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Epson still number 1 in projectors, for 11 straight years now


According to the latest data from specialist projector market research company, Futuresource Consulting, Epson is still the number 1 brand when it comes to projectors. For the uninformed like I was, they are now the number one brand in projector for the past 11 years since 2001.

Futuresource Consulting pegged Epson’s global projector market share to 22.9% in 2011, which translates to 26.5 million project units shipped, thus giving the company an unprecedented 11 straight years as the top projector maker. This figure also represents Epson’s seventh straight year of market share growth and is the highest that Epson has achieved in the past 11 years.

“œEpson is very thankful to our customers for helping us achieve this stunning success, and our achievement of an unprecedented 11th year at no. 1 in the global projector market also affirms the quality and value we have been providing them,” said Donna V. Ferro, General Manager for Epson Philippines Corporation.

For over two decades, Epson has maintained its position as the world’s No. 1 supplier of HTPS panels, the core devices at the heart of 3LCD projectors. It has led the industry by developing and providing technologies that boost power and performance.

The expansion of the 3LCD projector market has for a long time been driven primarily by enterprise demand for business presentations. Today, 3LCD projectors are widely used in a variety of market spaces. In the home theater segment, projectors offer a compelling movie-viewing experience with 3D and high contrast ratio, capable of producing jet-black shadows. In the education segment, projectors facilitate effective learning at school. Projectors also offer effective support for events in the commercial segment by delivering lectures, art, and entertainment in large spaces. These applications just scratch the surface of the potential of projection technology. In light of this, the market for projectors is expected to grow nearly 10% every year.

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