Epson launches new L-series Ink Tank System printers

According to Epson Philippines, sales of their ink tank system printers or also known as continuous ink system are steadily growing ever since their introduction last October. In fact, it has surpassed the sales of their conventional ink jet printers by 70%.

New Epson printers

Epson Philippines recently introduced five new models to its L-Series line that is faster, simpler and can print at a higher volume than their first-generation counterparts.

Epson L110 and L210

These two belongs to their basic ink tank system printers designed for home and SOHO users. The L110 is single function and L210 is an all-in-one ink tank system printer. These new models are twice as fast as the older L100 and L200 they replaced and have a high rated durability of 15,000 pages.

Epson L110

Epson L210

FeatureEpson L110 single function ink tank systemEpson L210 all-in-one ink tank system
Print Resolution5760 X 1440 dpi (with Variable-Sized Droplet Technology)
Print SpeedBlack text: 6ipm (images per minute) according to ISO 24734
Copy ResolutionNot applicable360 X 360 dpi (with VSDT)
Copy SpeedBlack text: 05 sec per copy (draft)
Color text: 10 sec per copy (draft)
Scan optical Resolution600 dpi
Scanning SpeedMono (300 dpi) ““ 2.4 msec/line
Color (600 dpi) ““ 9.5 msec/line
OS CompatibilityWindows® XP / XP Professional x 64 Edition/ Vistaâ„¢/7
Mac OS X 10.5.8 / 10.6.x / 10.7.x
Printer Interface

USB 2.0


Epson L300, L350, and L355

Epson L300

Epson L350

These advanced models are designed for small to medium business users offering a speed of 9 images per minute which is thrice as fast as the models they replaced. These set of printers have a rated durability of 30,000 pages. The L300 and L350 come with two additional black ink bottles. The L355 is the same as the L350 but with added WiFi connectivity feature.

FeatureEpson L300 single function ink tank system printerEpson L350 all-in-one ink tank systemEpson L355 all-in-one ink tank system
Print Resolution5760 X 1440 dpi (with Variable-Sized Droplet Technology)
Print SpeedBlack text: 9ipm (images per minute) according to ISO 24734
Copy ResolutionNot applicable360 X 360 dpi (with VSDT)
Copy SpeedBlack text: 5 sec per copy (draft)
Color text: 10 sec per copy (draft)
Scan optical Resolution600 dpi
Scanning SpeedMono (300 dpi) ““ 2.4 msec/line
Color (600 dpi) ““ 9.5 msec/line
Operating System CompatibilityWindows® XP / XP Professional x 64 Edition/ Vistaâ„¢/7
Mac OS X 10.5.8 / 10.6.x / 10.7.x
Printer Interface

USB 2.0

Special FeatureWi-Fi

All models in the new Epson L-series continue to offer customers high capacity ink bottles at Php295 each. The printers come with a starting set of one black 70ml ink bottle that can print up 4,000 black pages and three 70ml color ink bottles that can print up to 6,500 color pages.

The new L-series printers are also equipped with Epson’s Micro Piezo print heads that achieves a maximum print resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi and has the variable size droplet technology to allow the print head to eject ink droplets in various sizes.

Perhaps what’s the most important thing going with Epson’s L-series ink tank system printer is that it’s covered by Epson’s one-year warranty or for 15,000 pages (L110 and L210) or 30,000 pages (L300, L350, L355), whichever comes earlier.

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  • Harry Lucas

    Please advise cost of replacement tanks for L series printers.

    Thankyou HL

  • Dude, I think I just found the printer that I would buy next month.

  • Neil

    May ganito pala?? No need to modify and void your printer’s warranty like the old days. 😀

    • yep… sila lang ata may ganito.

  • Griswold

    ganito sa amin pero yung unang model… di nga masakit sa bulsa pagmagpapalit ng ink. mas ok sya dun sa CISS, mas maganda yung pagkaprint.

  • Mylene

    May CD Tray ba ito so we can print directly on the CD?

