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Devant 40SEL100 LED-tech LCD TV Review

Not a lot of people know if Devant is a reliable brand when it comes to TVs. If you’re wondering, Devant is a Singaporean brand and you can only find their TVs being sold in big, trusted appliance stores nationwide. That says a lot about a brand’s reputation already.

The Devant 40SEL100 is a 40-inch LED-tech LCD TV. Don’t get confused between LED-tech LCD TV and a LED TV. There’s no difference there. Devant just used the term LED-tech because there’s no such thing as a LED TV. Just like in laptop displays, it’s still an LCD display but with a backlit LED technology, hence, Devant is advertising it correctly as a LED-tech LCD TV.

Devant 40SEL100 Devant 40SEL100

Setting up the 40SEL100 is very easy although you might want another person to help you keep the TV steady as you screw it on its very sturdy base. What’s nice about how this TV is installed is that you can easily swivel the display sideways to adjust the angle or for easy plugging of some cables at the back.

Devant 40SEL100 Devant 40SEL100

Speaking of plugging cables, this TV is pretty loaded with all sorts of ports aside from the standard antenna one. There are two USB ports, component and composite ports, a VGA port, and a total of four HDMI ports! This makes the 40SEL100 an ideal living room TV where you can connect your game consoles, set-top box, home entertainment system or what have you.

Devant 40SEL100

It’s also worth noting that the two USB ports are for the built-in digital media player. I tried all sorts of media files from AVI to MP4 and MKV and it can read them all off an external drive or a flash disk (I tried my 320GB external drive). It doesn’t support playback resume although there’s a feature where you can skip to a defined time on the movie.

This TV is also DTV-ready with its built-in ISDB-T receiver. Something you may want to consider when buying a brand new TV since DTV is going to make its way to the scene in the near future.

Devant 40SEL100 Devant 40SEL100

Aside from the fully loaded connections, what you would like about this TV is its slim profile. This TV can really make your living room look modern and the touch panel menu on the right side that lights up when activated gives this TV a premium appeal.

Devant 40SEL100

When you’re done setting up this TV, step back and just admire the new star of your home. This is how home viewing should be like. Pop in that Full HD 1080p movie and be blown away with the vibrant colors, the high contrast and the sharp picture. It will really make you want to go home early to catch up on your movies. Even standard definition videos look really good from a comfortable viewing distance. Their 120Hz Vivid Motion display will make sure that your hi-def action movies and console games will be as smooth and sharp as they are meant to be viewed.

I wondered how it would compare to a regular 40-inch LCD TV so I took a visit to my nearest appliance store where they have a 40-inch Devant LCD TV and this 40SEL100 showing the same video side by side. I noticed that on the LED TV, the picture looks ready to pop out from the screen. The animations look more lively and bursting with colors as compared to an LCD TV. I also compared this to a 30-inch LED TV and it’s really way better watching hi-def videos on a bigger screen.


The Devant 40SEL100 is a top-notch LED TV that would fit your budget as compared to other leading brands. Its Php59,950 price tag is actually the cheapest among top brands and if you would like to invest on a big LED TV, I can definitely recommend the Devant 40SEL100. The 46-inch version would cost you Php30,000 more so the 40-inch looks like the sweet spot.

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  • cheyenne chua

    devant is a local brand. their products are made in china. you are not going to see devant anywhere else but here in the philippines. in their defense though, their products are ok, though a bit expensive. you’re better off buying TCL.

    • Elaine Gaga

      who did the review? can’t you get your facts straight a little? oh man.

      • hi Elaine, may we ask in what regard are you referring to?

        • THOMAS

          I just bought my new Devant Ledtech LCD TV and it’s quite affordable with good package,
          comes with nextbase dvd player and 5.1 channel speakers. I’m very satisfied with the unit i have considering the price i paid. I bought a tv and other appliances before, not to mention the brand, it has the same quality. For branded appliances i experienced problems in mechanical and electronic parts though it was seldom used, brought it to their authorized service center who was not able to solve the problem and the spare parts are too expensive.
          Concerning where it is made, Devant may be made in China, but how about those branded ones? are they not made in china too? of course they are too, made in China. Doesn’t make much difference in quality i believe.

      • cheyenne chua

        i’m pretty sure the distributor gave the reviewer the info, its not like he made it up. i got conned by the sales people as well, bought a 32 inch tv. quality is ok, but then my brother bought another tv, different brand, much cheaper, had the same remote control and exact same OSD. then i did some research. felt stupid, but as always, buyers beware.

        • so what was the incorrect part? about being a singapore brand? hmm, ok i’ll clarify this with the distributor. thanks!

          • cheyenne chua

            yup, that’s probably what elaine was referring to. so what did the distributor say? i’m very interested in their answer. i’m also pretty sure you did your own research now and know it’s definitely NOT a singaporean brand.

          • Noel

            i have a 40sel100 for 3 months already. i am quite satisfied with only 1 complain: i can’t play my 4GB USB. other than that its okay.

          • baka yung files sa loob ang problem. i was able to play even from my 320GB HDD.

          • charles

            its better than to buy tcl m cheyee uae 100% true

          • charles

            even the waranty and service centre my god

          • Nerfe

            you will not buy tv all made in japan not unless you so much money, it is too expensive and the warranty is just the same as the other ones. my devant plays directly from my external drive and the quality is very good. it is made in china, in usa everything is made in china so what is the issue, there is nothing made in the philippines yet, so bear it

    • We all know that this TV is ready for ISDB-T broadcast but this lacks BML datacasting and EWBS service. If a unit lacks these features, it is SUB-STANDARD for Philippine DTV usage.
      The worst is, Devant (Techpoint Phils.) doesn’t want NTC to test their units.


      • ksabs

        wow thanks man!, i failed to consider ntc regulations when it comes to dtv.. i wanted to buy the unit last night because of this feature because i believe this is the future but opted to do more search in regards to the technology they implemented on their products. I will worry about that in the future then..

    • Dumb ass

      wow what is that means? we can’t use it in digital?

    • Dumb ass

      wow.. would it work in digital or not? there is so much going on in what you said dude. my tiny brain could not understand it.

  • Unknown

    Established in the advent of the 21st century, Techpoint Enterprise is one of the newest and fastest-growing electronics company founded to deliver exciting new digital entertainment experiences for consumers through cutting-edge products and developments in the digital audio video technologies.

    As the exclusive distributor of world-renowned brands such as Nextbase and Devant, Techpoint Enterprise is committed to improving the lifestyle of its clientele by delivering a range of innovative audio video products that redefine the way consumer enjoy entertainment. By ensuring the synergy between its passionate employees and long-term partnership with clients, Techpoint Enterprise constantly strives to meet the needs of both the consumers and its business partners with products customized for the Philippine market. Unlike other brands whose approach to product development is characterized by an overview of the regional markets, the brands we carry is focused on local needs and demands, thus ensuring our product supply is always one step ahead in terms of new technologies, delivered through the brands we distribute exclusively in the country.

    Nextbase, a European brand, is now the world’s No. 1 in portable entertainment in the AV industry. It has invented the world’s first and No. 1 tablet DVD player long before tablet PCs became all the rage in the market today. It also introduced the in-car cinema system that has allowed consumers to take their entertainment with them on the road. Its range of video products includes DVD Deck Players, Speaker Systems and, as the latest addition to its roster of exciting products, the Blu-ray player.

    A Singaporean brand- – Devant caters to the Asian countries, with the Philippines as the pilot country and Techpoint carrying sole distribution rights. With its specialty products like LCD TVs, Speakers, Portable players with LED monitors, and as the early adaptor of the latest in TV technology-the LEDTech LCD TV-Devant boasts of symphony of superior technology developed in Singapore and unparalleled designs crafted on European standards.

    A key focus for Techpoint Enterprise is an assurance of loyalty to its clientele and business partners. This is met through unparalleled after-sales services on products purchased, as well as customized support. As the company reaches market leadership, it remains in the forefront of technological advances with a clear eye for developments and updates in specifications and product features, assuring consumers true value for their money.

    As committed as we are to providing the latest gadgets and audio-visual equipment to improve the lifestyle of our consumers, the company strictly adheres to putting a high premium on product knowledge, forward-thinking approach and environmental consciousness. We believe this forms the solid base on which we forge long-lasting relationships with both our clients and business partners-the true mark of an industry leader.

    • francis

      I bought a 24inches Devant Led Tv last dec. 2011, still working and no can play avi files
      I bought another devant led tv size 32 yesterday 2013.and im satisfied with the product/it can play MKV files and Mp4 files,blueray files,and its friend bought a 40 inches TCL and sad to say its broken and they cant use it anymore.
      my new 32 devant led tv has 1 month replace warranty and 2 years service warranty ,home service,
      the color is sharp and im really satisfied.

  • My friend has a Devant TV and I can say that the quality is competitive with other TV’s in the Philippine market.

