e-Government Try-out: PhilHealth

I had the need to find out my PhilHealth number. I didn’t have it among my records. I could have called my friend at our former office, she would have the info. But that’s the less exciting way. How about we try out some e-Government services?

e-Governance: The use of digital technologies to provide government services

Mission: Find out my PhilHealth number via any available e-Governance service.

Attempt 1: PhilHealth hotline via Philippine Information Agency (PIA)

I didn’t have the PhilHealth hotline. But I knew the PIA “œGawin 143″ hotline (tel 981-5000, or 1345 on your mobile phone) and I knew that they could connect me to various government agency and LGU hotlines.

Result 1: I chose to connect to the Department of Health. But the DOH hotline kept ringing and ringing. I didn’t bother waiting too long nor trying a second time.

Attempt 2: PhilHealth website ( www.philhealth.gov.ph)

I was hoping to find a form where I could submit my name and it would give me my PhilHealth number.

Result 2: Didn’t find the online service I was hoping for. Either they don’t have that kind of service online or they didn’t advertise it effectively enough for me to find it easily.

Attempt 3: PhilHealth textline (See www.philhealth.gov.ph/txtph.htm)

Ah! There is hope!

To know your PhilHealth Identification Number, type the following:
PHIC[space]PIN[space]LName,FName[space]BDAY(mmddyyyy) and send to 2960

For members with extension name (Jr., Sr., III, etc.), type
PHIC[space]PIN[space]LName,FName,ExtensionName[space]BDAY(mmddyyyy) and send to 2960


Result: I tried out the SMS service. It worked like a charm! Mission accomplished!

For More PhilHealth service instructions via SMS, Text in PHIC [space] HELP and send to 2960. Services include information on benefits, dependents, claims status, contact information and employer number.

There are a number of e-Government services out there. Some are lousy, some are exemplary. Let’s try them out more of them and tell people about it.

ka edong
e-gobyerno stunt double

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  • Don’t you just love SMS? 🙂

  • Ack! No web service? I hate having to pay PhP 2.50 with iffy SMS transactions when I can do stuff over the web for free–or at least with a flat-rate charge, and without having to remember to type in tedious keyword combinations.

    At any rate, it’s the general Pinoy public they’re targeting, so SMS is definitely more accessible.

  • Im trying to contact and visit NSO for several days to no avail.

  • Daddy Nice Ash,


    I see they now accept credit card payments (nuon over the counter lang).

    ka edong

  • oh my god, they are going to press taxes on e-money too..? (first, e-governance; tomorrow, e-taxes, e-kotong, and e-korakot as well..?)

  • SSS (www.sss.gov.ph) used to be so dependable whenever I check my contribution. Now, all I see is the annoying “the page cannot be displayed” page! 🙁

  • ronnie

    i want to know if i can register tru entenet to be a philhealth member?

  • krishna

    wow it works like a charm indeed! i got it in a minute or two i think! my P2.50 was well spent! thanks a lot for your blog. otherwise i would’ve wasted time looking for it on the philhealth website.

  • jean

    it’s very easy to be a member of PHIL.HEALTH. yet it’s very hard to contact them when you want to follow up for your i.d’s?
    if you will dial the hot line (02) 637-99-99, it will take you 15 mins for you to talk an operator and 15 mins for you to connect to local 1014. and worst of all you will be the one to surrender because of infinite ringing then nobody will answer you.
    can you do something about it?

  • shirley

    i’ve been tyring to know my philhealth number and the philhealth textline did not worked for me. it says ” if you texted…. please call or visit philhealth office…”.
    Then again i can’t find my number because i’ll be doing the same thing from the start that i did before logging in. Can somebody help me on this? i’ve been contributing since May 2002 but till now, i can’t find my philhealth number for my dependents to use. please help. thanks.

