Did an overheating computer cause a PhP 15 Million peso fire?

According to the Makati arson investigator, the fire that hit the MC Home Depot store was caused by a computer that had been left on and subsequently overheated.

Could it be something like the exploding Dell laptop which then ignited chemicals inside the hardware store? Defective PCs? How could this happen?

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  • its understandable that a desktop PC can (will and did) overheat (and make fire) due to continous supply of electricity, but i think its weird that a machine like a laptop with a limited power supply will ignite and explode like that.. proof is there, yeah, which is also a proof that everybody should ban laptops right..?

    warning: carrying a laptop is dangerous to your health

  • it could be. computers can be source of fire because it uses electricity. maybe something goes wrong with power supply near with the chemicals.

  • Perhaps it was sparks from a bad power supply, or just heat, that could set chemicals on fire.

    My employer uses Dell – I’m on a Latitude D510 – so the explosion is a little cause for concern!

  • chev
  • chev, yes i am wrencelot, can we stick to the subject please..?

    make sense tho, hndi nasunog ung screen, LIQUID Crystal Display (LCD)..?

  • chev

    pano masusunog eh my idle time ang mga screens. or else walang nakalagay na idle. and a big company wont use overheating pc’s like amd’s.. for sure pentium based lahat yan. there are some articles that say na laptops explore – http://news.yahoo.com/s/cmp/189601143

  • chev

    “Defective notebook batteries are known to have the potential of overheating and even bursting into flames.”


  • wow.. better unplug my batteries :-ss

  • redg

    gusto ko lang share ung experienced ko with DELL laptop, mine is left one time 24 hours nakaonline, downloading from limewire and nothing bad happened with my old dell laptop which has a bad battery that dont charge anymore.

  • chev

    redg that was one time.. maybe u dont wanna try it again. baka machambahan ka 🙂

  • @bloggermentarist

    “which is also a proof that everybody should ban laptops right..?”

    err. is this a joke? sorry ha, di ako naka-connect…

  • chev

    ban laptop? why? i think u should say “use it wisely”

  • Two words: chassis cooling.

    Two more words: monitoring software.

  • so we should also ban cellphones because there were isolated cases of cellphone exploding???

  • chev

    abusing things will give u bad outcomes

  • I took photos of the fire just when the firemen arrived at the scene and before the traffic snarl.

  • melquiades

    computer overheating as cause of fire?
    isn’t that highly likely, what with
    thermal sensors on processors,
    standby mode, a switching-power supply…
    a bursting power-supply could set off
    a fuse or capacitors, well with a gas leak
    maybe…. a DVD-Burner gone berserk perhaps?

  • Mga bros and cons….(convicts of the blogging community) anything that has either current or voltage running in them is considered fire hazzard,
    The ATX powers upply connection on my motherboard has burned it rendering the connector useless. That is a concrete basis.
    A desktop or a loptop did not cause the fire( it’s just the instrument) its ignorance to preventive maintenance and negligence that has caused it. period.
    When you talk about preventive measures installed on every pc or laptop (like thermal sensors,excessive heat detection,cooling fans etc.) it simply means that it is because the said gadget is vulnerable and is fire hazzard. DI BA?


    two words “Flash Drives”