    • francis


  • Danny

    We have been using this model for 3 weeks now and no problem except that it does not play 4gb hd movies thru usb or hd on its usb port.

    It can play hd movies in 2gb size which is good.

    Great colors and it is really good to watch hd movies in this tv.

    We don’t regret buying this.

    We also have a 32in. Devant lcd tv for 3 years now and still no problem with it.

  • Danny

    We did play the 4gb hd movie thru notebook connected to hdmi and wow iba

    talaga pag hi-def ang pinapanood parang gusto ko bumili ng 52 in. kung

    meron hahaha di nga lang kaya ng budget.

    Ang gamit namin na Dream Satellite TV thru A/V o composite connection

    depende ang ganda ng palabas sa station o channel. Me channel na medyo

    maganda na panoorin pero iba talaga pag hi-def ang signal tulad ng hd


    • Bonkz

      I bought 42″ lcd devant 42de850 just recently. It can play mkv movies clearly on my hdd, but some has no audio output even if the home theater package(DV-5130)is connected. What could be the problem with these? Is anyone know how to fix these?

      • maybe it couldn’t decode the audio codec used on the mkv file?

        • danielle

          may i know what codec of an mkv file can be play via usb?coz’ i got 5 movies that are in mkv format with mpeg4 codec but does not play..what should i do men i got devant 42de850 lcd.

          • padaanin mo na lang sa laptop. or use a media player for those files.

          • greenapple

            depende nga yata yun sa audio codec.. try niyo muna iprocess yung movie sa video converter tapus gawin ac3 yung audio codec.. tsaka may factor din yata kung 5.1 or 7.1 ang pagkaka-decode..

          • Mark

            I was choosing between a Sony Bravia Net TV or Samsung with the same specs for my sala. A sales representative at Abenson offered the Devant 32″ LED with a Next base HDMI DVD and Home Theater for free in a bundle package. I got the Devant TV and rushed home to install it but to my dismay, the video quality in comparison to my Toshiba LCD was inferior and the sound quality was terrible. I guess that’s why they bundled it with a home theater system. The Toshiba Regza 32″ LCD doesnt even need a home theater and playing it side by side even with the home theater connected to my Devant is no improvement. Tried playing videos thru USB, no audio. It can play movies with .avi .mkv .mp4 extensions but there is no audio. Lesson learned. I’m never going to buy devant again

          • MAdmax

            @Bonkz Bro tanung ko lang ok pa din ba yung devant 40″ mo ngayn 2013 as in wala ka naman na ecounter na power failure or pixel churva hheh

      • francis

        the problem is the audio movie,maybe its Ac3 audio,i bought also a DEVANT 32 led tv w/c can play MKV files,the problem is if your movie file has Ac3 format you cant hear any sound but it can play the planning to buy HD media player ,it can play all kinds of audo and vieo format,sd card,HDD.also it can read srt files .subtitle of the movies

  • Eman

    first time ko nag-magic sing sa 40sel100 (wala pang 1month old), kaso wala pa 1 hour, biglang humina ung sound, kala ko sa magic sing lng or settings ng tv, pero hindi, dahil nung nanood na ako ng cable, humina at sabog na ung sound nya, itinawag ko dahil under warranty pa naman, nadiagnose ng Devant tech (home service) na nasira ang right speaker kaia nagsasabog ang sound, on the spot pinalitan both speaker (kasi hindi pwede right speaker lng) at nag-ok ulit ung sound. Advise nung tech, ibabad ko ng 3-4 hrs while playing a movie tas after nun, patayin ng 30minutes tapos pwede na gamitin ulit on normal use. Tanong ko kung bakit nasira ung speaker agad, sabi nya baka nung nagplug ako ng magic sing eh nakaon pa ung tv at nasa “AV1” mode ako kung san nakaplug ung magic sing, advise nya na i-off ko muna ung t.v. Triny ko ulit ung magic sing (sinunod ko ung mga tips nung tech), wala pang 1 hours, nasira ulit ung right speaker. Wala naman info sa manual na may mga bawal na devices para sa tv.

    I dunno but based on these, Devant’s 40SEL100’s built-in speaker is not that good or kung tama ang term eh “sub-standard.” and i’m quite disappointed. I guess I should’ve went for Samsung / LG / Sony.

    Now I’m gonna call them again to replace the speaker (sigh).

    • houston

      naku talaga im thinking of buying the DEVANT LEDTECH 26mel100.. any advice before ako bumili…


      • go for the 40″ hehehe. get the mel150.. mas bago. halos same lang din ata yung 26mel100 pero lower refresh rate which doesn’t matter din naman for a small-sized tv.

        • sam

          Hi! Im planning to buy the mel100 42 inch. Any reviews on it? Is it correct that there are some video format that cant be played with this model? Im also planning to buy a sony home theater. Would it fit or be compatible with the mel100 model?

          • a sony home theater would fit to any big screen tv. since mas luma ang mel100 kesa sel100 and mel150, the video codec support won’t be updated din. pero since may home theater ka naman na ikakabit, dun mo na lang iplay mga video files mo.

  • Yson

    hi, i recently bought Devant 32SEL200. im satisfied with the picture quality since yun na talaga first option ko. i have a lot of friends na nagsasabi na maganda daw talaga quality. it can read and play movies from my external hard drive w/c is 1 terra. (but can’t read AVI file) so i need to convert it to mkv/mp4 format. so far so good.

    • Edwin

      sir bumili ko ng 24″ led lcd devant problem is hindi sy makadetect ng movie kahit i format sa avi files… eto yung model ng tv nman if capable sya ng to play movie..though may usb port sya nababasa lng nya is pic and music lng..eto email ko sir.. [email protected]..tnx sir..

      • hindi lahat ng avi nababasa… depende sa pagencode kasi iba iba naman containers ng mga downloaded nating videos. iba ngang mkv nababasa nito eh mas uncommon pa yun. kabit mo na lang laptop mo if meron ka tapos laptop mo gamitin pang play.

        • Edwin

          ganun ba?so in short it can play movie…kase i tried convert mkv to avi then mkv to mp4 ayaw pa din mabasa..

          • yup at least it did in my case… or baka iba ang sel300 sa sel100?

          • Yson

            sir, try to check first if that model you have is really capable of reading muvi files, kasi nung time na nag-cacanvass pa ako, sabi nung mga sales agent sa mall (sm megamall) na may mga model talaga ng devant na pic and music lang kayang basahin tru usb…

      • pinoychefs

        I bought the 24 led tv 24SEL300 inch, all is great the LED is really good for watching dvds in players or from computers. the only problem is.. when you use it for the computer the resolution is kulang for full HD. unlike samsungs’ monitor only it’s crispier and proportioned regularly. which means everything is big or zoomed on the devant 24′

        • russell

          yung devant tv namin after 1hr and 8mins humuhinto na yung movie played through usb

          • Gian

            amin din after 1 hr and 8 mins humihinto. pano to ayusin?

    • Dodot

      that’s one of the problems with Devant.. kc some AVI files that I’ve downloaded from the youtube/net are playable with my unit..

      pero ung mga AVI files n galing s mga Digicams.. hndi nia binabasa.. that’s when converters are becoming handy.. kya lng time consuming..

      • baka pwedeng i connect camera straight to TV

  • Dodot

    I bought the Devant 32″ LCD TV two and a half years ago.. and Im still using it right now with no problems whatsoever..

    Uses: Cignal SD TV
    Laptop connection via VGA cable
    HD DVD Player

  • Dodot

    I’m also using it to view different media files via its two-port USB system connected with 320G external SATA HDDs..

    I’m using video converters to view the unsupported .VBO files taken which are taken from the DVDs.. 🙂

    I’m using this unit for long periods of time in a day, every single day.. until now, it hasn’t shown any kind of problems at all.


    • avi16

      Ano model ng tv mo? bigger ledtech devant seem to have some issues.. planning to get that 40mel150.. thanks

  • pinoychefs

    I bought the 24 led tv 24SEL300 inch, all is great the LED is really good for watching dvds in players or from computers. the only problem is.. when you use it for the computer the resolution is kulang for full HD. unlike samsungs’ it’s crispier and proportioned regularly. which means everything is big or zoomed on the devant 24′

    • russell

      yung devant tv namin after 1hr and 8mins humihinto na yung movie played through usb, dati hindi naman ganun

      • na-encounter ko yan pag may sablay yung file/movie. baka hindi na-copy ng maayos sa usb or hindi talaga natapos download or corrupt ang file sa bandang dulo.

        • russell

          hindi e… kc several movies na ang natry ko, and kapag pinanuod mo sa computer, ayos naman

          • greenapple

            ganun tlga, its unfair na icompare sa pc yan tc kasi ang mga pc’s ay madaling installan ng video and audio codecs.. sa pc eh kapag walang video codec, thru your media player eh pwede kn agad magdownload tapus install right after.. sa tc hindi pwde un kasi naka-ROM lang yta ang mga tv..

