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Dropbox doubles space per referral giving you 16GB max

Good news Dropbox users, probably the best online storage service out there recently announced that they’re giving more space to users per referrals.


Previously, free Dropbox users can get up to 8 GB of online storage courtesy of 250 MB per referral from a maximum of 32 people. Now Dropbox is doubling that amount to 500 MB per referral netting you up to 16 GB if you maxed out your referrals. Consequently, Pro accounts can earn 1 GB per referral, for a total of 32 GB of extra space.

You’ll get the 500 MB of referral space automatically so don’t be surprised with the sudden bump of your Dropbox space. In order to get this extra space, your referral should also install Dropbox to their PC aside from joining. You can check your referral status online here.

For those who are still not using or unaware of what Dropbox can do, it’s an online storage service that can be integrated into your machine (Windows, Mac, Linux). You’ll assign a folder for Dropbox where everything in that folder gets synced to your online account. And when you install Dropbox in other machines, you can easily access your files from multiple computers. Pretty useful if you work with multiple machines a lot.

So if you still haven’t used or tried Dropbox yet, it’s high time you do so.

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