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Download your favorite apps and games on Google Play using your Smart prepaid load

Smart just recently announced their newest load-based payment option that allows Smart Prepaid or Postpaid users to pay for apps and in-app purchases on Google Play via Smart load or via your Smart Postpaid bill. Here’s a list on what you can do (pay for) with your Smart Prepaid or Postpaid account:

> Music on Spinnr and Deezer
> Online gaming ePins on GameX
> Books and e-magazines on Buqo
> Hollywood movies, TV series, and sports livestreaming on Viewstream and Blink
> Apps and in-app purchases on Google Play

Just add/ enable Smart Communications billing as payment option and you’ll be able to purchase Google Play apps in an instant!



With that, Smart is giving access to millions of digital possibilities without the need to have a credit card. You can listen to music via Spinnr or Deezer, buy gaming pins, learn more by reading books on Buqo or be updated with the latest news and trends by checking out the most recent and update magazines, also in Buqo. If you love movies, Blink app also allows you to watch movies on-demand and you can use Smart to pay for it as well. The latest is their collaboration with Google that allows you to purchase apps and in-app purchase with ease. This solves the dilemma of some that is hesitant to get a credit card because of over using OR hesitant to using credit card for online purchases because of fraud.

For more information, check out: http://smart.com.ph/googleplay

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  • Laurence

    Can i use ,say, a prepaid card to pay for like deezer and paid apps on wifi only devices like some ipads and tablets?