    • Eric

      merun yung L800 sir

  • Prangka

    most of Epson printers today (continuous or not) are full complaints… hard to use, malfunctions are not rare and hassle/ time consuming for the service/ warranty

    • Prangka

      … i came from an I.T. store, and my statements are based on what ive experienced

      • L100_200

        Me too, I’ve experienced it, but still many customers want to buy Epson L-Series printers.

      • The problem with Brother and Epson Printer are their printer heads. When it is damaged you can no longer use the printer coz they don’t replace or sell printer head especially when it is out of the warranty period.

        Bad thing, Epson also does not provide resetter software from their website as a support to their clients.

        The other thing is that, Epson prints slower than the counterparts..

        Advantage of Epson is only the quality of print outs..

  • vic

    may i ask when epson is coming up with a3 version of this?


  • satish

    I have both epson l100 as well as l200 printers but both these printers are so slow I use only when power cut of situation.
    Could have increased the speed upto 13-14 pages per minites.

    • tony

      they claim the current L110 that replaces the L100 is twice as fast

  • John

    What’s the difference of Epson as compared to printers with continuous ink systems offered by Ink for Less and the others? What makes it better?

    • tony

      you have a guarantee from the manufacturer and its cheaper than some printer ciss packages on the market, and i would guess genuine inks are superior

  • John

    What’s the difference of Epson as compared to printers with continuous ink systems offered by Ink for Less and the others? What makes it better?

    • the customer support, design construction of the system itself, and the quality of ink.

    • nakakasira ba nang L210 epson printer kong yung mura ang gagamitin ko tulad nang sa ink for less ?

      • although di natin alam, sasabihin ni epson baka maka-harm sya sa printer. mahal ba isang ink bottle?

  • Just want to ask when is Epson coming up with an L-series ink tank system printer but with a 6-color setup (i.e. includes light cyan and light magenta) like the Epson R230 model?

    Photo printing is sure a lot more vivid when using a 6-color inkjet printer than 4-colored inkjet printers :-0


    • ben

      Epson already has that, the Epson L800 printer which has 6 colors and is mainly used for printing photos

      • thanks Ben. i checked it out and the L800 is a single function printer. it would definitely be a good option too to have a multifunction photo printer.

        • Eric

          better to buy 1 flat bed scanner for your photo printer to achieve great image quality scanning.



    • val

      been using the L200 for some time. i am so satisfied with its efficiency so that i bought the L210 for my small business. the 1 year warranty is an added advantage but it seems i wont be needing it as the L200 continues to function smoothly.

  • Shoot

    ano ba ibigsabihin ng single function ink tank system at all-in-one ink tank system?pwede din b ito sa pigment ink or sublimation ink?TIA

    • i dont think its wise to use non-epson inks on these printers. yung single function is for printing lang. all in one may ibang functions pa like scanning or photocopy.

  • shiib

    Gusto ko nito.. sayang late ko na nalaman to. nakabili ako ng Printer.. im going to sell my all in one printer and buy this.

  • kyel

    very cost effective tong printer na to(l200 printer).. nkka1000 prints per black ink bottle mula sa experience ko. Problema lng tlga ung mabagal na printing nya. sana dinarken panila ung draft print, ok na sana yun..

    btw, okay ba ung l350 for printing good quality pictures? and printing speed sa pictures??

    • NICOL

      QUEstion lang ala kase instruction ang nabili ko paano ba un pag ginagamit mo kase sa akin kung d lalabas ink ng black e ung colored naman ang may prob e



  • Joseph

    I need resetter of Epson L210, thank very much to all software developer

  • L800 is the best printer

  • Amit

    hey can any one tell that what is the maximum weight of paper these printers can print on (in gsm) ????

  • Cynthia Ortiz

    Pwede din po ba itong magamit sa photobooth ?

  • nyi naing

    Please, i need (Resetter Epson L110). You tell download like. thankz

  • sivalingam v

    i want epson pls cal me sir

  • safal

    Hi!Well please guide me to buy a printer which is more appropriate and economical in terms of photo-printing..,but for a commercial choice are Epson L350 or L800…or wat abt brother CIS system printers.??Please help!!

  • Ave Regencia

    Jan. 05, 2013

    To Epson Technical Group:

    My L350 printer continuously blinks after ink refill of the black ink. I’m looking for a button to stop the warning blinker but found nothing. The other ink tanks are still loaded with ink. I could not resume the printing.

