Experience 12 mbps broadband connection for FREE courtesy of SkyBroadband

Calling all loyal subscribers of Sky Cable who’ve been with them for at least a year and with no outstanding balance, you can try out their broadband connection for FREE for 15 days!

SkyBroadband is offering a 15-day free trial of up to 12 mbps broadband internet connection for Sky Cable subscribers. Not only that, included in the package is their SkyVoice service which you can use to call people abroad for only a peso per minute.

You don’t have to shell out anything for the modem and set up fee and you are not required to continue their service when the 15-day period is up.

This is unheard of for residential internet and it’s much faster than DSL since instead of phone lines, cable lines are used which can carry more bandwidth. So if you qualify, I highly recommend you go for the 15-day trial and download all movies that you can in 15 days. Hahaha.

Contact Marites Ramos (Account Executive) at 6369292 loc. 6515 or e-mail her at [email protected]. You can mention that you got her info from Calvin of PinoyTechBlog.

If you’re interested in SkyBroadband and wondering what your P999 monthly internet budget can get you, it’s 1.5 mbps (if you’re also a Sky Cable subscriber, 1 mbps if you’re not) plus 15% off on your Sky Cable bill.


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  • SkyDSL == Bayantel? or are they separate now?

  • hmm is zpdee bayantel?

  • “K”

    Sky DSL = now Bayan DSL (with mother Bayantel)
    Zipdee = now Sky Broadband (with mother Sky Cable)

    I called up the Sky Broadband hotline and I was told we’re eligible to have the free 15-day trial (being a Sky Cable subscriber for years now). Free, no fees for the modem and installation, they clearly stated this. They specified the date they would arrive, but had to follow-up several times for several weeks. Finally, they installed the cable (separate from the cable used for tv) and the cable modem.

    Suprisingly, they handed us a paper we should sign for a two-year lock-in period with Sky Broadband. We were also told that a deposit fee of Php1,000 shall be added to our Sky Cable bill.

    What the?!

    Another (bigger) surprise: internet didn’t work. Good thing they didn’t leave after installing the modem. They spent hours, till about 8PM, then finally told us Sky Broadband isn’t available in our area (5-minute walk from UST. So they took the modem and left.

    Lousy. Irresponsible. Plain stupid and inconsiderate customer service and technical staff.

    • hahahaha! now that’s funny. šŸ˜€ I’m near UST, so hindi din pwede sa place ko sky broadband na 12mbps.. too bad.. šŸ™

  • argh what a lousy service. maybe the one who went to your place didn’t know that it’s only a trial plan. ang sabi talaga ng sky cable managers is that there will be no fee unless you broke the modem somehow.

    i also asked if I could avail of the plan pero they checked first kung pwede sa area namin and too bad wala pa.

  • I am a subscriber and the connection is pretty fast when you browse websites. The problem though is if you love downloading torrent files, don’t expect anything beyond 20kb/sec. Apparently they are restricting BitTorrent traffic within their subscribers. It’s also called “bandwidth or BitTorrent throttling” which is a strategy of ISPs. I wonder if other ISPs like PLDT, Bayantel, Smart or Globe is doing the same thing.

  • Oh! so tama pala ang nabalitaan ko.. Err if only may Sky Cable dito, edi yan na dapat ipapakabit namin, sadly kasi wala eh. Telmarc Cable…at wow asenso na talaga ang SKY CABLE, dahil may SKYBroadband na. Naks! Thanks for sharing this.

  • Chacklie

    Maganda sana speed pero kung nililimit nila yung bandwidth mas mabilis pa torrent download mo sa SmartBro. Di nga lang ganon kabilis pero at least aabot ka 50+Kbs.

  • JR


    Napakabarok mo naman magsalita.
    Dumugo ilong ko sa mga pinagsusulat mo dito.


  • doodle

    nothings change except yung pangalan syempre bago same parin ans service poor, hay naku…

  • Fred

    12Mbps is not fast! Had a 100Mbps line in 2002-2003 that is what a cable internet connection should be unless the cable company is capping the line.

  • Clart


    I think the 100Mbps you were referring to is LAN speed. That’s not the 12Mbps that they are talking about here.

    Basic DSL Internet Speeds: 768 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps
    High-End DSL Internet Speeds: 3 Mbps to 7 Mbps

    Basic Cable Internet Speeds: 4 Mbps to 6 Mbps
    High-End Cable Internet Speeds: 12 Mbps to 16 Mbps and higher

  • Fred

    No I was NOT referring to a LAN connection. I was referring to a cable internet connection that I had in 2002-2003 it would max out the LAN card at 100MBps. Of course that was before the cable companies started to cap the data rate for the connections.

  • JuzSoFazMyAz

    It’s just so fast my ass! To SkyBroadBand,,i,,

  • Sathanas

    Haha, Fred is an idiot. Doesn’t know what he’s talking about or he’s trolling, either is possible.

  • Fr3akazoid

    clart is right. you were referring to LAN speed(which you said at comment # 14). And beside there is no such facility yet that was invented with a DSL speed of 100Mbps for end-user.

  • Fr3akazoid

    even for cable broadband.

  • Fr3akazoid

    or should I say never been given to an end-user. check your speed on some speed test website. so you might know ur actual speed

  • 2020

    At year 2020 guys, I know that Internet connections here in philippines will OFFER 20-50 mbps @ constant speed. Meaning the transfare rate will reach up to 2 mbps depending on the connection you have. Now that’s what we’re talking about. But not yet even if still 2011.