Dropbox apologizes for the outage, assures that all data are intact


This goes out to all of you here who are Dropbox users. You’re probably aware that the online storage service has suffered a major outage recently. The service went down for 48 hours and there were speculations that the service was hacked.

Three hours later, Dropbox manage to put their server back and users were able to access their files again. So, what exactly happened that cause the major Dropbox outage?

Dropbox just released an announced assuring its users that the downtime was not caused by any hackers. According to Dropbox, the downtime was caused by a subtle bug in a maintenance script that caused the command to reinstall a small number of active machines. During this process, some machines were affected which caused Dropbox to go down.

The good news here is that no user files were put at risk during the downtime. According to Dropbox, the machines that went down do not contain data at all.

All those being said, you can now start using Dropbox again and hope that no major breakdown happens again in the future.

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