    Please send me a reply immediately through my email.

    Thank you,



    We refilled the black ink of L110, after few hours we tried using the printer for printing but button besides the power on/off button does not stop blinking in red.

    No print comes out at all.

    What went wrong?

    We bought the Epson original ink.

    Please inform the technical problems after refilling the ink and the solution to stop the red blinking and proceed with the printing.

    Looking forward to your immediate reply.

    Thank you.

    • edgar Mangubat

      sir icharge mo lang ng 20 to 30 minute paglagay mo ng ink kasi ganyan talaga yan, kasi nung bumuli ako ng L110 Pinatest ko muna naghintay ako ng 20 t0 30 minute nagbliblink lang ung red ligth upter 20 t0 30 minute nagprint na sya.

  • llebcra
  • 123

    ung bang L210 pede ba gamitan ng non genuine ink

  • Juby Sebastian

    Good innovations! really but what about print head, other printer the printer head changes with catrtdige, here the same head. So how long it will run? pl. anybody can answer me?

  • zara

    Does the epson L series use pigment inks (like in Epson printers w/ durabrite stickers)?
    I print labels for colognes and other cosmetics and I need an ink that is waterproof (pigment ink or durabrite). I have asked computer stores, some say the L series models use pigmented ink, some say they use dye ink (dye inks blot when wet).
    Please enlighten me. Thanks!

    • tony

      They are not durabrite and I cant find any claim by Epson as to water proofing so I guess they are water based dye inks that run like a girls mascara

  • Joel B. Penaverde

    Pwede ba ang windows seven or eight sa L110?

    • edgar Mangubat


  • Joel B. Penaverde

    Pwede bang gamitin ang windows 7 or windows 8 sa L110?

  • Emi

    What kind of ink does L110 and L210 use? Does the ink printed on the paper get washed away when it gets wet? I’m considering buying this but the dealbreaker for me is whether the ink will wash away or stay on the paper when it gets wet with water. Thanks very much!

    • dye-based… yes it smudges when it gets wet.

  • zhynex

    bakit hindi gumagana ung epson easy photo print sa l210 na binili ko please i need you advice thanks

  • laine

    my printer epson l210 is new. i think i have made mistake during installation,and the ink charging is not complete. now,i cannot print because when i print it’s only white paper coming outside from the printer. help me . please.

  • laine

    my printer epson l210 is new. i think i have made mistake during installation,and the ink charging is not complete. how can i charge the ink into the catridge?

    • its not a problem man. this fuckers want to contact to him and update ink bottle code. previous printers have not this problem. just u spoke to customer care. they help

  • anon

    nakahanap ako ng resetter dian kaso di ko maextract kasi may password.

  • tony

    my question is do L series inktank inks bleed after the printed media is heat laminated?

  • mixtyle

    meron akong tanong… pwedi kya natin ma overide ink code ang L210… gusto ko kasing lagyan ng PIGMENT OR SUBLIMATION..

  • france

    pede ba ang ink n pigment sa l210

  • kuloks

    pwede lagyan ng pigment o sublimation ink Lseries.

  • bagong instal koh poh ung L350 koh but pag ngprint d maayos..

    • baka di mo pa nacharge yung ink? nasa manual po sya kung pano icharge.

    • ncharge n poh sya weh.d nman poh ata sya magpprint if hindi ncharge ung ink??i follow the instruction sa manual nman poh..

      • Glenn

        Sabi sa epson status monitor: it is nearly time to reset the ink levels. pano po ba i-reset un. nag refill nmn na ako ng ink sa tank. flashing parin ung red light sa ink button

  • tpos poh pag nagpprint..wlang ink level n nagaappear..

  • good day po,sino po may resetter ng epson L110 printer.badly needed lng po.hindi ko magamit printer.

  • Lara

    Hi! Can the multifunction printers here scan legal size (8.5×13) documents? TIA!

  • Endlesly

    Hi! we just bought an Epson L210 printer, I immediately installed it on my laptop but it was unsuccessful when I tried to print a word document…When I checked on the ink labels, the inks was not yet installed..Please help!!!