          • diego

            i also experienced the same thing, ganda pa nman ng movie few minutes b4 the end napuputol sya pero completo nman ung copy, dahil pag sa pc ko ino-open ung movie sa usb comleto nman, 40″mel50 unit ko, any advise?

          • diego

            Anyways, maganda nman ung unit, satisfy ako sa quality, One more thing lang, pede ko ba i-direct 5.1 speaker q sa 40″mel150 q na unit na 5.1 pa rin ang output nya?

        • Batman

          I encountered same problem it stopped after playing an mp4 file at 2 hours 20 minutes and 53 seconds. It always stopped at this specific time. All movies. Thats why i cannot complete a movie if the movie is more than that duration. This is so disappointing. Any advice for remedies??

          • MAdmax

            Bro so far nung pagkabili ko nganyn wala pako naeecounter na stop at specific time . Actually tanung ko nasa copya mo ng movie yan ginamitan mo ba ng converter???

  • rose

    hi i bought a devant 42DE850 last december, but unfortunately my HDD 720 gig wont read my LCD tv…is this possible? or maybe theres something wrong with my tv?

    • i think the usb port on the tv is not enough to power large-volume disks.

      • greenapple

        ser, pwede po yta.. kasi yung nakita kong demo sa mall eh 1.5Gg ang gamit na HDD.. minsan nasa cable din cgro.. better invest dun sa mga portable HDD na may dedicated power supply..

        • greenapple

          *hindi pala 1.5Gb, 1.5Tb pala..

    • Twist2Open

      Format nyo muna sa FAT32 yung HD at thumb drives nyo. swabe yung 46MEL150 ko. kaya ding mag 3:2 pulldown 1080P 24hz. bagay sa 120HZ vivid motion nya. di ko pa nasubukan yung built-in isbd-t tuner. Samsung Ua40D5000 sana bibilhin ko. kaso ang lakas ng backlight bleeding sa 4 corners. btw, kung type nyo ang devant na to yet mura(MEL150), get the Avision version, 40″ & 46″. same cabinet, specs & design. 38K lang yung 46″ nila sa electronic boutique.

      • noypi

        Nakita ko nga sa sights and sounds sir, nagulat ako parehas na parehas yung avision saka devant na LED. pati yung sticker sa gilid ng tv eh. Iisa lang kaya gumagawa nun? The difference is 2years warranty ang Devant while Avision boasts only of 1year warranty. Pero picture quality-wise and other specs, parang parehas na parehas lang. Mas mura Avision.

      • noypi

        BTW, walang devant sa sns. avision lang. sa ansons ako tumingin ng devant. 🙂

  • Adrian Villamayor

    I have a 40 inch Devant TV, all is good, everything works the way it is, PS3 ported, laptop ported, even with my 750G HDD, but about the movies, when it somehow reached a time of 2hours, like from “Troy” and “The Patriot”, the movie just stopped, it didn’t break or anything it just stopped, anyone else encountered this minor problem?

    • Twist2Open

      Fat 32 format.

    • Batman

      I’ve encountered same problem. I have a 32 ” devant hdtv. Really disappointing. Dont know what to do. The movie i played came from my usb formatted as fat 32

  • ellyhm

    we just bought a devant 40″ lcd last night…bundled sya with next base hd player and with home theater at discounted price of 4.5K, we use destiny cable okay naman yung quality ng picture nya and also we try playing movies using external hardrive okay naman. though me two instances nag-freeze screen pero yung voice tuloy lang pero its a matter of 2-3 seconds lang then tuloy-tuloy na we assume sa file lang yun. tomorrow pa namin pick up home theater nya so bukas pa namin ma-try. so far sound is ok malakas naman sya. so for the price of P32,250 i guess it’s bang for the buck for a 40″ lcd with home theater ka na 🙂

    • sulit nga sya indeed!! 32k lang may home theater pa.

    • elyboy

      go for the mel150 34k lng kpg cash or 37k kpg 1yr to pay, 40inches 120hz led na. amazing! my free hdmi dvd player and wall bracket pa!

      • hazel reyes

        Sir,Saan ung 34k na sinasabi mo sa Abenson, Western o Ansons? thanks

    • marlon

      42″ devant ko 4 months na sa akin at nabili ko sa sm ng 34k so far so good naman pero may ibang mkv files na may audio ang iba ay wala audio at tanong ko lang may size ba ng audio codec para sa sunod kung download ay hahanapin ko yung match ng tv ko. tnx

      • marlon ganun talaga… medyo luma na yung audio codec na nakainstall sa mga devant. kahit yung latest nilang smart TV maraming downloaded film ang walang audio. mapapabili ka pa talaga ng media player.

  • salvador

    We bought a 32″ devant led tv it came with free dvd player and the tv is 1080p so far works great the usb port can take my 1 tb hard drive all movies play fine if this tv still works after 6 months I will buy the 46″ led tv so far to me devant is a good tv and at a fair price

    • edek

      sir what model is your 32″LED tv? Im planning to buy 32″MEL260. New model..
      I just like to know if its OK.. Wala po kc ako makitang review for this specific model..

    • Mayet

      Hi how to play movie in my devant tv. Mine wont play mkv files. Pls let me know

      • it can’t play all types of mkv files, particulary newer mkv files.

    • Twist2Open

      format nyo HDD nyo to fat32.

      • Maxz

        Bakit mo ifoformat ang HD mo ng fat32.. di hindi ka nakapanood ng movie na greater than 4G..

  • nagpakbit aq ng sky digibox sa led tech lcd namin mganda naman ang resolution nung tv pg sa dvd nakakbit pero pg cable na parang mlabo ung mga text sa screen halimbwa sa logo ng isang network sa taas ng screen mdyo blurry cya. sa cable b namen to my settings na pwd bguhin? 2lad nung s menu na my suggested setup b kau kunwari ung brightness ilan b dpat. .

    • Twist2Open

      sana nag cignal ka nalang. hdmi ang gamit nung digibox.

  • Yson

    hi guys, just want to ask… naka2-experience din ba kayo ng issue sa sound ng devant? medyo mahina sound nung sakin, kahit minsan sagad na sa 100%, may mga channel na mahina pa rin. (ok given na led tv daw talaga eh mahina sound kasi nga manipis lng and no place to boost the sound)

    also kapag nagpplay ako muvi tru usb, bigalng nawawala yung sound, pero tuloy pa rin ung pagplay nung muvi… 🙁 any suggestion guys? tnx!

    • Twist2Open

      no sound, means source mo ay nka dts. hindi ac3, mp3, aac. devant’s buit in media player can’t play DTS audio.

  • Mayet

    Please help! I cant play movie from my external hard drive. I bought a devant 32 inches model 32DE850 lcd tv. But it says in the manual it can mkv files. How come it wont play in my tv. Is there set up i need to do. Help me. N ones answering also from their support hotline. Thanks

    • Twist2Open

      format HDD nyo to fat32.

    • bryan

      bakit hindi nababasa ung external harddisk ko sa devant 30′ led tech na binili ko lastweek lang.. anu dapat ko gawin?

    • twist2open

      Dapat may external power ang hdd mo. Di kya ng usb ng devant higyan ng sufficient power yung ext hdd.

    • bryan

      ah ganun.. eh kung ung usb enabled na cellphone di din nya nababasa…

    • twist2open

      Depende sa format nung micro sd card mo. Try mo ilipat yung sdcard sa isang usb micro reader. Isa pa, di nman mganda manuod ng movies using the built in media player ng devant. Mas ok, buy a media player with hdmi na papunta sa hdmi in ng tv mo. Tpos ung audio nung media player nka audio out papunta sa optical in ng “not too expensive” na 5.1 spkr system. Like, altec lansing o creative. Set up ko, devant mel150 46″, pioneer bd212 home theater in a box at measy x 5 na media player with 2tb na internal sata hdd.imo

      • david

        Magkano ang bili mo sa optical in cable mo?

        • twist2open

          P250 sa electronic boutique, Market2.

  • Jun Gapo

    Our Devant 40SEL100LED-tech LCD TV, When Turns ON, nothing HAppens, naka kulay blue naman ung sa sensor nya,but if fails to work.
    Minsan, mag oopen naman ,pero after sevral days,magloloko ulet.

    • twist2open

      Under warranty pa yan. Papalitan mo yung unit. ASAP.

  • rechelle

    i bought 32DE850 last monday. so far wala pa namang problem. concern ko lang po ung mabagal na pagpalit ng channel kapag maglilipat ako ng channel. paano po ba dapat gawin para mapabilis ang paglipat ng channel. tnx po.

