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Desperate Friendster Gets Overly Generic Patent


You know a company’s truly reached the depths of lameness when their only hope for survival is suing competitors using an overly generic patent.

Five million Filipinos use Friendster, so it pisses me off when they reach for that depth. The languishing social networking service just patented A System, Method and Apparatus for Connecting Users in an Online Computer System Based on Their Relationships within Social Networks.

This is why, like Tila Nguyen, I now prefer MySpace.

Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson must be laughing his ass off.

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  • about time we all move to MySpace :p

  • Yes, be Tom’s friend. Use MySpace.

  • More signs that another dot-com crash is coming

    I wonder what’s next: Digg to patent “digging?” Flickr to patent “picture tagging?”

    Welcome to the next evolution of the internet: patent infringement!

  • Sorry, but what does this article mean? I don’t understand.

  • Mon: Digg and Flickr are still cool. Suing for patents is the last resort of lame companies.

  • jhay

    Move on to MySpace, it is not that scary, just ignore the users with nude or similar pics.

  • We finally joined the Myspace monster. Myspace.com/putanginamoshow

  • Maybe someone can help! They posted:

    Yup, Friendster people (from US) are looking for web / LAMP developers. If you are interested, please visit pusit.com and look for the contact info. Don’t miss this opportunity…


    Knows LAMPP very well.

  • Another testament to the coolness of MySpace: an abundance of feeder businesses.

  • Mike,
    My point was that friendster, like flickr and digg now, used to be “cool” and “hip.” Now it appears to be going the way of the dodo.

    Sad if they do fail, since Friendster was interesting to see how many “degrees of separation” between one person and another.

  • Mon: Good point. MySpace should integrate that feature. LinkedIn does.

  • I maintain accounts in Friendster and Myspace but Myspace is better because you can customize your profile further unlike friendster. My proof:Number of friends(as of my last check)
    MYSPACE: 1050

    In additional opinion, Myspace is a better marketing site than friendster.