    • i think you need to charge the inks first for the first time. check the manual?

  • Monica

    Epson printer L210 can I fill in sublimation ink or pigment ink?? Izit can process?

  • Nathz

    para san ba ang pagrereset?Pinagpipilian ko kasi kung L350 o L210 ang bibilhin ko?pano ko malalaman if kailangan ng ireset?

  • Lhiza

    Good Day!
    Pa Inquire po if ano po exact ink ng L210 at paki send nman po kung saan puede mag avail ng ink nila


  • Orly

    Hello, I have EPSON L110 Printer, pwede ba gamitin ibang EPSON Ink dye rather using original ink?


  • jayvy

    hi po may free ink nb sya kasama nd pano po ung sa print head nya hnd na po b need plitan or ireplace like sa ibng print head ng mga printer u need to replace it any idea po thanx

    • EviLcOs

      No need to replace the head since its already factory made by Epson for CIS.

      • mike

        pwd ba e pigment derestso ang l300? goog for photo printer ba ito? tnx

  • Mj

    Eps0n l210 pwd kht anung ink kht d orig?

  • Mj

    Pls help me naubos n kc ink q nid q na bumili .mhal kc ink orig 295 isng b0te…ung tig 100 b pwd dun? At pra san b resetter?tnx advance

  • Eugene

    Will the ink not clog the printer head when not in use for one week? Will the printer head be replace just in case it is clogged?
    Thank you.

  • puffy

    (L210 model) The red light is flashing together with the power button. The paper red light blinks first then followed by the ink red light. ano po yung possible na naging problem? eh it has sufficient ink pa. teach me to troubleshoot naman po. thank you!

    • same tau ng problema . nasagot na po ba ung tanong mo ?

      • (L210 model) The red light is flashing together with the power button. may sagot na ba sa tanung mo/?

        • franz

          blue ink is not functioning in our printer, any idea on how we fix it? thanks

    • dockitz

      simple lang po yan. kailangan nyo lang i-reset waste ink tank, gamit kau ng resetter. search u na lang sa google how to use the resetter.

      • joeydapogi

        yung resetter para lang sa waste ink pad…pano yun out of ink error, ayaw mareset pagkatapos mag refill

  • after we print,the next we can’t print anymore.

  • Rey

    Check error message ..maybe not fully initialized, paper jam, transport valve close.
    Push 2seconds the orange light, then power off and on.
    Another problem i encounter yesterday installation of driver, try to re-install and update the firmware.My Model is L350 just bought yesterday. I resolve the problem by installing to another PC.

  • melody

    ano po ba ang dapat bilhin na printer if continuous ink ang gusto ko.iyon po bang affordable ng magpaprint(like 1 peso for short-size bondpaper and 2 peso for long size for not colored and 5 peso for colored) please help..

    • epson lang ang matinong branded na continuous ink printer sa alam ko. yung iba wala pa silang continuous ink.

    • epson L210 it is nice printer

  • elyzabette

    hi ask ko lang po ngrefill n me ng ink for epson L210 pero nglight p rin ung red light.then ayaw po magxerox ano po kaya ang roblea nia.thanx

  • Phillip

    paano po ba makasiguro na ubos na yung black ink? ang hirap kasi ivisually check yung ink level ng black eh.Thanks!

  • rose

    hi, my new printer Epson L210 is can’t install ink. After i turned on , ink and paper light are flashing together and it flashing the whole day. now i turned it off .. 🙁 how ???

  • thuy

    cannot use the L110 i recently bought because of initial ink charging is not complete message. what will i do? please help me.

  • jenril

    what ink type thus the epson use?dye or pigmented ink?

    • for the l-series it’s the regular dye one.

  • lalaine C. almoroto

    hello, po.. i have a priter L110 i bought ds last july pa lang and mayroon akong problem sa ngayon.palagi siyang nag paper jam anong gagawin ko. tnx

  • tina

    hi there po. ang printer ko po is epson L210 and nag refill na ako, nakapag ink charge na ako. and ok na rin ung red light indicator. pero i have no print out bakit po kaya ganun. I have used this WIC Reset and it says na “unavailable ang mga inks ko. so its means the printer is not detecting my ink. how can i fix this? please kindly help. thank you

  • kc

    hi, i have L210., it’s working well for the last 6 months. i want to start a t-shirt printing business., can i use pigment ink to my computer? i just don’ want to buy another printer., sayang costing ko.;( if i can use pigment, where can i buy orig. ones for my printer pra di affected ang warranty?

