Ever seen a KewlPad?

Have you gotten tired of how Notepad looks like? I have. Sometime last year, I have been obsessed with customizing the look of Windows in my office computer (this was around June last year, before my GNU/Linux experiments began). I got skins for Winamp (I hardly use Media Player…), got some spiffy wallpapers and changed my desktop’s color scheme. I even got myself a different text editor. Yup. I wanted a skinnable text editor. Notepad was just too – bland for me. On Wincustomize.com, I got the link to KewlPad.

This is a screenshot of KewlPad, with the skin chooser open:
a kewlpad screenshot

Click this for a larger view of the screenshot.

KewlPad is a skinnable text editor. This means that you could change the way it looks. You could have it look modern, feminine, sleek, or whatever skin suits your fancy. Wincustomize has a lot of skins for it.

What I like about KewlPad:

  • It is skinnable. Whatever mood I am in, I could change the skin into something that matches it.
  • It has the indicator for Caps lock and Insert. I like that because I sometimes accidentally hit Capslock…
  • It has an indicator on how long you have been active from the last time you started typing until the time you stop.
  • It has an indicator as to how many rows you already typed and which row you are in.
  • You could go to certain rows. (Ctrl-G would give you a dialog box asking which row you want to go to.)
  • You could easily preview the HTML file you are editing when you press Ctrl-W. (It opens the HTML file in your default browser.)

Things I don’t really like about KewlPad:

  • It has no option to maximize. (It only has minimize and close.)
  • It’s not available for GNU/Linux (then again I use GNU Emacs so… :P)

It’s pretty nifty. There’s a lot to like about it even though I think the last release was still back in 2001. Currently, my sister uses it a lot. I guess this is especially nifty for those who write their HTMLs in text editors instead of something like Dreamweaver or Frontpage.

Some screenshots of Kewlpad are also available here =)

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  • J

    sweet. Well on my side of the fence since I cant install on the old office pc I use notepad2. but kewlpad is definitely leet

  • Hi, J! =) Yeah, it is a funky app, isn’t it? 😀