  • devant is a china brand, same as skyworth, tcl, matrix, prestiz

    madalas magkakatabi sila sa showroom sa mall, and try to observe 24inches ledtv ng devant at 24inches ledtv ng skyworth brand, parehas na parehas pati design, isa lang kasi manufacturer nun, marketing strategy lang pag palit ng pangalan

    • techguy

      Almost all products are now assemble in China. When they say it is a Singaporean brand it doesn’t mean that it is assembled there. For example Samsung it is a Korean Brand but most of their products are assembled in China. It is only “CONCEPTUALIZED” in Korea. Almost all prices of gadgets are going down, so they have to do something, they have their mass productions in the area with lower cost (labor and minor parts). Different brands may have the same manufacturers, they only differ with the major parts used and the program embedded on their product. Try to open your TV and see what brand of parts are used. My samsung 22″ led tv – LCD PANEL is samsung, CPU is Mediatek. My devant 22″ LCD – LCD PANNEL is Samsung, CPU is LG/Philips.

  • Jeannie

    Hi. I bought a 42inches led tv and it doesn’t play my 320gb hdd. Can someone help me? Also, it doesn’t play .mov and .wmv videos

  • Loli

    I am planning to gift myself with an LCD/LED HDTV but with all the brands that claim they are the best, I find myself in deep uncertainty as to which brand is best to buy. I surf in almost every site for review and ratings and it appears that TCL is a much better choice, even in the The thing is when i got to this site and after having read all the comments, I’m still in a state of uncertainty. All I want is to be able to watch all the movies I’ve downloaded, which happened to be in all formats. the one thing I couldn’t see in our present tv files with a codecs of XDiv.DivX.

    And with my ignorance of the terminology in the specification, I couldn’t make up my mind. Any suggestions? I’m torn between TCL and LG. the former beats the latter with the cost but I’m morep particular with longevity.


    • hmm, while i was shopping for a 40″ LED… my top choices were TCL, Devant, and Samsung. At that time there was no 40″ LED by TCL that has a 100Hz refresh rate. So it was down to Devant and Samsung. Devant was a bit more expensive but comes with a lot of freebies that I was afraid I couldn’t liquidate quickly. So I looked for the cheapest Samsung Series 5 LED and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. It still can’t play all DivX files but I have a media player for it. I think TVs will always have trouble with DivX files encoded in newer format.

      For TVs, I always prioritize known brands unless it’s just a secondary TV. If you can squeeze your budget for the LG, go for it.

      • Loli


        The TCL that I prefer is LE32E5300 at a price of P19,500 and comes with a speaker and sub woofer. But when i looked at it on the internet it’ll just cost me about $259 (don’t know if speaker and subwoofer are included). While the LG LS5700 is pegged at P29,000 or $691. I’m thinking the speaker and sunwoofer will cost me another electric consuption so maybe LG is a good catch.

        The one about high refresh rate of it and the Hz (i read in that 60 is typical but 120 is preferrable), I don’t know and the pixel as wwell. Do they come with a DTV where I can use it without the help of an external antenna. My country, I think, doesn’t support that one.

        • most DTV-enabled TV sets i know require you to setup an antenna. 120Hz is preferable especially if you will be watching a lot of high-def content. it gives you sharp, fluid images which you will notice in a big screen with a high refresh rate.

      • Loreto L. molina

        I bought a 47″ LG LED TV sometime July 2010. Last Aug. 26, it went black; except for the picture, the unit has sound and is responding perfectly to the remote. I reported the problem to your customer support. On the same day, two (2) technicians from Lucky Gold Electronics Service Shop came to our house and checked the unit. They said the output is ok, and found the problem coming from a busted fuse in the inverter board; then left saying their office will call me up for the parts availability and cost. A week after I followed up with your customer support who then followed up with Lucky Electronics. Then I received a call from Ms. Alma of Lucky Electronics, that it will cost me ninety thousand pesos (Php 90,000) for the inverter module complete with the LCD. This is really a shock for me. For a two (2) year old 47″ LG LED TV, I have to pay Php 90,000? Who in the world will not be shocked with this situation? Is this an isolated case or is this rampant for this model? Any assistance to salvage that unit or do I have to totally scrap it?

        • techguy

          They are fooling you.. If it is a busted fuse at the inverter board,they can replaced that fuse alone with no cost. They charge you of the whole LCD panel.. As a technician i guess the problem to your case is the backlight, it is busted.. They don’t have a part which is the backlight alone so they will replaced the whole set of its panel.. LCD panel is the most expensive part of an LCD TV, but 90k is to much expensive. it is over charging.. In my estimate 47″ panel must be only between 20k to 30k..

  • Bedet

    nabili ko ung devant led40 mel150 ko last april and guess what! sira na agad siya!!!! bigla na lang nag black out ung tv, wala ka na makita, pero meron audio.. parang naging audio ung binili ko na lcd… napakawalang kwenta pa ng service nila… maghihintay ka ng ilang linggo bago ka nila puntahan.pinuntahan nga ako ng techician nila, binuksan ung likod ng tv ko kaso nde nya naayos, lalong lumala ung sakit ng tv!!! nakakapanginit ng ulo… ngayon nagsisisi ako bakit ito ang binili ko, sayang ung pera, sana nde na lang ako nagtipid at binili ko na lang ung samsung or sony.. WAG NA KAYO BUMILI NG DEVANT!!! WALANG KWENTA!!! SAYANG ANG PERA NYO!!

    • I bought a DEVANT 32″ LED TV last Friday (11/09/2012).. It was perfectly working until today that I noticed a “cloudy” patch on the top right corner of the screen.. Looks like dead pixels and it’s more obvious if the room lights are turned off..I know it’s been there, I just didn’t notice it.
      Just had my replacement today from Automatic Centre in Greenhills.. We tested the TV for possible problem.. The screen looked okay because the showroom was very vivid. I asked the sales man if he can turn the lights off but he said it’s not possible..
      Went back home, set it up hoping that the replacement is in good condition. I got disappointed.. It’s even worse than the first unit.
      You may check the video i took just few minutes ago. Here’s the link

      I already called the dealer and told me that they will forward my concern to one of their servicers and will just call me back tomorrow.

      Told them that it’s not a service issue and I need a replacement. But now, NOT A DEVANT. The sales rep said it’s okay to get a different brand and pay the difference.

      I’m thinking of getting Samsung or Sharp or LG.. Any suggestions?
      Feel free to email me: [email protected]

  • may

    Sir calvin, we went in sm appliance center last week. Tempting ung 40 and 42 inches LEDtech tv ng Devant, with Nextbase player, home theater and wall bracket as well for 35 to 37k only. Im just wonderin, on this site, halos negative feedbacks ang na-experience nila. Napapaisip tuloy ako if bibili pa ko ng devant tv. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • i can’t really say for sure kasi i was only able to use this TV for a few weeks and during those weeks wala naman akong naging issue talaga. pero if you’re wondering about the types of video files it can play, halos lahat ng TV na nag-accept ng USB ganun ang sakit kasi madalas may lumalabas na bagong codec at di na updated yung mga TV.

      • may

        thanks for the reply… ang reklamo po kasi nila kakabili lang daw nila sira agad.. di rin biro kc ang 35k. Anyway, ganun din po sa JVC led tv namin, pag play ng movies, meron iba ayaw tlga gumana.

  • may

    Sir calvin.. update lang po.. nkabili na po kame last sunday 42″ SONY with home theater and HDMI player and wall bracket for 40k
    nagcheck po ako now:

    SONY 42″ LED Bravia – 40k (home theater and HDMI player and wall bracket)
    LG 42″ LED – 40k (home theater and HDMI player)
    Devant 42″ LED – 38.5k (home theater and HDMI player and wall bracket)
    Samsung 40″ – 38.3k (home theater and DVD player)
    Skyworth 42″ – 33k(home theater and HDMI player)

    • good choice May… Sony is a really good brand for TVs. Good deal na yan! congrats!

  • Darwin

    I bought a 32LEDtech Devant just last night and it comes with Nextbase HDMI and speakers. It was unfortunate that I get to read these comments just now. Well, it comes also with 2 years warranty. That makes me postive “still” with the product.

    • Jerson

      wew..i just bought devant 32inch with free hdmi cable and nextbase HMDI player. tsktsk sayang ngaun lang ako naka basa nga mga comment na ito..tsktsk

    • brytotz

      Mga sir, Ano po ba ang magandang recommendation sa LCD LED tech TV? Confused which brands to purchase after reading all the reviews and feedback. I am targetting to get DL400 ng Devant. 16k plus DVD player. Add on ng 4.5k to get the speaker plus sub woofer. Any good brands na same ang range ng price and good quality. I used to have SONY Bravia 32″ and it failed after 2 yrs. 🙁

      • techguy

        sony na yan pero nagfailed p rin.. In reality, in an electronic world no one can say of when a product will failed its because electronics yan eh.. nothing is perfect. we should not be thinking of the brand name, practically speaking number one to consider is the service provider.

