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EA’s The Sims to land in Facebook, watch out Zynga

Who here doesn’t love The Sims? Those funny yellow family with the mischievous kid… oh wait, that’s The Simpsons. Anyway, who doesn’t know The Sims? It’s the best-selling PC game in history from Electronic Arts which started back in 2000 that spun a lot of expansions, sequels and spin-offs.

The Sims Social

Now the game is coming in Facebook dubbed, “The Sims Social” and nobody know how it will actually play out yet but as of this writing, you can start liking the game’s FB page already to get in-game items.

Big question here is, will it finally unseat Zynga as the king of Facebook games known for their “Ville” games, Texas Hold’em and Mafia Wars? It looks like it. Things are getting pretty stale already in the city, farm and frontier and gamers are looking for a unique and promising gaming experience in Facebook. Not just a rehash of the same game formula like Zynga is doing. And with the player base The Sims PC game already has, it won’t be a surprise if it will be the game to dethrone CityVille and its 90 million monthly active users as the number 1 social game.

What do you think? Are you excited for The Sims Social?

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  • microboi

    waiting for this.. i’m a player of sims since the sims upto sims 3..hehehe…

    kailan kaya ung release nila nito?

    • wala pa rin eh. Like mo na lang yung page para updated ka rin palagi.