • Griswold

    yikes! i wouldn’t go with dell streak 5 for now. baka magaya sila mawalan pa ng support. naka Android 2.2 pa man din yan.

  • techfan23

    im in asia and i havent seen a Dell streak 5 yet…. very interested in checking one out though!

  • the Dell 5 Streak certainly sounds good… but when dell is not sure about its product, how can anyone invest money on it.