        • true…. if buying things like these what you should be after really is the support service kung gano kabilis, efficient and accessible.

          • jay

            thanks calvin halos lahat na yata nasagot mo hehe.. kaka bili ko lang ng 32″ mel260 hoping tumagal din sya w/o prob. update ko kayo guys sa expireince ko.

  • Lalalo

    big problem with their 46″ coz i’ve read many bad comments about it which happened to ours too. vertical dead lines or pixels on the screen. i should have researched first before buying one. lucky enough though the defect came out before warranty. change brand.

  • jay

    napansin ko parang sirain 40″ up ung tv.

  • sofia

    Good evening, why can’t my 32″ LCD TV read files from a recently bought 1TB external hard drive? Please answer. Thank you.

    • cannot recognize your external hard drive? maybe that drive needs additional power to be used.

  • elvindl

    Kakatakot naman mga feedback on devant. 2 days pa lang ung 32dl400 ko. Bought it sa western. 14500 with nextbase n-995 hdmi player din. I have the option din to get the devant dv5160 5.1 home theater for 4.5k. Kumusta naman ung speakers in terms of quality?

    • derek

      Last Tuesday nakabili ako ng Devant 39iTV600 LED sa SM. Napabili ako kc bukod sa mura, maganda mga features nya and marami syang available na connections like 3-HDMI, 2-USB ports etc, yung mga sikat na brand like Samsung, LG or Sony nililimit na nla mga connections and ports, pero si Devant hindi, plus 2-yr warranty pa (totoo ba ‘to??)). Bukod dun, nagandahan din ako sa user interface nya. Ayos din nman yung viewing angle nya, and yung picture quality is excellent, hindi nalalayo sa mga sikat na brand.
      Yun nga lang hindi nya pa kayang mag-play ng DTS or Dolby Digital embedded audio sa USB port nya, kailangan mo pa ng external player, pero ok lang.
      Sana lang magtagal yung lifespan nya…

      Meron na bang nagtagal na DevantTV dito ng mga around 5yrs? Anyone???…

    • jeof

      buti nabasa ko tong thread na ‘to, im planning to buy pa naman ng devant tv ngayon (42ITV600) around 30K sya w/ nxtbase player and brackets pa, bago ako umalis nagresearch muna ako about this model daming negative comments even on other forums,, doubt na tuloy ako ngayon… nkktempt bumili kasi mura at saka dami features, kaso bka magsisi ako, mahirap din isugal yung 30K sa gamit na di matibay…

  • baghz

    just got my de vant t.v few weeks,ang problema eh meron kami napancn na dead pixel,isa. lng naman.
    pero syempre tinawag ko for replacement na din since wla pang one month..yung ibang hdmi din bglang walang far ok na siya kasi base din sa ib KONG. nabasang mga forums halos lahat ng. mgs brands at mga sikat pa eh gsnun din yung mga problem..lahT TLGA may palpak and hLOS pareparehon ng problem nlng..hndi ba tlga totali tumatagal na mga ganitonh klaseng t.v? mas ok ps yung dati namin umabot ng 12 years ..ayun lng siguro nga hndi na tlga totali pang matagalan mga gadgets and bagong appliances ngayun.. wla na ying tibay na gaya ng dati tsl

  • baghz

    nagbasa dn ako sa ibang brand hndi lang sa devant
    dami ding nega. and personal experiences dn ng
    mga friends ko,mamahalin at mga sikat na brand
    pa naman,alam niyo na siguro ngaun,bka kelangan
    mgpalit na agad ng mga appliances and gadgets sa
    bilis ng pagbgo na rn ng technology.

  • Hi…sir calvin lastnight bumili po ako ng devant 29iL300. what do you think good choice po ba ang napili ko?….tnx for reply

    • tan

      any update on your devant 29iL300?

  • Kaye

    Hi, we are planning to buy devant 32mel150, price is 14k sa Ansons…good choice ba sya? any advise po…matibay po ba tong devant model na ito? tia..

    • Twist2Open

      samsung UA32EH4800

    • Mark

      Bought the same unit bundled with an HDMI Next Base DVD Player and Devant sound system for almost 24k at Abensons. I realized now why they bundled it with a sound system because as a stand alone the audio is so poor that you have to strain to hear the movie even with the volume maxed out. The USB ports have a problem in that it can properly play only avi files. If you try to play other extensions like mp4 or mkv and you may still be able to watch it but with no audio. Side by side with my old 32″ Toshiba Regza, the SEL150 fares poorly. Your better off with Samsung or Sony though a bit more expensive

      • i also have a Samsung and like the devant, it also has problem playing audio on some movie files via USB so pagdating sa USB player, mahirap maasahan mga tv

    • Francis

      I bought a 32LEDtech. I played the Movie Avatar and the movie is Blu-Ray, In the middle of the movie it was cut-off. I tried to rerun the movie again but still it was cut off. What could have caused it?

  • Ray

    I just bought a devant 32MEL260 for 17,350 at SM appliances. Yung unang unit factory defect daw kaya pinalitan agad nila. Pag uwi ko test mode agad.. Guess what, lahat pinaplay nya 🙂 Mejo mahina lang yung sounds 5w x 2, kelangan talaga ng home theater system. Problema ko lang ampanget nung cable, di kasi digital. What do you think of Cignal guys? may 1st box \, 2nd box pa dun sa brochure, d ko gets. Pero ayos kaya channels sa Cgnal nito?

    • Anonymous


      Ok daw Cignal. Kaso kpag kumulimlim ang langit ksama n yung cignal.hehe..i-search mo nlng yung review about cignal. bsahin mo nlng mga subscriber comments.


  • Joshua Absalon

    My mom and I bought the same (32MEL150) last night (12-28-12) at SM App Ctr, SM Marikina. Well, I was a bit misled because the specs on their site ( is different from what me and my brother oserved (it says its “EDGE LED” but its not. We said it’s ok basta may TV kami that we can use.

    But I stumbled upon these negative reviews throughout the web community. I mean, it’s a bit waste to return it in exchange with samsung, LG etc. kasi it comes with a Free NEXT BASE DVD player (kahit may player na kami). So, can you guys advice me a couple of things to consider RETURNING it in exchange for better and established brands… THANKS!!

  • Jay Dominguez

    Im planning to trade in my 40″ Devant LCD tv i got a year ago with their new LED 42″ 3D Smart TV. I received an offer through mail.
    The trade in will save me 40% off the SRP of 46,950.00 Php. dropping down to 28,170.00

    This seems like a good deal considering its an additional 2 inches (maybe insignificant) and an upgrade from LCD to LED (savings on power), and not to mention the 3D capability and Internet access capability.

    Only thing is, after checking at SM Appliance center, i found out that the SRP of 46,950.00 comes with a free blueray DVD player which i can opt not to buy. All in all, the TV unit can go for 38,200.00 php. If I where to go for the “trade in” offer, it would mean I gave up my old LCD 40″ tv for only 10K trade in value.

    10,000.00 i guess is fair for a 1 year old LCD 40″ TV, but my point is that the offer of LESS 40% from the SRP is no longer true since I could get the same LED 42 3D Smart TV for 38,200.00!
    (Model 42WIZ830)

    Any comments and or suggestions will be appreciated.
    Happy Holidays!

    • well kung makakuha ka ng buyer who’ll buy it for more than 10k then go for it.

  • dantes

    I just bought the DeVANT 46iTV600 last Dec. 29, 2012 and sad to say, the unit just suddenly went dead this afternoon(Jan. 7 ’13 at around 5:30PM). I was shocked because it was less than 2 weeks and the unit already went dead considering that it’s still new. Well, i called DeVANT’s service center and reported the problem and the DeVANT guy(Jose) i was talking to, after, a bit of discussion, realized the unit as a dead set and suggested returning it back to the store where i bought if from. I called up Anson’s Makati and they said that i just bring the unit together with the receipt for replacement. I requested for a packaging box since I already disposed the said box after installing it in our house but Anson’s guy said that they can not provide a box. I feel quite disappointed with the product since my expectation after i purchased it was high and then less than 2 weeks, it became dead. I guess DeVANT should improve their Quality Control ‘coz if it can’t do this, customers may not patronize the product.

    • dantes

      DeVANT Service Center delivered a brand new 46″ 46iTV600 last Jan. 16 ’13(Wed) and I attached it to an AVR(500 watts) to heed the advice of the sales person from Anson in Makati where i bought the unit. It works, the AVR does protect the TV and safeguard it from power fluctuation thereby protecting it from becoming a “dead unit” again. I’m now greatly enjoying this TV, considering it’s low price, but im still monitoring it, hopefully, it last for more than 2 years, that’s where i can confidently say that this is a GOOD brand.

