Epson unveils next generation of commercial and industrial printers

One of the leading brands in digital imaging and printing solutions, Epson recently introduced eight new printer models developed for commercial and industrial businesses. Following their first launch of commercial and industrial printers in 2009, this new-generation of printers promise quality performance that is bang for the buck!

Notable with Epson printers are its versatility, high-speed printing and low power consumption. Also, Epson printers are manufactured in-house that guarantees its clients durability. All printers, from compact to the industrial ones, contain a proprietary print head ““ a technology called the Micro Piezo developed in the 90s, ensures precision in printing achieved by manufacturing watches over the years.

With the growing industrial and commercial businesses in the Philippines and all over the world, Epson sees the need for a more advanced, cost-efficient and yet environment-friendly line of printers hence, the new printer models.

New Epson SureColor S Series Signage Printers


Perfect for commercial business needs, this series are built for indoor and outdoor signage printing, taking over Epson’s highly-regarded Stylus Pro GS6000. These printers are compatible with different types of media allowing flexibility and greater capability. The S Series printers utilize environment-friendly eco-solvent inks that are odorless and nickel-free, and do not require special ventilation for curing.

New Epson SureColor T Series Technical/Computer Aided Design (CAD) Printers


Specially targeted for technical/Computer Aided Design (CAD) printing, the T Series is Epson’s first in this line, offering printers ideal for customers requiring high-quality, high-value technical prints. The T series come with the new UltraChrome XD Ink specificially for CAD printing. Users may choose from 24-inch, 36-inch, and 44-inch wide format depending on the size that is ideal for them and for their budget.

Epson SureLab D3000


This line is Epson’s first photo dry lab system. It offers 1440 x 1440 dpi resolution, with its print quality comparable to Epson’s professional graphics printers. The SureLab D3000 features the UltraChrome D6 6-color photo dye ink set to achieve a wide color gamut exceeding the traditional silver halide prints. SureLab D3000 comes in two models, Single Roll and Double Roll, to accommodate choices in paper handling.

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  • JUNE

    for me I will still wait for a market feedback with this new product just had a super bad experience with the L200 series. Was excited when L2 came with a ink tank but less than a week returned and replaced and after 3 week power problem an a LOT more..

  • Psanchez

    Yeah me too, EPSON has yet to convince me they are better than HP printers. Sa experience ko kasi ang bilis masira ng EPSON printers. Lagi pa nagbabara yung print heads.