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Divoom Bluetune Solo Wireless Speaker Review

The Bluetune Solo is another wireless speaker from Divoom, and this one is much smaller than their Onbeat-200 but promises to deliver more oomph. Let’s see if it does live up to its X-Bass label.

Bluetune Solo 02

The Bluetune Solo is a single speaker system that allows us to stream our music via Bluetooth and also answer our calls and function like a speakerphone. Unlike the Onbeat-200, the Bluetune Solo lacks volume controls and a 3.5mm audio jack input. But like the Onbeat-200, the Blutune Solo can function as a speaker phone and also does not come with a charger.

The Bluetune Solo’s form factor is something that can definitely be pocketed”¦but a noticeable bulge will be hard to hide. The design is very reminiscent of a short soda can”¦or a futuristic hand grenade. The metallic matte finish on the main body will make oil smudges noticeable but the matte finish will not show any fingerprint.

Bluetune Solo 01

The top and bottom sections are capped off with a shiny silver plastic material that feels durable, but this will probably be the first parts to crack if the speaker gets dropped. The top is where we find the speaker grille, the X-BASS label, and the only button on the device. The button is used to answer phone calls and initiate the Bluetooth pairing sequence.

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At the bottom, we have the power switch, a rubber lining, and a thin line of metal grille at the sides. The bottom panel is also were we find the 3.5mm auxiliary lineout and the micro USB charging port. The button at the top and LEDs at the bottom side grille lights up while it is on.

Items included in the package is a nice and sporty drawstring pouch and a micro USB cable that’s used to charge the device. Like the Onbeat-200, this little bugger also does not include a charger”¦ though it’s more understandable for this smaller device to exclude that.

Bluetune Solo 06

Pairing the device is pretty simple and I did not encounter any challenges. I turned on the Bluetune Solo, held the top button for a few seconds until it started blinking. Then I went to my player and paired with the Bluetune Solo by selecting the device from the list of Bluetooth devices in range. Once that was done, I tuned in to determine the sound quality it produced.

What I found was that the sound profile is similar to the Onbeat-200″¦ the treble and midrange was a little muffled out by the bass and also has a megaphone like profile. With that said, the bass is better than the Onbeat-200. Divoom uses their patented P.O Bass design and they really deliver an amazing amount of bass considering the size of this 4w speaker. In fact, at high volumes, the Bluetune-Solo was literally moving to the edge of the table with each thump. At high volumes, I also noticed that the audio started to crack a little. Despite the amazing amount of bass, the thump quickly diminishes as I stepped further away from the speaker. But I suppose it’s too much to ask for from such a small device.

Bluetune Solo 07

A nice little feature is the capacity to connect other speakers to the Bluetune Solo. This will essentially make any speaker “œwireless” just by hooking up a speaker to the 3.5mm line out on the Bluetune-Solo. It’s unusual though that the speaker does not have a line in option to enable daisy chaining multiple Bluetune-Solos or other Divoom speakers or use the speaker with non-Bluetooth devices.

Divoom’s specs show that the device will last 6 hours on a full charge and it comes in 6 colors; red, black, white, orange, purple and blue. Just like the Onbeat-200, I find that the sound profile of the Bluetune-Solo is not to my liking. But the extra bass and the compact form factor compensates for the weird sound profile of the speaker. The Divoom Bluetune-Solo is available at your favorite Apple reseller for Php 2,500.

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