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Diablo III has finally arrived, prepare those sleepless nights

Gamers rejoice! Diablo III has officially arrived in the country courtesy of IP E-Game Ventures, Inc., who made it possible for us to be a part of the global launch of the much-awaited action RPG game.


Blizzard Product Manager, Mr. Allen Amparo, brings the good news during the Diablo III launch earlier

Diablo III continues the epic Diablo storyline and starts at the Sanctuary, where you can choose to play either a Barbarian, Wizard, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Demon Hunter against the demonic forces of the Burning Hells.

The difference this time around is that you need to be online at all time, even when playing alone. This game was built to take advantage of the Battle.net platform where you can access features such as stat-tracking, character storage so you can play in different machines,  and the ability to have friends seamlessly jump in and join at any time during quests.

There are multiple servers available in Diablo III but players from the Philippines are logged in by default on the North America server. You can still choose a different region for your server but keep in mind that your characters won’t switch servers with you.

The game will also feature an auction house where you can buy and sell the loot you find in-game. You can either to choose to deal with your in-game gold, or real-world currency which at the moment only accepts credit card. IP E-Game is still working with Blizzard at a possible integration of their prepaid game cards to use in the Diablo III auction house for those who don’t have a credit card.


Excited much?

Diablo III is available for Windows XP/Vista/7 and also for Macintosh at a suggested retail price of Php3,145. The box also contains 3 guest pass where you can invite your friends to try the game out for a limited time. If you’re quick enough to get to Datablitz, they’re having a promo for early birds where you can buy the box for Php2,750.

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  • Griswold

    Diablo 3! Cant wait for the weekend so I can devote time into playing it. Already bought the box 🙂

  • ann

    where can I buy Diablo 3?? I’ve already called all the Datablitz Store and they are out of stock. I really need to buy this week

    • yeah… i’m asking e-games nga eh. they told us stocks are a plenty and if ever there’s a demand, 3-day lang till fresh stocks arrive. pero till now wala pa. best bet would be online na lang. buy it directly from blizzard and download the game. all you need is your own key. you can even copy someone else’s diablo folder to your machine to play it.

  • Hi,

    I just wanted to know if what is the difference of diablo 3 e-games to diablo 3 global. they say that diablo 3 e-games is like local diablo 3 and can only be played through local server. is this true? and what if i purchase an e-games diablo 3 and my friends have global can still see them or play with them?

    Thanks in advance 😀

    • no difference. may pa-raffle lang daw yung e-games version pero i think tapos na yun. same lang. im using egames version and i can play with my friends from the US and those who bought global version or digital downloads.

      • Alright Thanks nakahinga rin aq ng maluwag 😀 so it`s like that e-games lng ang humawak ng distribution d2 satin but overall it`s all still blizzard?