Enhanced Smart Surf Abroad data roaming

Going abroad soon? Smart just enhanced their Smart Surf Abroad plans. This is the data roaming offer of Smart and they have partner network in over 100 countries! To add to that, before the year ends, Smart said that this offer will be available for Prepaid users as well AND will increase their partner network to over 170 countries!

Smart Surf Abroad (1)

The enhanced Smart Surf Abroad now offers automatic enrolment for those interested to use the data roaming feature. Simply switch on your phones “mobile data” and “data roaming”. This feature from Smart will ensure that you are connected to the partner network when using mobile data roaming. For those wanting to use other networks, you still can. You can do manual search for the preferred network you want to use. This is not economical to do so but is sometimes needed for enterprise users. Once connected to a NON partner network, you will receive an SMS from Smart stating that you will be charged the normal data roaming rates.

Once connected, you can now surf the web for weather, news, flight schedules and more! You can also use travel-useful apps like Google Maps, AirBNB, Skyscanner, and the most popular way to use it is sharing your travel experiences in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! It is stipulated though that music and video streaming will be disabled when using data roaming.

The best thing about this is the price. At 550 a day, it’s one of the most affordable data roaming rates to date and the mere fact that you can use your Smart account to access fixed data roaming charges in over 100 countries? It’s now simply a must-have for travellers and business travellers alike! To make this offer even sweeter, Smart Surf Abroad offers a no-bill shock feature wherein if you surf using the preferred network roaming partners, you will be charged 550 a day only. The subscription time is based on the local time of your destination. 550 a day starts 12am up to 11:59pm of visited country’s time. If you started using at 11:30 am, your one-day subscription will still end same day at 11:59pm.

To know if you are in a country where Smart Surf Abroad 550 is available, you will automatically receive an SMS stating that you are eligible to use the offer. If not, you will still receive a text but this time, stating that Smart Surf Abroad is not available in the country you are in. To check out the countries where Smart Surf Abroad is available, check out the list here: http://smart.com.ph/International/traveling-the-world/postpaid-surf-abroad/



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