  • beverly

    hi.. gusto ko lang magtanong tungkol sa standing ng husband ko if he still a member of PHILHEALTH…he had the receipt way back year 2000,but he stop contributing the philhealth coz the office needs a birth certificate of his parents. and sad to say his parents dont have that papers. now he stops contributing na.. is he still a member?? i need to know the answer

  • mhellai

    your instructions from the philhealth txt site is wonderful, hope it helps my friend co’z she’s trying to find her number, but the philhealth txt site is such a crap..page cannot be displayed, and all it’s links..same with SSS, when can government fix these sites..i hope the tax witheld from me does not include updating these sites..

  • chiqui

    this sms service is a crap. all i got for a response is service temporarily unavailable

  • pwede po ba ako mag member sa philhealth ONLINE?

  • sabalde,grenalyn

    tanung ko lang,ang regaeding sa maternity claim ko, kung kailan ko maki-claim ang refund, date admitted is 04242007-0427-2007, caesarian delivery

  • sabalde,grenalyn

    tanung ko lang,ang regaeding sa maternity claim ko, kung kailan ko maki-claim ang refund, date admitted is 04242007-04272007, caesarian delivery

  • It’s a good thing to have an e government service like this one. Keep up the good work and more power!

  • ramona venturina

    papano po ang mangyayari kasi po ay hindi ako nakapag bayad ng quarterly due ko nung oct,nov,dec2006 at jan, feb,march 2007? pwede ko pa po bang bayaran lahat ng iyon ngayong may? salamat po sa inyong tugon..

  • Arlene

    I want to register with PhilHealth. Can I do that online, or is there any PhilHealth Office here in Paranaque or nearby?

  • Ma. Delilah Salonga Guillen

    Mayron na po bang access para makuha ang contribition list ng isang miyembro sa internet kagaya ng sa SSS? Malaking tulong to sa pasyente at sa pamilya ng pasyente sana to.

  • louie

    paano ko malaman kong nagamit o hindi ang philhealth card ko

  • hiundi po ako nakapagbayad last year ng contribution ko.kailangan ko po bang bayaran yon kasama ngayon year yung aking philhealth?

  • marvs

    astig website nila, laging ‘page cannot be displayed’. tama sabi ni chiqui, “this sms service is a crap. all i got for a response is service temporarily unavailable”. hanggang ngayon service unavailable pa rin.

  • flor

    oist i tried the sms and i got the philhealth number in seconds, i have my philhealth card handy to double chk, people it really works!!!!

  • i am working at agency company and monthly i have been deducted but how can i sure that i am a philhealth member and how can i get my id?i was deducted almost 2 yrs.

  • eiene

    Diana, you have to ask your company’s HRD for your number if you can’t get it via sms. or try calling their hotline and pray you get connected. If they can’t provide you your PhilHealth number, question your HRD kung nagrereport ba talaga sila sa PhilHealth.

  • eiene

    rowena, if youre self employed or volunatary member, you can no longer pay for last year’s contri. no retro payments e.. you can pay for the current quarter, like ngayon, jul-sept ang pwede mo bayaran up until the last working day of sept.

  • this is amazing! thank you so much! i wonder if the HDMF Pag-Ibig Fund have the same. I’ll soon find out. Keep it up!

  • beth

    anyone who know where the PHilhealth office is located in Paranaque and Las pinas area? Salamat po.

  • venus

    we are here in Dubai UAE, gusto ko lang malaman kung papaano ma-check kung active at kung paano makaclaim.
    one more question kung wala ba sa list ng beneficiaries hindi magagamit ang phil health ko at ng asawa ko pero previously nailagay namin but last time na umuwi kami because of nagmamadali hindi nailagay ng asawa ko. sana masagot nyo kami at the earliest.

  • Bernardo A. De Leon

    how can i check my philhealth number?.

  • Bernardo A. De Leon

    i Want to Know if i im a member of Philhealth.

