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Dropbox gets better with ‘drag and drop’ via web browser

Dropbox seems to be getting better and better. Previously, they increased the amount of space you can get per referral from 250 MB to 500 MB. Now, they added a very nifty feature for web uploads that should put more emphasis in the word “˜Dropbox’.

drag and dropbox

With this “˜drag and drop’ feature, uploading files to your Dropbox account via web browser is made easier. This is really useful if you’re working on a machine that doesn’t have Dropbox installed. No need to call the upload box and choose which file/s to upload. No need to click on a folder anymore to put a file in as well.

In order to enjoy this feature, you must be using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Sorry IE and Opera users, it’s not available to you at the moment.

Still not in the Dropbox bandwagon yet? It’s the most easiest and simplest free cloud storage available so you might as well hop in.

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  • Griswold

    i accidentally discovered this the other day when i was transferring files from my work PC to my dropbox account. Really nice!

  • Nick

    That’s convenient, but I usually work from my Dropbox folder in the Finder instead.

  • Annabelts

    Dropbox is very convenient! We use this in Framedia 🙂 Most people also do not know how the Public folder works. Dump files there, share the public URL, and they will be able to access your file like sending a file via yousendit or sendspace. A file in the public folder will not accessed by others who do not have the public URL. Just sharing 🙂

    • yup. hindi pa naeexpire.