EA Sports NBA Live 2006

PS2 NBA Live 2006September 26, 2005. Die-hard bball fanatics have this date marked. This is when software publisher extraordinaire EA Sports releases the latest installment of the greatest basketball simulation franchise in video game history: NBA Live 2006.

Can’t you tell we’re fans?

Just as they wowed us with their patented Freestyle Controlâ„¢ in 2005, EA Sports is adding yet another dimension to this year’s version: Freestyle Superstars. It is hoped that by bringing in the concept of superstars, players with unique athletic abilities will stand out more from regular players, raising the game’s visual and gameplay experience. With Freestyle Superstars, you can do what your favorite NBA player can do, with impunity. Shaq can obliterate the defense down low and Jason Kidd can hit the behind-the-back, no-look bounce pass to a cutting Vince Carter. Some teams are blessed with more than 1 superstar, others aren’t so lucky.

These superstars are divided into 6 different player types:

  • Playmakers – think Steve Nash or Jason Kidd; player can do different types of passes like bounce passes through traffic or no look dishes
  • Power Players – think Shaquille O’Neal or Amare Stoudamire; player can do powerful spin moves leading into strong two-handed throwdowns over a physically overmatched defender.
  • High Fliers – think Jason Richardson or Josh Smith; player can go sky high and dunk on defenders late to the challenge.
  • Shooters – think Kyle Korver or Damon Jones; player can hit outside shots with consistency, or fake a pass and then put up a shot
  • Scorer – think Rip Hamilton or Manu Ginobili; player can hit double clutch or floating shots in traffic, and up and under scoops when going baseline underneath the basket
  • Stopper – think Bruce Bowen or Ron Artest; player can do quick steals, powerful shot blocks, and have the ability to wrap around behind a driving ballhandler and poke the ball away.

On top of this, EA Sports also did improvements on 1) the visual gameplay via a brand new graphics engine, 2) dynasty mode via added realism in player skill/attribute development and 3) online gaming. With these enhancements, EA Sports NBA Live 2006 will definitely be one of, if not the most anticipated sports simulation game titles next month.

Via Gamespot.

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  • Edan Novie pombo

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, its addict mode again! i hope that this october they have a new pc version of this game so that I can play it again. but if someone would like to give a gift for my birhtday, you can give me this nba live 2006 for free and maybe we can be friends.
    you can text me @ 09225381514/ 09166072164, or you can add my friendster account: [email protected]

    thank you!
    take care!

  • Ian Capulong

    Cant wait to play NBA Live 2006….I’ve been playing NBA live since it 1st came out way back in 1995….and still every year I’m loking forward for the next NBA Live game…but the best NBA Live game so far is the NBA Live 2005..The graphics is better, Gameplay is smoother and much more realistic,but I hope the new version would be better,specially the defensive aspect of the game,the current titles only drawback is when you play defense blocking shots is way to easy,this aspect of the game is unrealistic I hope that the new version eliminates this kind of gameplay…and I think other players would agree to this…Can’t wait till September,since I’m a Heat fan cant wait to see Wade’s improvement from the last game…with new teamates like Walker,Williams and Posey…and don’t forget the most dominant center in the NBA…The Heat will definitely go all the way….Let’s go Heat!!!!!

  • bryan

    yahoooooo!!!! nba live 2006!!! time to be a ps2 addict again the greatest basketball game i cant wait play this game, with michael finley in the spurs who can beat them especially mu idol tim duncan he’s not flashy but he gets the job done di ba????? go spurs and establish a dynasty!!!!!

  • Edan/Ian/Bryan, good to see there a lot of Live fans out there 🙂 How bout 2K6? Anyone into that as well?

  • brahmablue

    Got My NBA live ’06 !!!

  • Meron na? US ba yan or Manila? 🙂

  • meron na pala??? meron na ba dito sa manila? can’t wait for the spurs!

  • Ric

    Got addicted last night until 3am playing the Dynasty Mode. The Freestyle superstyle button works great and very effective. The most realistic basketball game after nbalive 2k5 thus far! Already available in Manila!

  • Honestly, except for the superstar freestyle moves, staff additions and new animations, this just looks like a .5 version increase from 2005. I hate the fact that so-so players under and around the basket can make their shots 80% of the time, even with shotblockers in their faces. That’s just not too realistic for me. And Kobe….man just put him on drive mode and do a superstar move on the defending player and he’ll make layups/dunks 95% of the time!

    But that doesn’t mean I’m not impressed 😉 I’m a NBA Live addict!

  • aztig 2!

  • NBA live 2006 seems to be the best version yet of the NBA live, I have played all the version since 2001 and the graphics are very good. More power to all, enjoy the game!! Go, Go, Cavaliers!

  • xero

    yo ninjas..anybody here who knows to create a superstar?..or wat stats s needed to make a frestyle superstar like outside scorer and etc…

  • xero

    Mr. Macalua where do you think i can get the stats that are need to get the frestyle supertar type of a move i want?…wat website?..

  • dundee

    would people be interested in an nba live 06 competition?