Divoom iFit-2 Portable Speaker with Stand Review

Sound quality experience can make or break the entertainment value of any gadget available in the market today. No matter how great high-def videos play on your device, poor sound quality can be quite frustrating. This is why the hunt for the best portable speakers to tickle your stapes is on and here, we shall be finding out whether the Divoom iFit-2 could make a good option for you.


My first impression on the Divoom iFit-2 is that this is probably an Apple device dock; apparently, not. It looks like your typical speaker dock but it’s really just a portable speaker stand with a shelf for your device.

Divoom iFit-2 01

Fresh out of the box, I thought the design of the iFit-2 was promising. It sports a white (also comes in black), glossy built that is trapezoidal in shape with curved edges for that classy look. I believe it was designed that way to be able to support larger devices like tablets. The 3-watt speakers are located on the sides for maximum amplification. There is a shelf with rubber pads wide enough to secure your connected gadget in place as it steadily sits at an angle perfect for viewing.

Divoom iFit-2 02

The 3.5 mm auxiliary input jack is located at the lower back portion of the speakers along with a power switch and mini-USB port for charging.

User Experience

You need no software to set it up and can get started right away. The Divoom iFit-2 is a universal speaker that can amplify music from any type of phone or tablet. The wire that connects the 3.5 mm jack is long enough to reach the audio jack of your device so that you may position it horizontally or vertically, but also short enough to keep everything neat. There’s a small hole underneath the shelf and a wire channel so that you can tuck the wire and string it discretely.

Divoom iFit-2 03

The Divoom iFit2 weighs 0.45 kg so it was not necessarily convenient for me to carry in my bag as compared to the hamburger type speakers but it does save you some space and clutter, one of the benefits of its design. It can definitely serve as a good alternative to your desktop speakers. Also, the Divoom iFit2 makes the perfect sound stage if you like playing music during your beach trips.

Divoom iFit-2 05

Watching videos is perfect with the iFit-2. You have a good viewing angle as your tablet rests on the shelf. I did enjoy watching my TV series better with the Divoom iFit2 as compared to watching it with the built-in speakers of my phone alone. Besides, I got to watch hands-free!

Divoom iFit-2 06

Sound quality is pretty decent although a little weak on the bass. I have no complaints on how much the volume of your device is being amplified. The only thing I noticed is that, the speakers’ threshold for volume only reaches up to a certain extent. At maximum volume, the sound already tends to crackle. Another thing I noticed (although I’m not sure if it’s just a defect of the unit), is that the audio cable seems to be faulty resulting to some volume inconsistencies. At mid-volume, the iFit2 can last for up to 6-7 hours straight and charging time may take about 2-3 hours.


The Divoom iFit2 is sold at Php1,750 and weighing the pros and cons, you definitely get a bang for buck. This classy, well-designed and easy-on-the-pocket sound booster is something you can put on your list. It is easy to use, fits nicely on your desk, saves space and compliments any device perfectly. You can get the iTour Rock on your nearest gadget store or online through Multiply.

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