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Divoom iTour Rock portable speaker review

People love music on the go and it has been a way of life ever since the days of boomboxes, walkmans and the such. Fast forward to the present day and we have portable speakers the size of onions that could get so loud it could please a crowd. It’s simply amazing on how portable speakers nowadays can deliver so much more and with the myriad of shapes and designs to choose from, and it’s been a daunting task of deciding which one sounds best.

Now what we have here is Divoom’s iTour Rock portable speaker which could very well be worth checking. Does it deserve to be a crowd-pleaser? Let’s find out.

Divoom iTour Rock-1

Divoom is a company solely focused into making portable audio products that deliver superb sound at an affordable price. Oh, and they look stylish too! The iTour Rock is one of their creations and it’s the type that is a tad bigger than the likes of X-Mini but still remains to be portable enough to fit on your palm. It has a camouflage-like design that comes in blue, green and yellow colors you can choose from.

Divoom iTour Rock-2

Underneath the speaker, you’ll find the power switch and the 3.5mm audio jack nicely tucked in. Now I find the audio cable to be short on this one as it can be a hassle when you want to place it on a certain distance from your audio device. If you look at the side, you’ll see a 3.5mm port to which you can attach another iTour Rock for better sound performance. Now that’s cool!

It also comes with a USB cable for charging on your laptop’s USB port or you can connect it to your smartphone’s adapter (it works actually). The speaker delivers 7-8 hours of playback so this is great for going on long trips.

Divoom iTour Rock-3

Now the iTour Rock is not all about the looks but the sound as well. I have to say, the sound is superb! Crank up the volume and the sound still manages to be clear all throughout the highs, mid and lows. The speaker comes equipped with a PO-bass technology that delivers deep and powerful bass ““ a treat for the bassheads out there. A bit of a con about the speaker is that it tends to easily bounce off all over the place on higher volumes so try to put it on a cloth or a tissue of some sort to soften the surface. The speaker is loud enough to fill up a fairly large room like a living room and even better on smaller ones like your studio type room.

Divoom iTour Rock-4

Overall, the iTour Rock is a thing to be desired. Oh and it comes at an SRP of just Php 1,100 so this is a bang for the buck purchase! There are other cheap speakers out there but nothing comes close to being affordable and sound great at the same time so I highly recommend this. You can get the iTour Rock on your nearest gadget store or online through Multiply.

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  • camhiliciouz

    this is really nice. i wonder what retail stores offers this?

    beyond the box? powermac? etc.

    thanks thanks. XD

    • yep, i often find divoom products on apple reseller shops.

    • jun-jun

      available at SM Appliances I got mine at SM Megamall – SM Appliances

  • NineSwordz

    Does it comes with other colors like Black? I want to buy this, sleek and powerful 😀

  • chris

    Got this last Christmas, and im very satisfied with this speaker.

  • jared

    I’m hoping you can review a DOMA mini speaki (bluetooth version) one of these days

  • vic rodriguez

    ive heard of these vibration speakers sir,.
    can you pls review nano beat w/ bluetooth

  • Lester

    is this compatible with samsung galaxy y??

  • Lester

    IS this Compatible with SAMSUNG GALAXY Y??? pls Reply tnx

    • d4ryl3

      Of course. Why wouldn’t it?