Ethical hacking course discount

I wrote on Global Knowledge Associates’ course on Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures a while back. I got a call from Ms. Sandra Medalla who informed me that hey have lowered the course fee to US$ 700 (or a PhP 35,700 equivalent). What’s great is that she offered me a 30% discount, which brings down the price to US$ 490 or PhP 24,990. Sadly, I don’t exactly have time (and resources) to sign up for the course, but Ms. Medalla gladly agreed to extend the discount to PTB (and the J Spot) readers. So if you’re interseted, please do get in touch with Sandra at (632) 637-3657 / 683-0969 or via email [email protected] .

The first session had started yesterday, and the second batch by first week of March. is supposed to have course details, but the link seems to be broken. But I guess this is a good way to firm up a career in IT security.

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  • syst3m4rmy

    waste of money! you’ll never learn a single truth about hacking from it…..

    you’ll end up as famous script kiddies…..

    learn to program(ASM, perl, php, database application, web PL tool, javascript, vb, vmware) and master networking….and start to use linux or any unix base OS…

  • NOWADAYS You’ll need this to put on your CV
    that’s what employer’s are looking for….
    another thing is be certified on it!!!!!

  • lkjklllkkklii

    I agree to syst3m4rmy, just becareful while exploring (testing your skills)… script kiddies are easily traced