Attention, DIGG lovers out there. Have you tried DIGG Spy?

It’s yet another AJAX application, yes. AJAX may as well be the cliche of the year in tech terminology, but this is cool. DIGG capitalizes heavily on AJAX and PHP development, and they’re perhaps trailblazers in this thing called Web 2.0 with their “collaborative editorial” efforts when it comes to tech (or weird?) news.

DIGG Spy gives you updates on DIGG diggs, comments, and new articles as they happen.

You get an overview of what exactly the action is (link, digg, comment), the title, who wrote it (or why an action is done), the number of diggs the article currently has, and the location of the story (frontpage or elsewhere).

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  • Koko

    Cool app. The future of the net is now na talaga!

  • its pretty cool.. its like this site (pinoytechblog.com) but better because the readers itself can post and submit articles that came from their blog..

    okay i take that back..

  • if you want a Filipino Digg, there’s Oks.

  • Just found the Dynamic s of Digg. Interesting read.

  • matagal na ito diba??? i think i read about digg-spy middle of last year pa…

  • where did my friggin comment go??? bat antagal magpost?

  • ahhh, ok, reverse pala loop nito…