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Telco Providers Should Do Something Like This

Instead of mobile blogs getting lewd images, why don’t they do something like this. This could have been more useful and will even get positive feedback that is if they filter out images that are of pornographic in nature.

Aside from that, this may encourage the users of the responsible use of their camera phones.

This is what Cell Journalist is about:

Cell Journalist is an innovative service that lets you get paid for your pix. We are looking for all news related images, from hurricanes and car crashes to celebrity sightings. Breaking news happens everyday, you can make sure you are ready with your camera phone or digital camera ready!

Once we receive your images, media outlets can then browse through our image/video gallery. Images can be used in all types of stories and television broadcasts. Everytime your image is used you get paid. A really great photo can be used several dozen times. Our service is unique because we offer a subscription to the media outlets. This allows them to use as many images as they want for one monthly fee. In the end this means that you, the Cell Journalist, has a much greater chance of having your image used and getting paid.

Signing up is quick and easy. You never know when breaking news will happen, so become a Cell Journalist today!

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