      • richard

        thank you po…

  • jenny caparros

    bumili po kami ng devant last december lang..and really satistied with the brand..mahilig akong mag download ng movies kasi malinaw sya .. ask ko lang,. yung dinowload ko kahapon kinopya ko sa usb pero nung manonood na kami sa devant.. wala syang file.. nung tiningan ko sa computer yung movie.. andun naman.. anung prob.. sa usb ba? kasi nag try na ako sa 3 usb pare pareho po..pls help.. thnks in advance..

    • anong filename nung movie na nidownload mo?

  • MAdmax

    Devant 39iTV600 LED any news po sa model na to so far kakabili ko lang dahill nag baba siya na almost 20k nalng sulit screen quality and sound so far ok naman any model same as mine pls share exp kasi nakak paranoid yung mga comments haysss nakabili na kasi

  • I purchased a 39 inch ledtech devant last november 2012 at sm city naga. But just this morning, it went black, only audio is functioning. What I did was turned it off. When I turn the tv on again, it was functioning as usual. I was worried because it’s not even four months old and it is showing signs of malfunctioning. I’m afraid the next time it goes black, it will be dead as good. What will I do?

    • Maxmadd

      i guess one problem of this led are power fluctuation sensitive maybe it would be best for you to buy an AVR that will regulate current to protect your tv

      • Deedz

        I experienced the same problem with that power fluctuation thing and it’s getting frequent! most of the time we had to wait 4 or 5 hours for it’s power to turn on. Is their any way to fix it?

  • I did attached my devant to an avr since March 4. The avr I used was not the ordinary AVR people usually bought(the one that ranges from 300 – 500). It won’t work either. It’s been two days now and it works perfectly well but I’m still observing it. Maybe it’s just a glitch. Thanks for the advice.

  • Bhogart

    I purchased my Devant 32 MEL350 for less than a year now and I am having problem with its reception.I thought the problem is caused by my cable connection so I have it checked with my provider but they said the problem is not my connection but my television.Reception is fine when i’m playing movies using my dvd player and usb but once i’m using my catv my reception is bad.

    • it’s the cable box or cable tv wire, if you’re not using the TV’s antenna, there’s no reception at all. the reception is being handled by the cable box, that’s what it’s for. baka yung cable from the box to the TV. or cable from the box to the antenna.

      • Bhogart

        sinubukan po namin ikabit/ginamit ang cable tv wire ibang tv set ay maganda nmn ung reception niya. pero pag sa Devant 32 MEL350 ay d maganda ( may parang langgam at wave ang display. playing using DVD player o USB ay maganda ang display.

  • Roy Jorolan

    Just replaced my 32MEL150 to 32iTV600 yesterday, salamat naman at napalitan talaga. 32MEL150 was a very bad product. Due to brightness settings when playing from USB – naka-fix settings na lahat. The display is so DARK – especially during night scenes.

    32iTV600 was definitely an improvement. Kaya lang I just discovered when playing HD movies approximately with more than 2 HRS 10 Mins long – IT WILL NOT CONTINUE BEYOND THAT TIME.

    SO FRUSTRATING!!! PALPAK ang design!! Kaya pala may bundled na Next Base DVD Player. Haassit!!

    I tried the file in LG TV – ok naman. Someone did suggest na to convert to MKV file using this software –

    Hopefully it will solve the problem.

    • ahh so yun pala yung 2 hour limit. kaya pala sabi ng dad ko putol yung hobbit. kelangan talaga ng separate media player for watching movies para tuloy tuloy lang.

      • Roy

        So sa “Palpak” na design talaga ng TV ang problema, akala ko ako lang may experience nito.

        Hopefully, may makabasa ng taga-Devant or Techpoint para may explanatoion naman kung bakit hanggang 2 hours lang ang movie and papano solution (kung meron man)

        • or baka sa file size kaya and not the running time of the movie?

          • Roy Jorolan

            Sa format ata ng file. Maputol ang running time if naka-MP4. Ok siya pagconvert ko to MKV.

  • Russ

    Pa help naman po, namimili kc ako kng 32iTV600 HD Ready or 32mel260 Full HD. Anyone who owns either one? Para makapag decide na rin ako kng ano sa dalawa.. Thanks

    • Roy Jorolan

      I can only comment sa 32iTV600 since I have one.
      Based on my experience, so far:

      Ok naman performance(colors, sound,high-quality ang Remote Controller)

      1. Hanggang 2 HRS running time lang if MP4 format. Convert mo pa to MKV, para tuloy2x.
      2. Function naman yung Internet feature, except yung youtube,ayaw mag-connect.(still exploring)
      3. Can’t read 1TB external drive(USB 3.0), ok naman if 500GB(USB 2.0). I’m not sure if depende sa brand or version ng USB.

      • on the 3rd one. depende ata sa klase ng usb. ok naman 1TB external drive ko. baka malaking 1TB mo, yung kelangan pa ng external power source.

  • thamier niraga


    • grrr

      Yes you are right. Devant TV is a very poor quality TV and I am one of their victims. I bought a Devant 46 LED TV and the defective LED panel broke down in 8 months. They repaired instead of replacing as per warranty and after another year it broke down again beyond repair. They offer to trade in with their new unit at discounted price for another Devant poor quality TV again? Just throwing hard earned money. Be warned before you buy Devant TV or you waste your money. Its not durable at all!

  • grrr

    Devant TV is not reliable and not even durable. I bought a 46 in. LED TV and the defective panel broke down only in 8 months. They did not replace it as per warranty instead they repaired only in order to breakdown beyond repair in another year. What a waste of money! THink again before you ever want to buy this TV because it is poor quality and not durable, you will waste your money and become a victim like me.

  • Aileen

    hi there gals/guys!!!! I just want to ask what would be the best buy for me..I want to buy LED tv for my room but my uncle said that it is not wise to buy one cause their parts are not available in the Philippines…especially those which are made in china…His advice is to keep my old tv (with cathode ray tube at the back) cause those are repairable…

  • troy

    I have been using my 32″ Devant 32DX850, and i have not really encountered a very big concern, apart from a weak sound of from Its, speaker, not until today when I opt to watch a flick and to my dismay my TV did not show any pictures eventhough the Nextbase player is already playing. The TV has a power as indicated on its power button, but there are no pictures appearing on the screen.
    Any helpful suggestion to fix it is appreciated.

    • maybe the video cable is loose? try other cables? like HDMI or a component cable (RGB)

      • troy

        Hello Calvin, i am already using an HDMI cable eversince, as i only use the TV for movie viewing…

        • what you want to do is find out what’s the source of your problem. if it’s the cable, the tv, or the media player. so you might want to try different cables, then try a different player, if it still won’t work then it’s already the tv.

          • troy

            hello calvin, shouldnt the TV be independent of the player? i mean, it should register on its own first before a signal from a player be transmitted? If in case it is the TV what could have possibly went wrong when two days ago it was still working?

          • ahhh so wala kahit anong video lumalabas sa player? kahit yung NO SIGNAL na text?

          • troy

            wala kahit anong signal, although nagplaplay yung disc sa player as i can hear the sound, pero black screen lang yung TV, may power dahil nagkukulay blue yung power button, pero wala lumalabas sa screen.naka home theater ako, nakaplug yung 5.1 speakers sa next base na player..tapos HDMI to the TV, dati rati pagopen pa lang ng TV kahit di pa nakaon yun PLAYER, may blue screen agad na lalabas sa TV now, wala. Black lang, samantalang kakagamit ko lang two days ago. bigla na lang nagkaganun.
            what do you think sir?

          • i think that’s bad. kung walang kahit anong lumalabas sa TV na display. pag nilagay mo sa TV mode, may static ba? if not baka panel na yung sira.

          • troy

            eh kagagamit ko lang two days ago, okay naman, pwede kaya madumi lang yung loob?
            baka naalikabukan and di magtransmit ng signals sa motherboard? may power naman siya eh. if sira na agad yung panel, ganun ba ka unreliable yung DEVANT? Bigla bigla na lang masisira ng wala naman dahilan?

          • actually that i dont know. pero minsan may mga taong chinachambahan ng malas. hehehe. so kahit yung static sa TV wla rin?

          • troy

            hehehe, no matter how far fetched that comment can be, that is considerable…wala kahit static eh…there was one time nangyari a bit similar event, yung setting pala ng video sa remote ng player nagalaw, nalipat away from HDMI, so when i tried it, nagkaroon ng picture, but now, i tried it also to no avail wala pa rin lumabas na pix…
            will try to open it and clean it siguro, pero last resort na yun, until meron ka pa pwede maisuggest apart from lucky charms or rituals…hehhehe

          • hehe wala sir… haven’t encountered that yet. maybe turn it off completely? pahingain muna? 🙂

  • thamier niraga

    why devant don’t have a factory? and why devand don’t have Wikipedia answer too? and why devant don’t exist in singapore? if its singapore where? my uncle working der for a years but he didn’t knew devant. and if I’m not mistaken devant is made in china. if you says devant is good than other brand I think its not I brought my 40″ devant tv b4 after a few months its not opening. I brought it to sm for service but the saddest point it tooks a weeks bago maayos then my ngsavi skin dun n talagang marami daw bumanalik n devant dun.

