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Diablo 3 v1.0.4 patch to bring tons of changes

Blizzard just announced what’s coming on their v1.0.4 patch update and there’s a lot to look forward to. Hopefully, this update will bring more excitement and balance to the game to get those old players back into the fold.

diablo 3

Here’s a rundown on some of the changes that’s going to happen:

  • No more average Magic Find and Gold Find in co-op. This will entice more player to farm in groups rather than solo since your MF/GF will be dependent on your gear alone and those who don’t have it will not drag you down.
  • Lower health multiplier of monsters in co-op. Before, monster health is multiplied by 110% in Inferno if you’re with a group. Now, it’s going to be a flat 75% across all difficulties.
  • Shrink health gap of Normal monsters and Champions/Rares. Normal monsters’ health will be increased by around 5%-10% while Champions/Rares will have their health down by around 10%-25%.
  • Frustrating monster affixes such as Shielding and Fire Chains will be adjusted. They will take out Invulnerability affix from the game.
  • Enrage timers and “œheal back to full” will be removed from Champions/Rares.
  • Two-handed weapons will receive boosts in damage and affixes.
  • Legendary items will be improved although it won’t affect your existing inventory.
  • A lot of changes in class skills and runes. Blizzard wants each to be competitive to bring out more diverse builds. Skills mentioned include Rend, Bola Shot, Wave of Light, and Hydra, but a lot more will be discussed in the coming days.

Unfortunately, there’s no word about PvP which I think is the most-awaited feature by those players who quit the game. Frankly, I wish they would also increase the drop rate on those Legendary and Set items. And you know what else would be cool? A web-based auction house.

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  • Griswold

    hmmm i might try going back when 1.0.4 comes in. we need PvP badly!!

  • Messie

    Meh, I’m actually playing Diablo 2 again at the moment. I got bored so fast with the unfinished Diablo 3, but maybe when everything is settled I’ll go back to it. For those who are interested, you can join us in in Reddit’s Private Diablo 2 server, r/slashdiablo, it’s an awesome community, much better than bnet IMO.

  • frankie

    Does anyone know a cheap deal of Diablo 3? I’d like to buy one for my husband.