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Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy Note II in the flesh

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is the top-selling phone/tablet device in the market today and you know what’s better than the Note II? A dual-SIM version of it which I’m sure will be a hit to Filipinos where having multiple SIM is getting to be a common thing.

Samsung Galaxy Note II 1

Unfortunately for us, the dual-SIM SGN2 is only available in China which was released early this month. Haven’t seen our usual grey stores shipping them in yet but I managed to get close and intimate with one straight from China.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II retails for RMB5,699 but my sister was able to bring it down to RMB5,199 which is about Php35,000. That’s about Php5k more than its single-SIM brother.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Dual-SIM

Obviously, there’s nothing different from the outside. Everything’s pretty much the same, the 5.5-inch Super AMOLED HD screen, the plastic glossy finish, and the S-Pen tucked in at the bottom corner.

Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy Note II

What’s special is on the inside where you can find the slots for your two SIMs. One houses a regular SIM and another one just below the microSD slot requires a microSIM. Only the microSIM supports WCDMA so use your primary number there for 3G connection.

There’s no word from Samsung PH if this device will find its way here. Maybe if a lot of interest is generated, our usual online gadget stores can bring a few units in.

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  • Nice! Can you confirm if 3G will work on both slots? Most dual sim phones allow sim1 for 3G and sim2 for 2g.
    Also, any ideas how to get one?

    • poche

      did you even read this article??

      “Only the microSIM supports WCDMA so use your primary number there for 3G connection.”

      • thejorlanb


  • Oh… for some reason the whole article would not load on my iPad. Finally got to read the entire page on my PC. Too bad you can’t use the second slot for 3G.

  • wala ba screen cap pics? sabi sabi sa internet CDMA daw ang isang sim. sir gawa po kau ng group buy nito from china.

    • if you look closely sa last picture, yung regular sim GSM while the microSIM is WCDMA/GSM

  • Rhowdie

    I heard that there is no Google services (google, maps, Play store, etc.) that is pre loaded in the Dual sim Note 2. Device needs to be rooted in order to install Google.

    Can you confirm this?

  • sinneD

    OH MY!!
    i have my 7.0 Tab plus and xperia tipo dual
    it would replace it both if i have this!
    i can now forget iPad mini overprice!

  • Any news on this one being available locally?

    • no man… wala pang balita.

  • Rhowdie

    Can you post your review of this phone?

    • didn’t get the chance to review it. i think it’s safe to assume that it’s just like the note 2 but with dual-SIM, and probably shorter battery life because of the two SIMs.

  • Go_Deep

    Why china first? Here in the Phils it’s quite normal to use all 3 main networks on a daily basis..

  • aizen

    Does that mean d po xa pde as of now sa ph if ever? Just wanna verify lang po thanks! 🙂

  • bagetabol

    naku maraming pinoy ang kukuha nito kung sakaling it will hit the PH market. isa na po ako

  • rieche

    i will difinitely buy one if its available here in ph.i am currently using a duo phone for my business.Hope it will be in ph soon.