  • thamier niraga

    nakakapanghinayang ung 30k ko. sabihin nio po sakin saan ba talaga gawa yan? puro kayo maganda yan Singapore yan. peste ang bilis masira. tapos kapareho pa ng remote ng skyworth tv. pati specification pareho design pareho din. sa sobrang inis q tinanong q ung ngbenta sakin ipakita ung proof na gawa tlgng siapore wala nailabas savi nia ngaun china daw. dun daw kc kumukuha ng parts, tinanong q ulit anung kumpanya nio dun at maisearch, aba hindi daw alm. nung ngsearch aq sa internet nakakainis walng WIKIPEDIA ANSWER, buyset eto na naloko n q. sigurado china to. kasi walng PAGAWAAN, MARAMING KAMUKHA AY KAKAMBAL PALA GAYA NG UNG 42 NILA KAMUKHA NUNG SKYWORTH, UNG IBA GAYA NUNG HAIER, UNG IBA TULAD NUNG KAY KONKA, MGA BRAND NA CHINA UNG KATULAD NIA NGAUN SINO KAYA ANG TANGA NA MAGSASABING MAGANDA AND DEVANT. SALAMAT DAHIL NALAMAN KO ITO. SA MGA. HINDI ALM ANG DEVANT SIGE GOODLUCK

    • joy

      are u sure pangit ang brand ng devant..cause im planning to buy one

      • strike

        please dont buy devant..i have a 32 inches dl400 and it wont open … 2 months palang

        • Neal

          Instead of Devant, why not just buy Skyworth who are also the suppliers of led tvs to Devant.

    • Mitchiemitch

      Thanks for the tips. I wont buy Devant na 🙂

  • John

    Ang dami reklamo na nababasa ko sa devant…hahaha
    low quality…kung ganun bakit hndi pa bitawan ng SM at ng iba pang Mall ang pagtitinda nyan TV na yan?? 🙂

  • barbie

    Our tv is a devant and we had problems with our tv. Before my purchased a 46 inch devant tv and after a couple of months started to see lines in the tv so we went to the service center to get i fixed but they said that the tv was defective so they will just replace it with a different model.. They offered a bigger tv which is 50 inch after a few months while i was watching a movie from a flashdrive i noticed that there was no sound coming out so i switched it to cable mode but still i shrugged it off because the next day the sound was working fine. But not i watch again and the same problem occured and i am hoping that tomorrow it will be fine again…

    • disappointedretailer

      same thing happened to me..the service center offered a promo without checking my unit.people there just happened to be psychics of some sort that they diagnosed the devant tv to be hopeless and needs to be replaced by a new one.who would want to buy another devant????its some kind of a marketing crap they run in the company..don’t be a fool like me trusting a garbage brand that runs malicious schemes in the aftersales.

    • dot says;

      nkakabweset tlaga ang devant tv pnapalitan k yung 39inches k n tv dahhil concern k my mkikita k n mga line side by side pg dn k mkapwesto,pero wla 1week ms mlala p yung n mkikita m pinalit n tv at sabi nman skin ng service center normal lng dw yun,ano ako tanga at my normal bng gnun eh tau n bmibili hnap ntin good quality at mlitaw at tpos s devant normal lng sknila yn,kya yung my mga my blak bmili wg nyo n syangin pera nyo…..

  • sandeep


  • Mckoy garcia

    Im having a problem with my 24 devant. My nakaexperience na ba dito n bigla bigla n lng lumilipat ung channel ng tv humihina volume or minsan namamatay ung tv. Naencounter ko lang ung problem sa devant tv ko nung kinabitan ng cable. Pero pag antenna lang nakakabit walang prob. Parang my air shuffle technology nga ung sa gilid ng tv ung sa side ng touch panel, pagpinadaanan ko ng kamay ko without touching the tv lumilipat ng channel. Nalaman ko lng n tv ung my problem nung pinalitan ko ng tv hindi n ngloko ung sa channel. Anyone my idea sa problem ng tv ko.

  • hay same with my 32″ lcd tv. sayang nag pera lesson learn mas matibay pa din ang may tatak..biglang nag black out pagkatapos ng warranty date

  • Carlo

    SIRAIN ANG DEVANT lalo na yung REMOTE nya!

  • charie deguzman


    • Jay

      Sorry kung un ang naging experience mo sa Devant. Personally, 3 na ang nabili ko. Yearly, nag up-grade ako from LCD 40″ to Smart TV LED 3D 42″ to the present Smart TV LED 3D 50″.
      Never ako nagka problema. Kung China made, maganda yung specs ng TV. Siguro kahit ano pa ang brand, kung hahampasin mo sa pader e masisira. I dont think any one in his right mind will do that with a working TV set.
      Specs ng 3D LED smart TV of Devant can be compared to that of Samsung, but at half the cost.
      I do not speak for others and this is my personal experience.

      • wedonttalkinamo

        ahaha.. tama ka pards, kahit sony, o well known product pa yan pag hinampas (kung matino ang utak) e masisira tlga

    • master epi

      Tanga, sa pilipinas ginagawa ang devant, dito sa pilipinas ang factory, wala sa singapore, yung mga parts ay sa singapore galing.

  • charlie

    Devant is a good product, i just bought it this year, i can only say my personal experience using their 40gl150 and its the best! sulit talaga bili ko, of course theres going to be some bad apples pero sana hindi porket may nakitang negative comment eh ibig sabihen all products ng devant e hindi maganda. siguro yung mga products nila starting 2014 mas ok na kesa dati 🙂

    • andres

      yung mga nagsasabing ok ang product ng devant at yearly kau upgrade, natural di mo pa makita ang problema nyan,after two or three sira na rin yan, sayang lang ang pera san ka bibili gamit ng walang service center na maayos, wag na kayo paloko s devant…goodluck

    • alex

      Dalawa na devant ko yong pinakauna ok pa rin since 2009, ngayon 3d smart internet 42" tv ang binili ko ok lahat pati 3d nya. The only setback is pag high definition video from youtube ang iplay mo hindi nya kaya palagi nagloloading nakakaubos ng oras. Kaya plano ko iplay laptop ko then connect it to the internet tv to enjoy the full HD ng devant, useless ang pagkainternet tv nya kasi magrerely ka pa rin sa laptop, pero sa tingin ko lahat ng internet tv kahit anong brand same then kasi pag bibili ka sa mga mall wla silang line connection sa internet tapos sasabihin nila ganyan talaga mabagal kasi wifi lang at marami gumagamit. Kaya wag muna kayo bibili ng internet tv hindi pa ganun ka galing katulad ng desktop or laptop for playing high definition videos from internet.

  • alvin

    who is DeVant??? Nextbase???

    Headquartered in HK, we have branch office in Europe, a well equipped and certified manufacturing plant in China, strong R&D team and efficient customer service/ RMA center in Asia, Europe. With strategic partnerships with international first-class DVD technology developers?we are capable of handling both OEM/ODM and distributing NEXTBASE brand through the well established global distributor networks.

  • kinabahan ako sa mga bad comment.. haha. kkbili ko lng kce ng tv na devant.. by the way pwede po ba mgtnong dto kung ung devant 32gl510 is capable to decode 5.1 audio file? kce nkta ko sa specs surround sound sustem lng,, wla xang dolby digital decoder.. aun po. sana may alam po dto.. salamat 🙂

    • Mark

      I have the same model and its been with me for 3 years now. The resolution is fine and has 2 HDMI ports on the left and 2 HDMI ports on the right bottom part. What is disappointing is the built in speakers (only 6-8W. You will probably need an external speaker system to appreciate watching movies or listen to music here. It is not compatible with 5.1 audio files. I have tried this with the usb ports and there was no audio even if it shows it is already playing on the screen. it can only play stereo and mono audio. It can also only play mp4 and some avi extensions and if you try other movie extensions like mkv, ogg there will be no audio. I had to buy a separate media player and hooked it up to a speaker system to enjoy a theater like experience. Made me think that if I actually bought a branded one I probably wouldn’t need to buy all the extra accesories.

  • Mac

    i got my Devant 46″ led tv since 2012 and until now it’s still kicking ass.. i don’t know what happened to those who commented bad on this brand. I’ll still go for this brand up to date since I consider Devant as a good buy for me.

    • dandmd5

      Agree with u,I also bought my 46" way back Dec. 2012 and it still works fine,I don't encounter the negative feedbacks being mentioned here.

  • samsung

    mlapit n mag close devant.. hisence n ipalit s mga nka experience ng ok ang devant d2 kau madisapoint..