  • drk

    i fill duplicare ink in l210 printer showing ink levels are low how to rectifi the problem?

  • jefferson

    Hi po just want to ask if Is it possible to use the pigment ink in l210 printer.. tq

    • nelson

      ok lng as long as initial na inilagay mo is pigmented na d kc maganda result pag may nahalong dye sa pigment, ink burn sya

  • just check the below link, i have cracked the L 110 printer ink reset without any reset key or any software program.
    warm wishes.

  • just check out the below link. i have located the waste Ink pads in L 110 printer.

    warm wishes.

  • choi

    good eve po sa lahat..i have a problem po sa Epson L210. nagdadark po kasi pag print ko ng picture.pls help salamat.

  • jinggomez

    Good Day everyone!
    I Hope somebody could help me with my printing problem.
    The printer prints as if printing, it finishes the printing task but no ink is on the paper.. tanks are full.
    My printer is L110 Epson.
    Help is greatly appreciated…Thanks!!

  • SHIE

    hi po good morning, ask ko lng po kung pano mag ink charging sa epsonL210.. nag error kaci nung una tpos ngayun tpos na ung set.up pero walang lman ata yung print head niya.. panu po mag ink charging? salamat po. hope to hear you.. 🙂

  • Francis Ralf Llemit


  • Vic Ganon

    It’s been hours since I put ink in my new Epson L110 but the status remains “Initial ink charging is not complete”. What should I do?

  • Frankz13

    i use L110 ang alam ko po dye ink ang gamit. pwede po bang palitan at gagamit ako ng pigmented


    I have problem with the picture / image of the document. Why is 8 so dark whenever I print it even the document is clear in the original document. Can someone help me sove this problem? It is very embarrasing for our clients who are paying 4 their document and the image or their picture is not that clear at all… Please help!!!!


    I have problem with the picture / image of the document. Why is 8 so dark whenever I print it even the document is clear in the original document. Can someone help me solve this problem? It is very embarrasing for our clients who are paying 4 their document and the image or their picture is not that clear at all… Please help!!!!

    I will be glad if someone will help me along the way… Thanks…

  • Peri

    Ask ko lang po, is it ok if bumalik po ako sa genuine dye ink from non genuine? ano po steps na dapt kong gawin? or is it ok na ihalo na agad yung genuine kahit di pa ubos yung non orig ink? TIA!

  • richad24

    sir tanong ko lng po pwede po ba gamitan ng pigment ink ang epson L355,dye ink po kasi ang gamit ko ngaun balak ko po kc mgprint sa transfer paper at vinyl sticker.thanks.

  • Amer

    please help, pano po ayosin itong printer ko na L210 na 2 light blink said Fetal Error

  • mhean

    Ask q lng po qng paano ayusin ang L210 EPSON PRINTER kc pang .ng xeroxcopy wala ink n lumalabas blank po ..anu po .ba ggawin q

  • grace

    gud afternoon,pa help nman po if ever alam nyo po kc ung printer po nmin L110 nag wawarning po sya n ung ink need n nya mag refil eh konti pa lng nman po nababawas s ink.paano bo gagawin?

    • richard24

      try mo bawasan pa bka nsobrahan ka ng refill yung L355 ko kasi nsobrahan ako ng lagay sakto nman yung level nya pero ngwawarning.binawasan ko lng ok n cya..

  • RhonN

    Sa mga may problem regarding sa out of ink or low ink, need nio lang i reset yan, no need ng pang reset or adjustment Program, All you need to do is turn on the printer, you will notice na may ilaw yung triangle, push and hold the triangle for 5 secs and then release, push and hold again for 3 secs and then release again, push it once (mabilis) then dapat wala na yung ilaw sa triangle button, it means na reset na ang level ng ink.

