Divoom brings you funky-looking speakers

Have you heard of a speaker brand called Divoom? Neither have we until recently. From the looks of the product brochure given to us, they seem to take the popular X-mini hamburger speaker to the next level with more colorful and funky-looking designs.

If you’re looking for portable, casual speakers that would go with your iPod or your laptop, check out these lineup from Divoom.

iTour 20


Ok, naming your product starting with a small “œi” doesn’t work anymore. It’s been used already a billion times and we’re getting tired of it. Anyway, the iTour 20 is similar to the x-mini speakers but with more colors to choose from.

iTour Pop


Similar to the iTour 20 but with a larger head for sound magnification and 360-degree expansion sound field.

iTour 70


This one is a soundbar-type speaker that could sit at the base of your desktop monitor. Or you could bring it with you if you wish.

iTour OZZO


This boxy stereo speaker can be separated so you could listen with a left and right positioning or join it together for an omni-directional sound, your pick. Clever design as it makes storing and lugging around much easier. Another speaker that would complement your laptop.

Iris ““ 02


Well it looks like an ordinary pair of satellite speakers that got slanted somehow but these are magnetically shielded full range aluminum cone-speakers that you can safely use near video monitors.



Probably the most interesting looking speaker of the lot. The Divo not only looks like something you would place a hairpiece on but it has a 1.5″ speaker drivers to provide crystal-clear sound and also a built-in 4″ long throw subwoofer for the added “œoomph”.

All these Divoom speakers save for the Divo are very portable and could last from 6 to 8 hours on a single charge which you can do via USB. There’s nothing special with most of the speakers but I would like to see how the build-quality is which the photos can’t really tell. So what do you think we should review first? I have my eyes on the Divo.

Will update as soon as we get pricing and availability. Hang on.

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  • Harley Son


  • Really cute and cool speakers. I wanna have that Apple green Iris-02.