  • rosalie honrubia

    i want to know if my philhealth is still active?…pls help me.tnx…

  • eiene

    i believe the sms service of philhealth works if you have already filled out and submitted the form M1a(if you are employed) or M1b (if voluntary, self-employed and OFW)

  • abner yutuc

    how do i check my remittances in philhealth?

  • michelle

    I tried your sms but still it did not work out. it said that there is an error on my name. I want to get my philhealth no.

  • pls give me my philhealth id number

  • Ron

    Your SMS feature isn’t working. I have sent ten inquries already. I’ve typed in the correct format and everything but no replies. I just wanna know my philhealth number.

  • Jovelon A. Oracoy

    Good Pm,

    Just wana ask how would i know my total remittances in philhealth? hope you can act on my request. thanks

  • Riparip,RheaRose

    i try to get my philhealth number by texting 2960 but it say i still have to go to the nearest philhealth. how can i get my philhealth number w/o going to the philhealth office?

  • Emmalyn S . Castillo

    I need to find my number. t.y

  • Xoy

    hi!! how about TIN number?? how to know my TIN number through SMS or in other form?? thanks…

  • Xoy

    hi!! how about TIN number?? how to know my TIN number through SMS or in other form?? thanks…

  • Imee

    I tried using the Philhealth sms to find out your philhealth number but unfortunately its not working….

  • Baby Anne Miranda

    couldt you pls sent to me my philheath number,i’ve been paying for almost 4 years now, but then i don’t have my pin number yet.
    I’m Baby Anne Miranda my birthday is 04041979
    Thank you very much

  • aileen

    how will i know my Taxpayer Identification Number? Can you help me pls…

  • Ijust want to know my philhealth no..tnx

  • Please send my philhealth no# at my email address..tnx

  • I need to know my philhealth no#..kindy send it to my email add..

  • Michelle C. Martinez

    hi. I need to get my philhealth number. I hope you can hep me. Have a great day

  • Faye Jeska B. Bramaje

    hi..i tried using the sms service a couple of times but its not working..pls help me get my PIN. Thanks.. Have a great day!!

  • i need to find my philhealth number im maricar alabado. may 7, 1983

  • Eillen R.Faelmoca

    Gud Am ang company namin ay malayo sa Olongapo city kung saan ang office ng Philhealth. pwede ba naming ma access ang individual record ng mga employeado namin like sa SSS na pag may kelangan dito na lang piniprint dahil naaaccess on line.

  • mel

    pano ko po malalaman kung hinuhulugan ung philhealth nng mama at papa ko??san site ko po pu2ntahan?gusto ko lng malaman kung magkano na ang nahulog sa knila..gusto din nilang malaman..

  • onepissedoffgal


  • christ

    di ako makapasok sa website ng philhealth lagi na lang cannot find server.

  • May request to get my (MDR) Members Data Record for hospital purpose

  • Cristina F. Bonos

    Hi! Please help on me on how to get my PhilHealth number and Pag-ibig #. For more than two years, I still don’t know my #.

  • LJ

    Thanks for the instructions. Worked like a charm… Now if only other government agencies had a similar system.

  • Editha Subaste

    Help, I have been a member for more than 2 years, and I still do not know my philhealth no..

  • godwinn

    Hi, thanks for sharing the nice info. and it works.

  • Thanks for this info. This is just what I need at this time.

    God Bless! Great blog.

  • Dave

    I was hoping to find a form where I could submit my name and my PhilHealth number and
    it would give me my personal information and my status in my philhealth record.Where I could find it?

  • elle

    i just tried Philhealth textline & got a reply that says service is currently not available.. 🙁

  • Lopera

    I tried the sms service but there is no reply…

  • darleen

    pleeeeaaasssseeeee!!! I just need to find out what the *&#@ is my philhealth number!!! I already tried everything and i just don’t have time to visit one of their lame offices!

  • Rocelyn Adzuara

    good day, can i know the philhealth number of my husband thru their website because i don”t have time to visit their office and any requirements needed? thank you.

