eBay.ph Useless Find of the Day

I’m a retro lover, from throwback NBA jerseys to retro Nike and Adidas sneakers. Hell, I even fancy using a Nokia 5110 sometimes. But please be honest Dale, what can I do with a slightly used Pentium 1 processor?

Can I even buy motherboards for this?

Seller information: dalejasper
Current bid: PHP 350.00
Item description: This is socket 7, used Pentium 1(133Mhz,166Mhz and Pentium MMX 200Mhz) processor, This is still working. I have many.

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  • Sentimental value.

    eBay.ph == tiangge. no firsthand experience but my SO sells clothes and shoes there. 🙂

  • Is ebay.ph usefull at all? I tried selling stuff there several times and didn’t even had a response — not even one. And yes, i think my items are cool.

  • For PC’s, TipidPC is the best as they have a strong reputation system. For gadgets and other stuff, I don’t know. What happened to BidShot and company?

    For clothes, shoes, hobbies, and miscellaneous items… no dedicated buy & sell site for those.

  • “For clothes, shoes, hobbies, and miscellaneous items… no dedicated buy & sell site for those.”

    Someone should start then 😀

  • With all the “tiangge.ph” buyers out there, I don’t think it will take off. It would be a public service!

  • p1 == music server running linux on it.

  • Sassy

    I’d simply toss it…

  • CoTeCiO

    Man! I got one of those too! Too bad I got no computer to try it.

    I got an old computer too, a Celeron 333 MHz with a 3 GB HD, 128 MB RAM and a Sound Blaster Pro ISA sound card, the video card is an integrated SiS six thousand and something. I use it to play old games like Descent, Alone In The Dark, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Day of the Tentacle and that kind of stuff. It uses a huge port for the keyboard and a serial port for the mouse, got an ISA NIC but it seems that it’s bad. No USB, no PS/2 ports. I got it’s monitor, a 14″ that’s working almost flawless.

    Old stuff rocks, I got a Nokia 5120, a VHS, a NES, a SNES, N64 and an Atari keyboard (I don’t remember the model)

  • ..mabagal talaga bentahan sa ebay.. better try sulit, multiply or tipid pc..