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DOST gets supercomputer IBM Blue Gene to strengthen R&D capabilities

Last May 16, 2013, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), with its partners ““ the University of the Philippines (UP) and IBM, announced that they will be using the world-renowned IBM Blue Gene supercomputer to support the Philippine government’s R&D projects in line with improving government processes to address national concerns such as disaster management, climate change mitigation, and poverty alleviation.


The pilot project to be using the IBM Blue Gene supercomputer is DOST’s Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards or Project NOAH (in partnership with the UP National Institute of Geological Sciences and the UP College of Engineering), the flagship project of the government that focuses on disaster and climate change mitigation. According to DOST Secretary, Mario G. Montejo, with the integration of the IBM Blue Gene supercomputer to Project NOAH, they will be able to provide a more accurate and advanced weather forecasts faster.

IBM Philippines’ President Country General Manager Mariels Winhoffer said that this partnership with DOST is “œIBM’s response to President Aquino’s call for help to support research and development projects to enable transformation and progress in the country” and the supercomputer is their concrete contribution to the country.

The IBM Blue Gene supercomputer will help local scientists improve weather prediction for the country with the massive data gathered from its high performance computing capabilities. When the project is completed, the disaster-prone country can better respond to weather-related disasters. Other projects that will possibly be aided by the supercomputer are those that involve genomics and flood management.

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