  • keish

    it worked! i got my ID# approx 5mins after i sent the sms. keep on trying! just make sure to follow the instructions provided. ka edong, you’re an angetl! 🙂

  • charman

    i tried the sms pero ayaw msend

  • i tried the sms..but it dindt work..

  • may laman pa po ba yung philhealth ko?… phil health no. ko po ay 21-050004066-6

  • kuya may laman pa po ba yung philhealth?… ang no. ko po ay 21-050004066-6

  • fatima

    My daughter was hospitalized just dis december, i would like to know if she is still my dependent, 21 years old and how can i claimed?

  • janice d. espinoza

    i lost my philhealth card. now i need my philhealth number as soon as possible and i didnt have my health card. can you send my philhealth number to my email add.

  • Hi panu po ba malaman na my account ako sa PAG-IBIG FUND at PIN NO.ng PHILHEALTH kc sa mga factory na nagwork ako dati walang binibigay contractual lang po ako sa ngayon DH ako.AT bakit po ba lagi walang reply ang SSS CONTRI pag text sa 288 kc nakaroaming ako SMART eh 4yrs.naku dito walang sagot ito ang SSS CONTRI 0434120585 11181981.Ang cel.#09198838542 pwede pobang dito nyo nalang ako etext sa lahat na tinatanong ko po salamat.Ako po si Maribel Binag NOv.18,1981 GOD BLESS YOU

  • iya

    Hindi naman totoo ung 2960..nagreredirect lang ung text eh sa location!
    sus sayang load ko

  • cza

    hi! i tried to use the sms and it worked! it gave me my pin. is that also my phil health number? im jut not sure..

  • nica

    how can we know our philhealth number and how can we apply for an id?

  • ielle

    possible bang mkuha ang PAGIBIG number thru SMS?

  • leiram

    it worked for me guys! just make sure you are keying in the correct information. kaya lang PIN lang ba yun? is that also my philhealth number?

  • ppojj

    hi leiram. PIN stands for PhilHealth Identification Number… so that 12-digit number that your received through text is your permanent philhealth number that is to be used in all of your transactions with the corporation.

  • clas

    thanx for this! the sms really works!

  • mom

    thanx! i really needed to get my PIN..

  • Penny

    how do i check my remittances in philhealth?

  • Penny

    how do i check my philhealth remittances?

  • gorjuzmama

    Pano ko po ba malalaman ang pag-ibig # Ko? Pwede din b malaman tru SMS? Thanks.

  • xhan

    PhilHealth textline works only for smart subscribers only.

  • marie

    it also worked for me, and i’m a globe subscriber. you’ve been a gem, ka edong. i always find valuable information about dealing with government matters in your website. thank you so much!

  • marlon

    you can check your philhealth remittances through any philhealth office nearest you. just go to our One-Stop-Shop and give the details. please be informed that only posted remittance will be seen in our system

  • marlon

    Sa inyong philhealth membership, kasamang makikinabang ang mga sumusunod nang walang dagdag na premium:
    1. Legal na asawa na hindi myembro
    2. Mga anak (legitimate, illegitimate, legitimated, adopted o step) na mababa sa 21 taon, walang asawa at hindi nagtatrabaho
    3. Mga magulang (step o adoptive) 60 taon at pataas na hindi myembro

  • marlon

    for any inquiries just visit our website http://www.philhealth.gov.ph

  • cle

    ask ko lang tungkol sa refund ng Philhealth sino ba ang mag claim, ang member ba o ang employer na syang nagbabayad ng hospital bills ko?

