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Epson Textile Printers – A Fashion and Textile Industry Game-Changer

Epson Textile Printers make waves as they change the digital textile printing industry. With this technology, designers gain the freedom to push boundaries and open possibilities in the fashion world.Epson: A Game Changer

In the traditional industry model, designs are printed on fabric using silk-screen printing, which is costly and laborious.  Not only that, but a single order can take weeks. This constraint leads to high prices, low output, and of course, low creativity due to limits.

Digital textile printing takes that problem out completely. This happens by allowing fabric to be printed in small runs. Not only that, but it removes constrants in the designer’s ability to implement ideas onto fabric.

High-end brands began to embrace digital printing technology recently, as evidenced by recent runway shows and store displays. Helmut Lang’s designers, for example, used photoraphs of places like subway walls, to create abstract, new ideas for the brand.

Epson Collaborates with Kansai Yamamoto

Renowned fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto partners with Epson on many instances to showcase his creations. The Kansai Yamamoto ‘brand’ combines traditional Japanese designs with modern styles. In particular, his ‘HELLO ISTANBUL’ 2014 fashion show featured Epson’s textile printing as an alternative to traditional Japanese dyeing.

Working to strict standards, Epson spent four weeks reproducing the designs with specialist Genesta inks on the Monna Lisa textile printing system developed by Epson-owned Robustelli of Italy. In addition, they also used Epson’s SureColor SC-F7170 series and SurePress FP-30160 textile printers.

Epson Digital Printing and World Fashion

Last year, on the other hand, Epson staged its second Digital Couture event in advance of Fashion Week in New York City. They showcased collections from 11 North and Latin American designers created using Epson’s state-of-the-art SureColor F-Series dye-sublimation printing solutions. Other related events included collaborations with Isabelle Wen and PrecisionCore technology.

In Taiwan last November, Epson collaborated with designer Isabelle Wen to launch her new collection of couture clothing, with a segment of it printed by Epson’s digital textile printers powered by its PrecisionCore technology.

For something closer to home, internationally acclaimed designer Avel Bacudio collaborated with Epson on a collection that pays homage to the beauty of the Philippines last year. Bacudio mentioned that digital prints truly make a difference, especially when it comes to taking away all limits from fashion design. On that note, digital printing might just be the key to unlimited design creativity.

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