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The Continuing Innovation of Epson – Printers, Projectors and more

Epson is a world wide brand that provides people with quality products for business and personal use. Guided by its “Epson 2025” vision statement, the company continues to innovate in creating a new connected age of people, things and information with efficient, compact and precision technologies. 

A Growing Market – Business Inkjet Printers

The Epson L-Series is a benchmark in revolutionary printing. Coming from the need of customers to print at high volumes with low costs, the innovative printers were born. The world’s first genuine Ink Tank System printers, it combines the quality of an Epson inkjet printer with  the lower cost of ownership and supplies.  Product Manager for Business Inkjet Printers of Epson Philippines, Russer Cabrera, is very excited about the market growth. With over 15 million units sold since the introduction of the L-Series, Epsons market share has grown steadily.

The L-Series Epson's innovation

The Epson L850 is part of the L-Series of Epson. Featuring a genuine Ink Tank System

Continuing in these foot steps, a line-up expansion in their business segment is currently in the works. Coming up with products to address the needs of corporations and big enterprises. Businesses can also make use of more features like Duplex and A3 printing, thanks to Epson’s PrecisionCore technology. The latest Epson technology also focuses on environmental concerns. This is done through lowered power consumption and lessened parts for easier maintenance.

Creating Opportunities – Professional Printers

Epson consistently earned the top spot  in Point-of-Sale(POS) printers for 7 years straight, not a small matter in the Small Printer category. Their printers offer great  mobility and growing opportunities for retail businesses because of the printer’s intelligent range. That means the POS printers easily connect with tablet solution via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet.

Epson TM-m30 Photo 1

The Epson TM-m30 Tablet friendly POS Printer

Thea Austria, Product Manager for Professional Printers Group of Epson Philippines noted three things: ease-of-use, great connectivity, and superb quality. Epson delivers these three factors to provide their customers excellent products. Their small printer catalog also includes label printers. These devices were developed for industrial and commercials use, thus addressing the issue of on-demand color printing.

Epson’s Innovation – Commercial & Industrial Printers

With ever changing customer needs, Epson has a range of products, from small counter top printers and 64-inch commercial printers.  Epson’s large format printers have created significant improvements in a variety of industries. They have improved workflow, and shortened the production process, to name a couple of benefits for using the large format printers.

The Epson digital textile printer is a professional device that also garnered praise and attention. Helping put the country on the map, this new device helped avant-garde designer John Herrera won “Britain’s Top Designer Competition”. The Epson dye sublimation printer printed the winning collection.

ohn Herrera and Epson Collaboration

John Herrera wins Brittains Next Top Designer with 3D printed collection by Epson. Photo from Preview.ph

“Digital textile printing offers unrivaled creative freedom, reduces time to create new designs that are more sustainable and environmentally-friendly,” adds Ms. Chu Bacsal-Pajarito, Product Manager for Commercial & Industrial Printers, Epson Philippines.

Epson Innovations in Visual Imaging

16 years being the top projector brand, Epson is a juggernaut of the field. Epson projectors also claim top spots in most  Southeast Asian countries, which includes the Philippines. With a 55% market share,  it surpasses all other projector brands combined.

Epson Moving Forward with their Innovative projectors

Epson wants to address new applications in 2017, like interactive learning for education, and high brightness requirements for bigger venues. Not to mention the growing demand for their projectors in the corporate sector. In the past, Epson has introduced products catering to business use, as well as the World’s 1st 25,000 lumens laser projector. Epson Projectors have also been highly commended for enhancing Video Conference Systems with their interactive features. This has served as an ideal solution for concept sharing and corporate training.

Although entry level models continue to be the bulk of demand in the Philippine market, there is an increase in demand for laser based, and high brightness projectors. A niche market is also starting to develop for home projectors. Miss Lyn Lizarondo the Product Manager for Visual Imaging Systems of Epson Philippines, is excited for the future of this product. She notes that they are continuing to refine the microdisplay and projection technologies in their devices. Doing so will create better viewing experience for their customers, allowing for a more natural visual communications environment.

Epson Wearable Innovation – The Moverio

In the category of wearables, Epson has the Moverio. Introduced in 2011, the Epson Moverio BT-100 has the same 3LCD technology as  an Epson Projector. In 2016, they announced the newest addition to their line; the BT-300. The device uses Epson’s silicon based OLED digital display technology to create, the lightest see-through smart glasses on the market.

The Red Dot Award Winning MovieRio BT-300

The Moverio offers an Augmented Reality experience, that means seeing the real world with computer generated graphics on top of it. It has a wide  range of use, from gaming to industry.

The Moverio is Epson’s commitment to smart eyewear. The BT-300 has improved to the point that it allows professionals better efficiency.  Mr. Jester Cruz, Department Head for Product Management Division and Product Manager for Moverio Epson of Philippines elaborated more on the device. He said that the Movierio  enables workers to share their experience virtually or provide hands-free movement for hands-on work.

Epson Moving Forward – Robotics

Robotics is not just a future with Epson, it is an integrated way of their operations and manufacturing. Being named SCARA robot market share leader for 6 straight years, Epson goes further by expanding applications where robots support people in a variety of ways.

“Epson intends to lower the barriers to automation, expand the market and build a competitive advantage. Globally, Epson has already started by advancing the company’s robotic vision, force sensor, and accelerometer technologies. The long-term goal is to sell robots packaged with software that control robot motion and operations. Such packages will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes users to install robots,” explains Mr. Ng Ngee Khiang, Regional General Manager (SE Asia), Robotics Division, Epson Singapore.

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