Discover Kiddle, the “Child-Friendly” version of Google

Parents have recently been raving online about a new website called – a search engine designed specifically for kids by filtering results to include only “family friendly” entries.

kiddle kid-friendly

Kiddle uses Google’s Safe Search mode and a team of human editors to make sure that the search results displayed on the website are only those that are considered as “safe” for kids. The website also features bigger thumbnails and a larger Arial font, presumably to appeal more to children and make it easier for them to skim through results. Naturally, certain websites known to have explicit content have been blocked

However, it is not just websites, but certain keywords have been blocked as well. Some keywords relating to LGBT, including “gay” and “lesbian” won’t display results, and names like “Pamela Anderson” are apparently considered as “bad words”. The search term “transgender” was initially considered as a “bad word” but recent developments in the site now allows it to show filtered results.

We tried searching for “Maria Ozawa” just to check how the site filters content or if it would block the term. It does display results but without the famed porn star. However, searching for “family” shows Family Guy as the first entry – which as most of us know isn’t exactly what most would consider as wholesome.

safe search for kids

Looks like Kiddle still has a lot of work to do to be 100% child-friendly.

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