DJI Launches DJI Ronin-S and DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Philippines
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CES 2018: DJI Launches DJI Ronin-S and DJI Osmo Mobile 2

For CES 2018, DJI comes right out the gate with the launches of the Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S, two new handheld camera stabilizers built for smartphones, DSLRs, and mirrorless camera systems.

Osmo Mobile 2 Comes Redesigned for Smartphone Cameras

With a lightweight design that supports portrait orientation, the Osmo Mobile 2 also touts more changes to cater to mobile. Look beyond your usual mobile photography experience by getting simpler controls with cinematic zoom, and a longer battery life. Plus, intelligent features like SmoothTrack will allow users to create professional-looking shots and videos no matter where you are.

Meanwhile, the smart software within the DJI GO mobile app unlocks the aforementioned features. Notably, ActiveTrack will automatically follow subjects in motion, while Motion Timelapse does so with five different camera positions. If that’s not enough, Hyperlapse creates dramatic time-lapse videos while the camera itself moves. Lastly, if you just want to take photos, Panorama, Long Exposure, and LightTrail will prove invaluable.

Ronin-S Delivers the Steady Shot

As DJI’s first single-handed stabilizer for DSLR and mirrorless camera systems, the Ronin-S comes in two frame sizes for either camera type. But as a product, it uses powerful three-axis gimbal technology to deliver smooth video and clear photos. Plus, powerful high-torque motors support popular camera and lens combinations. Compatible combos include the Canon 5D, Panasonic GH, and the Sony Alpha systems. Plus, its stabilization system compensates for zoom lenses with higher magnification ratios. Lastly, an advanced stabilization algorithm works with both in-camera and in-lens optical technology.

Ronin-S also works with a variety of DJI Pro accessories to expand one’s creative freedom on any location. Notable accessories include a Focus Control Center. Specifically, it consists of a focusing dial and a screen allowing for advanced gimbal and focus control without a mobile device. Other accessories include a vehicle mount solution, DJI Master Force, CJI Master Wheels, an external focus motor, and a cheese plate adapter. Lastly, a dual-handle support will also come out so that users get more comfort and stability.

Osmo Shield Provides Great Warranty and Coverage

Osmo Shield acts as a coverage plan for extended warranty on any Osmo product. This plan adds another year, which includes accidental hardware damage coverage. Also, under this plan, Osmo will cover up to one free replacement and two years eligibility for repair solutions. Osmo Shield is an option for select markets like China, the US, and Canada.

Price and Availability

Osmo Mobile 2 will retail for USD 129, with offering exclusive pre-orders on January 23. Once February comes around, it will release at all DJI Flagship Stores, authorized retailers, and the DJI online store. Later in the same month, it will also release at Apple Stores in select regions worldwide. For more info, please visit the Osmo Mobile 2 site.

Ronin-S, on the other hand, will release in the second quarter of 2018 from all DJI flagship stores, retailers, and authorized resellers across the globe. Stay tuned for further announcements on the exact pricing. For more info, check out the Ronin-S webpage on DJI’s site.

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