Dial names not numbers with SpellDial

Do you find it hard to memorize numbers or don’t have a pen to write the phone number of a new friend? Or maybe you have to change your number but don’t want the hassle of informing all your contacts.

What if you can associate a username into a single phone number that you can freely update? You can simply tell a person to call you with your username which is easier to remember. Or change your number without worrying about letting your friends know? That’s what SpellDial is for.


SpellDial (not to be confused with the Android app of the same name) is a proudly Filipino-made web service that allows everyone to link a phone number to a username. With the SpellDialer web site you can simply input the username to make your call instead of a number.

Yes, unfortunately it is a web service. Right now, only handsets that can browse the internet using http (no wap please) can use this service. Do note that it is not the service that is calling the number for you, but instead, it instructs your phone which number to dial. You still need your call credits. This means iPod Touch and other internet-capable devices with a microphone (even a desktop PC) won’t be able to use this service.

You can login to SpellDial to create your username (max of 2) with your Facebook or Google account. If you believe that this service will go the distance, better get your own username fast. I did. I can’t wait before telco companies can also integrate this technology. That way, you don’t have to connect to the internet just to SpellDial.

As for drawback? It’s now harder to hide from a stalker and it would be easier for posers to borrow identities, just like in Twitter.

Despite the possible challenges along the way, SpellDial is still a novel idea that with more security checks in place can really benefit the mobile world. Good job Pinoy! Now where are the mobile apps that would allow you to create your own SpellDial directory?

Check out SpellDial.com for more information.

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  • wow pinoys are really stepping up creating really functional apps, http://www.hotboxcreations.com

  • Awesome! A must have for everyone who has smart phones. Get your SpellDial name now before somebody gets yours first!

  • @Khent yeh, in like ten years, all you’ll be able to get is MyName278262 – Probably less memorable than a number hehe

  • Hey guys,

    I happened to have a chance to meet with the SpellDial team at a tech forum just recently. So on boring day, I looked into their API and made a php class for it.


    It’s an ugly class (made in a span of an hour plus looking at their api docs and making the class), but it works (hey, it’s version 0.1!)