Facebook being invaded by spam links

For the past week, I noticed that Facebook is being bombarded by spam links that’s getting shared virally. Usually these links have something to do with Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus to entice young and naive Facebook users to click them.

Here are some samples that I saw:


So what would happen if you click the link? I tried it and found out that they’re really harmless aside from replicating itself on your Facebook wall. When you click the link, you will be led to a page that looks like YouTube but everywhere you click is a link that will take you to another page. This time asking you to answer surveys to win some gadget or click more ads that would help the link owner get rich. Right-clicking won’t do you any good as the site is programmed to treat right-click the same as a left-click.

I only tried one of the links but who knows, some might lead you to a malware site that would automatically install stuff to your PC without you knowing, known as drive-by-download. I also didn’t go far beyond as to allow the link to be shared on my wall. Or maybe my Norton Internet Security is preventing that? Hmmm.

Have you encountered any of these links? I highly urge you to inform your friends to stop clicking these links as to avoid the spreading of it. Also, ask them to remove the link post from their wall. I wish there’s a link reporting in Facebook where you can submit malware links to be banned from Facebook.

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  • nice post great information Thanks for sharing

  • scary…

  • Yeah, I’ve noticed those links as well in Facebook so I’m very careful when clicking on the links.

  • thanks a lot for this very useful and helpful info and reminder!

  • Julius L

    Napansin ko din yan. Meron mga links na kapag na-click mo, parang magkakaroon ng virus ang Facebook account mo, at nagmemessage sa mga friends using FB Chat. Meron din automatic nag popost sa wall mo about ung sa link.

    So dapat lang na mag ingat sa mga ganyan. ^^,

  • Please add the “facebook profile views” and “facebook profile stalker” bit.ly links, these links come along with viruses too.

  • I also noticed din yan.. nakakainis nga eh … kase once maclick mo yan.. isa ka na rin sa nagspread ng link na yan.. tsk tsk Mark!!!

  • Messie

    I noticed a Norton link on one of my friend’s post in facebook that claims that it scanned my friends wall and rid it off malicious links. Is this true and really effective?


  • ok a virus over facebook….i called it ivy quiron spam virus.

    symtoms:when you click it the link and the “click here” it will messge all your online friends…….i dont discover if will harm on your PC.

    solution:do not click then when you accidentaly click it do not click the “click here” then when you all click it just exit your browser immidietly and clear cauch or coockie…………

    dont worry itsbeen report by user and remove by facebook.great,great trick to spread the virus…….