  • Aimee

    written on may 05, 2014:
    we bought Devant LED tech 32 lcd tv (32MEL350)with home theater package around 37k last march 05, 2012-at robinson’s san nicolas ilocos norte.
    hinde naman namin cia masyado nagagamit since hinde ako mahilig magtv at maghapon sa skul kids ko. this summer(3 weeks ago) nagpakabit kami ng cable kaya nagagamit na namin cia madalas kc mahilig manuod ng cartoons mga anak ko. today maraming black lines na lumalbas dun sa screen akala ko cable ang may problem. so ngtry ako magdvd pero ganun pa din. bukod sa maraming black lines ang screen, half lng ng tv screen ang nakikita. then nagsearch ako sa net about sa mga complains sa Devant. same halos lahat ng reklamo ng mga bumili. sayang kasi exactly 2 months and 2 yrs ko ng nbili ung tv na DEvant today. 2 months ng lagpas ang warranty. sayang ang pera namin.nakakainis!

    • Jan

      July 7, 2014: Aimee, your not the only one. Last week my Devant 40ML150 (120Hz) went black out and only remaining sound left. I called Devant and theey came over and confirm that the issue is the LED panel is broken and needs replacement at 20,000. I told them what is the warranty. They confirm 6 months only. I replied to them, I am at a lost how does it equate. I just bought 40inch at less than 18K with 2 years. They say my unit is phased out and out of warranty for it is in its 28th month (just 4months past warranty period). Then they came with a trade-in scheme where I will get a new 40in 40GL510 at 17,500 with 2yrs warranty. I told them, this is Marketing BS. I can get the same model at Cash in Cary at 17,800 or even less…So where is the trade-in scheme and favor they were talking about extending it to me…DEVANT is a scheming product and questionable company image. They claim from the start is Singapore but it is not!!! That alone is a shady claim and what follows is a product of lost of problem…For those who gives good report, WAIT between the 18th to 30th Month as the DISAPPOINTMENT BEGINS!!!!! MY Advice DON”T BUY THIS PRODUCT…this if full of Chinese parts and is ticking to beat 24 months warranty. For those who exceeded, your lucky you don’t use them often that it is why it exceeded!!!

      • AIMEE

        JAN, you're true in every word.kahit nga yung mga service centers na listed sa devant sarado at hinde mo makontak at kapag pinacheck up mo mas mahal pa ung estimate ng parts and service for repair compared sa bibili ka ng bagong LED/LCD TV. dapat iboycott ang brand ng devant kasi manloloko sila ng consumers.MAKARMA SANA SILA SA DAMI NG REKLAMO SA KANILA.

  • janggot

    walang ka wenta wentang product ang de vant na tv few months lang monitor nya kalahati lng . . . .ang maganda pa may mga number nga sila wala naman dial peke ang mga nilalalgay nila panu nga marming bumabalik n nag papagawa meaning sirain ang product kaya payo ko never ever ever buy this product …

  • Jan

    July 7, 2014: For those who gives good report, WAIT between the 18th to 30th Month as the DISAPPOINTMENT BEGINS!!!!! MY Advice DON”T BUY THIS PRODUCT…this if full of Chinese parts and is ticking to beat 24 months warranty. For those who exceeded, your lucky you don’t use them often that it is why it exceeded!!!

    For those with GREAT DISSAPOINTMENT, your not the only one. Last week my Devant 40ML150 (120Hz) went black out and only remaining sound left. I called Devant and theey came over and confirm that the issue is the LED panel is broken and needs replacement at 20,000. I told them what is the warranty. They confirm 6 months only. I replied to them, I am at a lost how does it equate. I just bought 40inch at less than 18K with 2 years. They say my unit is phased out and out of warranty for it is in its 28th month (just 4months past warranty period). Then they came with a trade-in scheme where I will get a new 40in 40GL510 at 17,500 with 2yrs warranty. I told them, this is Marketing BS. I can get the same model at Cash in Cary at 17,800 or even less…So where is the trade-in scheme and favor they were talking about extending it to me…DEVANT is a scheming product and questionable company image. They claim from the start is Singapore but it is not!!! That alone is a shady claim and what follows is a product of lots of problem…

  • Rem

    NEVER BUY THIS BRANDS!!! I have DEVANT led 46" tv may lines na on the topmost dati isang manipis na guhit lang pero ngayon 4" na yung white lines after warranty has lapsed.
    I also have a NEXTBASE portable dvd player with monitor same problem "LCD". They want to replace the LCD with the price of a brand new unit. Parang nakaprogram na masisira yung DEVANT at NEXTBASE after 2 years of usage. Good Job DEVANT & NEXTBASE!!!

  • Consumer Line

    same problem s binili kong unit, 32"led. . nagkakaron sya ng black lines. . whew!

  • pao

    Di naman khit siguro ng devant sirain..maybe the way you handle your appliances lng..branded man o Hindi NASA pg Ingat lng bara bata lng tlga gumamit ng unit khit gawa pa sa estates yan mgkakaproblema tlga kung Hindi tama ang pay gamit ng unit…

  • nospe

    ang dali masira ng LCD panel.. tapos ang mahal ng replacement.. para kang bumili ng bago.. paksyet..

  • Paulo

    Bought a 46' Devant unit. In a little over a year a major component got fried allegedly to power fluctuation. Funny thing is we use UPS, but the Devant technician was adamant. So we had to cough up P3k+ to replace the broken part. A few weeks after, we discovered the TV's HDMI wasn't working. We were told we're going to have to shell out some more money to fix it because we we're past the warranty. What's worse is the unit doesn't even recogize a lot of video formats when we use its USB to watch movies. If the movie is over 4GB, it stops three-quarters into the movie. Lol. Devant is a piece of crap in our experience, I wonder how much they pay these product reviews. Anybody looking to buy a big flat screen LCD/LED/HD TV, I'd advise you to buy the known brands instead. They may be a little more expensive but you'll spare yourselves of the experience we went through at home. I hope this helps. Thanks.

  • Neneth

    nakakapagsisi kasi akala ko ok ang DEVANT tv, as to my disappointment, yun after a month ng mabili ko ang 32 inch DEVANT LED tv ko, hayun at nagpakita ng mga lines na parang may virus na pumasok sa tv, pinacheck ko ang cable line ko pero wala naman problem..i tried to call the service center ng devant LCD panel daw ang may sira, at kailangan daw na kami ang magdala dun instead na sila ang pumunta at gumawa..hay naku, ngayon totally SIRA na ang DEVANT tv ko, wala pang 1 yr..sayang ang pera ko..
    WAG na kayong bibili ng Devant TV..PLS LANG!!!!

  • esrald

    Salamat s mga ckmments nyo now i know knh ano klase ang devant ndi nq bbli non

  • Mac

    sana SONY nalang yung binili namin..PALPAK talaga ang devant! di makatapos ng movie, 2hrs lang napuputol na. na try ko na e.format usb ko sa FAT32 pero wala pa rin..nakakatamad naman mag convert ng MKV, kaya nga ako bumili ng bagong tv eh pra di na mag CONVERT!

    • danmd5

      Ok naman yung 46' ko na Devant, mag 3 taon na sa December 2015, pag nanood ako ng video, may WD ako na media player kaya ayos lang, wala akong problema sa Devant, satisfied ako sa binili ko na unit.

    • JT

      ganun rin ung nangyayari saken.. basta galing YIfy na mahaba ung runtime ng muvi mapa 720 o 1080 man. hihinto ung muvi kpag lumapas ng exactly 2hrs 8mins and 51seconds in my case.
      sayo ba anong time?

    • brian

      sir question lang LEDTECH TV rin ba yung devant mo? same problem rin kasi 50″

  • Akiyo

    Piece of crap !!! May line agad sa lcd after a year.. Nakasabit lang sa wall since day 1… A big BOooooooooooo to this brand

  • Edut

    Bought this 50 inch LED TV approx. 2 years ago and now there’s a disturbing horizontal lines becoming bigger that this can’t be used anymore,,, too expensive for repair and perhaps have to buy again a new one..and never to buy this brand name DEVANT tv.

  • joseph

    i think i agree to that bro…… almost 2 years ago since we buy this brand of television…. i just only using for quite sometimes to watch and also its not that taking me too long for watching. then almost a week ago. This brand seems not that for long last like other LCD TV. Now, my almost new TV begin to shown a red or even blue lines sometimes at the middle sometimes at the side. i never expected to experience this short period of time….To all person who is planning to buy this brand of TV just think of it…..just concern citizen.

  • Steve

    I have 40 inch Devant LED TV as specs in the unit purchase March 2014. Last week the unit went dead only white screen. Brought it to Devant service center, told out of warranty and cost to replace the LCD is Php 14,600.00 including labor…….I will buy a new TV with different brand.