Epson Takes Robotics to a New Level

The Seiko Epson Corporation introduces a move forward for robotics with the development of its S250 series of high-precision force sensors. The S250 series will be an option for the company’s six-axis and SCARA robots. Using piezoelectric quartz sensing technology, the sensors are durable and sensitive. This lets them accurately sense minimal amounts of force in six directions and improve automaton productivity.

robotic arm

The s250 force sensors are a notable advancement in terms of manufacturing productivity, as more and more companies are turning to robots to replace skilled workers. In the past, human labor had the edge in terms of precision and accuracy, but with Epson’s innovative sensors, robotic workers can now perform tasks on almost the same level as a human worker. The S250 series now enables robots to automate increasingly complex tasks, like working wth delicate components, polishing, and deburring.

epson sensor


The new robot force sensors are already available locally. Learn more about the Epson Scara Robots on this link:


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