    If Service Required naman ang lumabas, this time you will need a program they called reset or adjustment program, you will need to check replace waste pad ink then mawawala na ang service required and your printer is ready to go again.

    T13, L200 user ako but may tanong ako sa sarili ko about sa L210, Since wala syang small door or access sa hose ng waste tank sa likod, is it possible ba na malagyan ng waste tank itong L210? well i guess oo but how eh walang daanan, alangan naman butasin ko eh wala pang 1 month yung printer, mababalewala warranty…

    Does anyone here have idea? Share share lang mga brod…. 🙂

    • benzINFOTECH

      yup pwede mo siyang lagyan, gamit ka lng ng electric drill tapos maliit na drill bit ung sakto sa size ng hose na ilalagay mo.dugtong mo lng sya.

  • RhonN

    Also nga pala, Use ink wise as replacement ink kung namamahalan kayo sa orig ink, ever since gamit ko na ito sa L200 at hindi sya nag babara, tested na, medyo mas maliwanag nga lang ang kulay compare to original ink na 100%, mga 85% na lang ang kalalabasan but still good cause may photo printing din ako and wala naman sila angal. it cost me 75 pesos per bottle of 100ml. nung naubos yung free na ink ng L210 (black) yun na nilagay ko, wala naman naging problem at hindi rin naman ma nonotice ng service center kung anung ink nilagay mo cause everytime na may problem printer ko dati di naman nila nabubuking yung L200 ko, usually feeder pinapagawa ko sa L200, but now alam ko na how to repair old feeder and bring it back to 100% working. Lighter lang ang katapat haha.

  • michael

    good pm, i have a situation on my L210.. red light is blinking which means paper jam.. but it doesnt have paper in it.. what do i do?

  • L210 new owner

    Good day! san po pwede ilagay yung external waste ink tank? Hindi ko mahanap yung external tube eh…

    Thanks in Advance!

    • benzINFOTECH

      bandang kaliwa, ilalim…

  • L210 new owner2

    i just bought an L210 last week and since i'm very busy, it is only today that i installed it and i have already set the device in my laptop. i refilled the cartridge til the suggested line. but it won't print. it won't nozzle check and charging of ink is the problem. it would be a waste if i can't use this thing. i have not yet printed a single page!!!! please reply immediately

  • jorrperr

    Hi. I have an Epson L210 model and I am having problems about printing. I refilled the ink tanks as the red lights are already blinking. After refilling, it printed 8-10 pages, but then after that, nothing is printing anymore. All I get is a white blank bond paper coming out. I refilled the ink tanks and the red light ISN'T blinking anymore, but still, it's not printing. Please help. ASAP. Thanks.

  • kimmy

    hi po,, is there a way po ba na maka.photocopy sa long bond paper ung l21o?

  • bugz

    i have a L110 printer, after i refill the black ink the other day, the red light blinks then today the printer wont be able to print anymore. what shall i do?tnx

    • Josie

      reset lang yan sir/mam ok na yan, search ka ng resetter online download mo lang kesa ipareset mo sa store mahal bayad, ikaw lang gagawa tipid pa hehe,,

  • Josie

    hello,,i have an epsonl210 at almost a year ko na cya gamit at wala ako probs kaso lang papano cya iclean kasi madumi and likod ng paper pag sumayad sa loob at gustong-gusto ko yung print nya sa mga pictures,,,gusto ko lang itanong if puede ko ba sya ma-refillan ng pigment ink???

  • Bojz

    Please help naman po. Nag refill po ako ng pigment ink sa Epson L210 ko, but when I print sa glossy photo paper dry po yung output nya hindi glossy. May solution pa po ba dito. Or a way para ma drain ko yung ink?

  • Aurora Juan

    Hi! What kind of ink do you use for Epson L210 , is this pigment ink? Can i use this for digital printing for Tshirts?

  • myren

    Pls. Help me nman po, ung printer q na L210 ang print output po nya e daming lines, lalo n po s mga pictures ano po kya gagawin q,,,tnx po

  • jaypee

    good Day! Meron po bang waste ink ung L300,, d ko kc mkita ung tube .. pls help?