Dopod PDA Phone

You may have heard of Dopod if you are either reading a lot of mobile slash PDA related news or if you are just a gadgetholic. I have discovered about Dopod just only this year when I accompanied my father at the Ambassador Appliances at ParkSquare in Makati. They are selling the Dopod 818 Pro and the Dopod 838 and they are cheaper than O2 XDA phones.

Dopod 818 Pro has built-in voice control. It also has a built-in 2-megapixel camera. What’s surprising about it is that it has 8 shooting modes and 8 scenery modes as well. As for its connectivity, it supports WiFi, Bluetooth, IR, USB, GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and EDGE. It also has the capability to synchronize your  contacts,  calendar, tasks and inbox from Microsoft Outlook to your phone and back. And it is powered by  Windows Mobile 5.0.

Read more of the specifications here.

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  • Microsoft Philippines is giving away the Dopod 900 for the MSDN Connection membership drive

  • silkshadow

    NEVER, EVER BUY FROM AMBASSADOR APPLIANCE! I got a bum component cable from them (which they charged me p3000 for) so I went to exchange it. The witch of a lady who owns that place made me spend over an hour there testing the cable (seriously, my time is valuable and you sold me a broken cable!). When it was proven that the cable was bad, she then tried to find excuses to not exchange the cable. EXCHANGE, I wasn’t asking for a refund, just a working cable. I had to go find the police before she would give me a working cable! NEVER BUY FROM AMBASSADOR APPLIANCE! Especially for an expensive item like the Dopod, you might as well shoot yourself in the head insetad of buying from them!

    On the Dopod 818, I would recomend getting the O2 Atom (can be found many places but also in the, much better, Park Square stores too). Why? Simple answer, the Dopod’s processor is not fast enough to run Skype ;).

  • silkshadow:
    so that’s the reason why Dopod is cheaper than O2 😀

  • rhai

    I run skype on my Imate JAMin.
    It has the same specs of Dopod 818 Pro.

  • hi

    I bought my brand new Dopod PDA phone from Ambassador Appliances! I’ve been buying stuff from them for more than twenty years now and I’m a satisfied customer!

  • alvin

    I bet hi is the owner of ambassador, park square was built from the 90’s gee didn’t know they were twenty years already

  • rauy

    omg, Ambassador Appliance @ Park Square 1? I too had a bad experience with them. I recently bought a Sony Ericsson w890i from them for 17K (it was the “Espresso Black” special edition) and discovered a dead pixel in the middle of my screen.
    Though it’s super tiny, of course it’s bothersome. The store owner told me they won’t exchange my unit for another one since it’s just 1 (one) dead pixel so their supplier won’t replace it.
    I said ok, fine. And then I discovered another dead pixel which shows up only in camera mode, when shooting darker pictures/scenes.
    I would’ve returned again to them but I know that the lady (store owner) would never budge to replace my unit and my time is very precious.
    My point is that they shouldn’t have sold me a unit with any dead pixels. They should’ve checked their items. Does it mean na pasensya na lang yung customer kasi malas sya? What about value for money?

  • ugg boots
    These are tight. Tell me where you can get them and how much.

  • AyalaKid

    Some information- in case you have troubles with any of the stores located in Ayala, you can go to Customer Service or in Ayala Property Management in Glorietta or Greenbelt (you may want to ask security for exact location) to complain the store that gave you bad items. My dad has a shop in Ayala, and shop owners have contracts detailing accountabilities on items/services- and they have to pay fine and eventually/potentially termination of contract in case they cheat people and fail to satisfy customers.