  • bethy mendoza

    pwede pa ba maclaim ang philhealth maternity khit almost three years na ako nakapanganak. member ako ng philhealth at sss kaya lng bago me manganak dko sya nahulugan for more than a year kc nawalan ako ng work. posible ba ng may mkuha ako kc caesarian delivery ako malaki gastos tapos wala me nakuha kahit sa sss kc im not aware of it. tnx

  • Lizs

    how come my new employer and who is the curren paying /remmitting employee is not indicated in my MDR, this is very incovenient as we have been asked by the hospital to pay for Philhealth’s portion when I have been paying for years as Philhealth member. and just because Philhealth does not update their Data Base.. the poor patient is left with no choice but pay the entire amount despite of the requirenments presented. I think Philhealth should regularly update their data base to prevent inconvencience on the part of its members,…

  • We have hard time to log in PHILHEALTH PPRS. Always stated file cannot find on C:\PDOXUSRS.NET

  • Mika

    Thank you for this very useful information! Got my PIN through SMS in just a minute! 🙂

  • jake

    Very useful information!!!!!!
    I got my number in just almost 5 seconds!
    Thank you very much for your info, very helpful…

  • pls give my philhealth number.w/o go to the philhealth office thanks…..

  • nonme

    the sms doesnt work..please correct this info..

  • it doesn’t work for me also 🙁

    same question din sa iba… paano ko malalaman ang pagibig id number ko?

  • glen

    y is it…so many forms 1-4 plus plus plus daming requirements for claims den ang liit lang ng benifit but ang sss only two forms very efficient ang laki ng benefit.

  • Elizabeth Sacla

    Hi gusto ko lang po malaman kung ano ang philhealth number ko kc gusto ko sana mag self employ para continued ang aking pagbayad,dito na po kasi ako Pinas,dati OFW po ako,,,please help me on this,,,send na lang po ninyo thru my email add!!!!!!!!!thanks and God Bless

  • Elizabeth Sacla

    HI,,,gusto ko lang po malaman kung ano po ang PHILHEALTH num ko ksi gusto ko sana continued ang pagbayad ko,,OFW po ako dati ngaun dito na po ako pinas,,gusto ko ksi mag self employed,,,,,,,Thanks and God Bless

  • based on the comments above. SMS service is not woking since 2007!! I’ve tried it also and its not even fuckin working till now!

    Please correct this information.Thanks 🙂

  • jean

    waste of load! hopeless that info. ka edong…tnx

  • Yup tried it now and its still not working

  • Vegabond

    sana umasenso na pilipinas para man lang may pang maintenance ang gobyerono natin sa mga goverment e-services websites. kaya po di nag wowork ang mga online service ng goverment ay laging nakukurakot ang pang maintenance. inquiries of Philhealth Identification Number thru text is still not available. anong petsa nya. di naman tayo mahina eh. kurakot lang ang mga ibang namamahala. magbago na sana tayo para di na tayo mahirapan.

  • marlon

    PhilHealth Advisory No.02-03-2010
    Txt PhilHealth Service
    Temporarily Unavailable
    The Txt PhilHealth Service via 2960 is currently
    unavailable for all keywords except for the following:
    We shall advise the public once the service is fully

    call 6379999 for other inquiry

  • marlon

    Ms. Sacla,

    Please go to the nearest PhilHealth Office to update your PhilHealth membership status. This is the first step if your would like to continue your membership as self employed.

    follow this link : http://www.philhealth.gov.ph/members/individually_paying/index.htm

    or visit http://www.philhealth.gov.ph

  • marlon


    Kung mayroong refund ang member na manggagaling sa PhilHealth, ipinapadala po ito sa registered mailing address ng member kalakip ang kopya ng Benefits Payment Notice.

