Developers going business-savvy

From Integration Developer News:

The nation’s CIOs will continue put a big premium on business-savvy IT professionals, says a survey of 90 top CIO/CTO execs released this week.

There may be no similar survey here, but it’s the local CIO may also want someone better-rounded than the stereotypical business geek.

Quotes from the surveyor.

“œIn general, the biggest summary statement I can say is client-facing skills are much more in demand than just technical-only skills. While technical skills may still be in use at these companies, they won’t necessarily be in house [hires]. These days, the trend in critical in-house skills are the client-facing skills such as project management and knowledge of the business your employer is involved with.”

The latter leads to specialization – developers won’t be plain Java, .NET or PHP developers, but “medical Java” developers or “financial PHP” developers. Does this help software offshoring to the Philippines, given that we have cheaper – though unspecialized – talent here?

“œSome CIOs said that was important to have in-house, but many said they felt they could outsource those skills, either from here in the U.S. or from offshore.”

And on the cost saving issues, the entry point into offshoring:

“It’s clear that CIO are still trying to trim their budgets, and that has meant some skills they are just not willing to give up because they are more important to the business. But, there are other skills, such as many pure coding skills, that these CIOs feel can be obtained outside [the company] without risk to their systems.”

Will Pinoys be the preferred “pure coders?” Or do we have more disciplines and skills we can sell to the world?

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