Ecommerce Without a Merchant Account

A PayPal-less country like the Philippines with a mostly-traditional banking industry could use one of these babies: a list of payment gateways for ecommerce without merchant accounts.

Add Google’s GBuy to that list soon. Oh, and if you don’t mind some hefty paperwork in exchange for strong Philippine support, check out YES Payments.

(Via Mon Lizardo.)

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  • Also suggest’s merchant services which deposits directly into your bank account and accepts all major CCs, even PayPal.

  • We recently launched a service called AnnexStore to try and introduce e-commerce in the Philippines. So far, we’ve had lukewarm interest. Our target market are the Philippine Exporters. As of the moment, they’ve been just tried out our basic Catalog setup – without payment gateway and delivery modules. They tend to prefer a simple inquiry system – where all orders are emailed to the owners. We’ve one client who has gone full e-commerce and it would be interesting how they would fare. They are an MLM company and if they do take off, then that would be a good sign for the Philippines.

    One of the projects that we’re looking forward to is the introduction of a Cash On Delivery (COD) system. Although it’s still in talks, this system looks promising for Filipinos.

    • Mel


      Do you have any idea how many of our SME exporters have ecommerce web presence already, that is, they are selling online with shopping carts and online payment functions?

      Why do you think it is very difficult for us to go ecommerce? Is our infrastructure not ready? Is our epayment facility not ready? Do you know what are the status of our ecommerce readiness.

      I wanna help our exporters to go ecommerce so they can compete globally.

      thanks very much.

  • I would go with a direct processing company because they do the processing for the banks. Which in turn can pass on savings for you. Instead of the banks getting a percentage on your sales also or charging you for equipment ect. Take your time and shop around.
    When I did, I found Simple Payment Systems, they give you credit card acceptance software free for your web site.And also give you the credit card terminals for free.I think Simple Payment Systems is truly the absolute best for credit card and electronic check processing. (The electronic check processes the check like a credit card.) So the check is deposited into your account ASAP from your business. If it is bad you know right away. I have done my research for a long time. They give you free equipment, free training, free software- with a check out cart! (if you have a web site also that you want to sell tires on.) They beat discount rate quotes that you give them too. They have 24 hour live help, which is handy. Make sure you tell them you want the free program. Why purchase or lease equipment if you don’t have to? We switched from another company over to them. And have never been happier. Go to their web site and call them or fill out the form and they can contact you. I did countless hours of research! Trust me they are the BEST in my opinion.

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  • Hey guys, check out asiapay –

    Asiapay Payment Technology Corp., a leading electronic payment service, solution and technology house in Asia, provides a comprehensive suite of latest secure, scalable, function-rich real-time payment processing capabilities of credit card and debit cards whether online, wireless, call center or retail for banks, corporates, SMEs, and charity organizations.

  • Finding a payment provider can be quite the hassle, I know from personal experience as I have ran my own business for over 5 years now. I found that using several options usually works best, and it’s fairly cheap to do so assuming you signup with the right people.

    I use PayPal for small ticket items, and for customers who prefer the option. However since there are so many people who don’t like PayPal, and it’s not quite as professional I also use a merchant account that has me setup with a shopping cart, payment gateway, and has everything integrated. Luckily it was extremely easy to do, and even without much technical know-how in the field I’m able to operate it without a problem.

    However I won’t lie and tell you it was easy to setup, I had to fill out an application that was about two pages long with all my information and detail on my business and products. It was worth it in the long run and the merchant fee’s are lower than PayPal, but if you don’t feel like the hassle then PayPal, Google Checkout and etc. are good options.

    • jud

      Good day to all!

      What merchant account your using Mr. Denver?



    A merchant account for online business is similar to a merchant account for mail order business; the risk is associated with the fact that you don’t have the physical credit card to scan.

    Merchant services

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    I want to do this work so give me your guide.if ihave any question where should i have to contect?