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EMC: High percentage of PH businesses might not recover from Data Loss

EMC Corporation recently announced results of “The Disaster Recovery Survey 2012: Asia Pacific and Japan”, which found that 86% only of companies in the Philippines are not very confident that they can fully recover systems or data in case they encounter a disaster in their company.


Shane Moore, Director - APJ Backup and Recovery System, EMC

Below is the summary of the the result of the survey.

– 86% of organizations in the Philippines are not very confident that they can fully recover after a disaster, according to a new survey of 2,500 companies in the APAC and Japan.
– 74% of the Philippine organization surveyed have lost data and/or suffered systems downtime in the last year
– Hardware failure which accounts to 66%, loss of power at 45% and software failure at 40% were cited as the primary causes of data loss and downtime
– 44% of organizations or businesses cite loss of employee productivity as the most likely consequence of downtime
– 47% of PH organizations who store backup copy offsite for disaster recovery still use tape for recovery and more than half or 51% still use CD ROM
– 58% of these businesses want to replace tape all together, highlighting the need for the next gen backup and recovery solutions.

This commissioned survey conducted by EMC through Vanson Bourne looks at the state of backup and disaster in the region to understand how well companies are prepared for occasion like systems downtime and data loss.

In the survey, EMC found out that when disruptions happens, downtime and data loss are more likely from an IT problem than a natural disaster. Common causes would be hardware failure, loss of power and software failure.

Because of these findings it results to lost revenue attributed to systems downtime. From that downtime come loss of employee productivity, loss of costumer confidence and loyalty and naturally loss of revenue.

Philippines has outdated solutions the survey results says. Almost half of the companies surveyed still depend of tape and uses CD ROM for their back up and recovery.

According to Shane Moore, Director of APJ Backup and Recovery System at EMC the APAC and Japan is not immune to the uncertain economic times facing the rest of the world. Against this backdrop, it is more important than ever for businesses to ensure that they are protected against system downtime and data loss. By establishing a well thought-out and strategic approach to backup and recovery that utilizes the next-generation solutions available today, business can withstand the consequences of day-to-day outages as well as more serious incidents, while reducing the total cost of ownership of their backup systems, Moore added.

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