Divoom iFit-1 Portable Speaker Review

Divoom has been proving itself as a brand that you can rely on to find just the exact kind of speaker that would fit your need. They have dozens of designs in all shapes and sizes to choose from and the iFit-1 is just one of them.

Divoom iFit-1 1

The Divoom iFit-1 is another compact and portable speaker that’s well-suited for smartphones or portable media players. If you’re used to hamburger-shaped speakers, the iFit-1 breaks the mold with its rectangular box design.

Divoom iFit-1 2

Even if the speaker output is pointed towards the top, it produces a 360-degree sound field.

Divoom iFit-1 3

Underneath the speaker is where the audio cable is stored which makes the iFit-1 perfect to bring anywhere since you don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting the cable. Cable isn’t long though so it’s not suitable for desktop PCs.

Divoom iFit-1 4

At the back of the unit you’ll see the On/Off switch and the miniUSB port to charge its built-in battery. No volume control can be found here so better rely on your audio player to control the loudness.

Divoom iFit-1 6

A nice trick the Divoom iFit-1 can do is its pull-out tray which makes this speaker double as a mobile unit stand. It’s actually a nice speaker to have on your desk if you like using your phone as a music player while working. You can also use it as a speaker stand while watching movies on your mobile device.

Divoom iFit-1 5

As for performance, we found that the iFit-1 is not made for really loud music. At max volume, sound gets distorted and it cannot handle heavy bass at all. Stick to medium loudness to appreciate this speaker.

As such, it’s quite loud for personal consumption, or as a speaker to fill a small room. Use it while cleaning a room or in the kitchen while cooking. Bring it on the beach and use it to play music to fill your group’s personal space.

Battery life is rated at just 6 hours which is just about right during our tests.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the Divoom iFit-1 is its compact design and pull-out tray. It cannot handle loud bassy tracks that well but it’s very serviceable for your regular tunes.

You should find the Divoom iFit-1 in your usual Apple reseller stores for Php900. IT’s available in black, white, pink, aqua blue, and lime green.

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  • Griswold

    like the stand on this speaker. sana bumaba pa yung price, parang expensive yung P900 price nya for its kind.

  • Spongegirl

    Hmmm…. pwede pang-Christmas gift.

  • thejorlanb


  • Cadiz

    sa apple store lang meron nito ?

    • di ko sure pero parang nakita ko rin ito sa odyssey. check mo FB page nila. baka meron dun.

  • It’s available in Astrovision and SM Appliance Center also 🙂

  • Rebro

    Sir, any news regarding the 3G enabled Google Nexus 7 reaching our shores? Info please. Thanks in advance.

    • no news from asus. di raw nila alam if kelan or if ilalabas dito sorry.