    • chem

      Hi ano pong refund ito? thanks:)

  • marlon

    Ms. Bethy Mendoza,

    Ayon po sa Implementing Rules and Regulations ng PhilHealth, mayroon lamang 60 calendar days ang hospital o member pagkalabas sa ospital para magsubmit ng PhilHealth claim.

    visit http://www.philhealth.gov.ph

  • Pano ko po malalaman ang philhealth no.ko?kailangan ko po sa pag aapply e

  • Ask q lang if pwede bang bayaran ung Philhealth contributions ng previous months (mga arrears)

  • kim erika

    the sms HELP still works.. but as for the inquiry regarding the philhealth number, i’ve been waiting for more than an hour now… still no reply from 2960,,,

  • bernardino m banac jr

    effective ba ang 2960?
    naka 5 sms nako na send e wala pa ding reply.

    • raffy

      Try nyo using Smart network, I think nabasa ko only thru smart network gumagana ang 2960. I have’nt tried yet kasi globe ang sim ko. Try nyo na lang and then paki post kung ok.

  • Mabel

    Hi, pwedi ko ba malaman ang philhealth number ko?kc ggmitin ko sna s bgo ko work.pki send nman s email add ko pls

  • Jay Anci

    I tried sending the PIN request, did not get a reply. I guess this 2960 service is no longer working. This post was published December of ’05 anyway.

    I found Philhealth’s number, by the way. 897-3337. I haven’t tried calling them yet, though. Good luck!

  • Rowen

    Hayss, wala me time pra pumunta ng office nila. Need ko PIN sa bago ko na work. Hindi tlga gumagana ung 2960. Nagnanakaw lang ng load yan.

  • Carlo Pulido

    What if i dont know my PIN?

  • Kevin

    i should have read the comment first before sending sms. i didnt have a reply though. dont know my PIN yet..aargh

  • Hi, you can call the PhilHealth Call Center 441-7442.

    If you have time visit my website.

  • Miguel Quela Jr.

    I’m currently employed at SITA company Iremember that I have already registered in the Philhealth but but i dont have yet the Philhealth number.

    Thanks for your help
    and have a nice day
    “God Bless”

  • Good day po..!!! I want to know my philhealth no. can you please help me!?!..I’m Aiza Dela Cruz,Feb.10,1990…help me plz. I really need to know my philhealth no.as soon as possible!!thank you so much po!!!!!

  • katherine

    I called their call center, and got my PIN in 5 mins. Thanks panacea!


    It’s really funny how people do not really read. And worse, they expect someone to give them the answer without even lifting a finger.

    • I agree with you READPEOPLE. 😉

  • rubelen

    hi gusto ko lang magtanong kasi pabalik balik n yong bos ko
    hinihingi yong receive copy na naka excel2013 format ng philhealth
    ps textbk

    • try mo punta sa mga robinsons malls. may philhealth kiosk doon

  • JO

    PhilHealth Call Center 441-7442. Accurate sya, nagulat ako mayroon na pala talaga ako PIN lol.

  • lailane a. blanco

    hi..tagal po ako na stop magbayad sa philhealth ngaun po gusto ko po ituloy ,,,pano po ang gagawin ko…tnx

  • Chasty

    Hi Sir/Ma'am,

    Nagbayad po kasi ako ng contributions sa bank for August po dapat yun kasi Sept plang po ngayon, ang nangyari po nakalagay sa receipt at yung nabayaran ko for sept na po kagad, sa company po namin yun. Panu po kaya yung pwede kong gawin? or automatic na po iyon na kapag nagbayad po ng sept ay for the period of aug yun? thanks po.

  • Hello, i believe that i saw you visited my web site
    so i got here to go back the want?.I'm trying to to find issues to enhance
    my website!I guess its adequate to use some of your concepts!!

  • Jay Ann Pangilinan Guillarte

    Tanong ko lng po sa public po kc ako n nnganak. So mababa lng ung byad sa hospital tpos ung gamot kmi po ang bumili.. so ano po makukuha ko sa philheath?? exact amount na 8000 or un lng bill nmin sa hospital?? Kc ung mga resibo po nsmin pa di po kinuha sa hospital..

  • mark donel baribe

    pano ko po ba malalaman ang philhealth number ko ofw po ako nd ko npo nkuha yung id