Delsey’s Zip SECURI TECH is a simple solution for securing luggage

80. That’s the number of luggages that are being pilfered in airports worldwide. That’s according to Specialists in air transport communications and IT solutions (SITA).

How? Simply by breaking through the zipper with a pen which is the easiest way to gain access to your luggage. And here I thought that padlocking the zippers together would be enough to secure the contents of my luggage. And I also though that pen trick only works on those cheap luggage bags. Nope, it works on all types of zipper and thieves can seal it back without leaving a trace.

Check out this video:

Sometimes there’s this modus operandi where the technician manning the X-ray machine will tag hot luggage bags, those with laptops and other gadgets inside which are easy to sell. His partner, usually a baggage handler, will then access the contents simply by breaking through the zipper. Once done, he will run the zipper (even when padlocked) through the opened portion to seal it back again. 10 seconds tops and you won’t know your bag has been pilfered unless you immediately check the contents.

Airline ticket rules – the ‘contract of carriage’ – excludes liability for any valuables in luggage, such as computers, cameras, electronic equipment, jewelry, business documents, artwork or similar valuable items.”

Not only you can lose your valuables this way but people can also plant drugs or evidence in your bag by opening it through the zipper.

width="300"Fortunately, Delsey, a French luggage company, came up with a simple and ingenious way to prevent this. Their ZIP SECURI TECH features double zippers, a zipper within a zipper. And this prevents thieves from accessing your bag through its zippers.

I was given a demo and yes, it’s impossible to break through the ZIP SECURI TECH zipper. I even tried it myself, punching the zipper line using a pen with a long, sharp, thin tip and I couldn’t get through unlike trying it on a bag with the typical zipper. I also tried it on an old luggage of mine when I got home and boy it was easy.

If you’re the paranoid type when it comes to your luggage being broken into, you can completely stop worrying about it when you use a Delsey luggage with the ZIP SECURI TECH. Or go with the crude solution, put your luggage inside a bigger luggage.

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  • Available na sa atin?

    • yep… forgot to put that in. you can buy these at travel club outlets

  • Eric

    How much does one of these bags cost? Baka an arm and a leg ang cost so in the end wala ka nang malalagay na valuables sa bag mo. Hehe. 🙂

    • hmm i tihnk they’re comparable to samsonite luggages in price.

      • Terri

        They’re not expensive, I just paid less than $152.00, including shipping, for their smallest carry-on. Watch out for the feature list that states the Securi Tech zipper is included in the model you’re looking at. Mine is the Delsey Helium X’pert 21in trolley, available in two colors – black & blue. You’re welcome.

  • Griswold

    waahhh parang ayaw ko nang ipa-housekeeping ang kwarto ko pag aalis at iiwan ang luggage. magiging paranoid ako dahil dito. kelangan lagi kong ichecheck ang laman ng luggage ko kung may lamang importante.

  • A PHP 200.00 “Swiss knife” to the canvass/cloth will render this security feature item moot and useless. Better to invest in travel insurance with theft and damage coverage.

    • well yeah… but at least airline will be held liable if you find your bag slashed at the airport. what you want to avoid is those sneaky thieves who make it look like that nothing’s stolen from your luggage until you really open it.

    • Terri

      I like the final idea in the original post, nest your bag in one larger!

  • Fenny

    Phew, thanks so much for your review!
    I just bought a Delsey suitcase with securi tech zipper, but still worried if it’s as good as it claims. Now my paranoid brain can relax. Thank you!