Facebook chose Trend Micro to protect its users

You hate it when you or your friends gets duped into clicking on a malicious link in Facebook. Scandalous links you don’t want to see posted on your wall for everyone to see. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of users who are oblivious to these types of malware distribution.

To protect its users from against malicious sites and malware, Facebook will support integration of the Trend Microâ„¢ Smart Protection Networkâ„¢ infrastructure, which uses cloud technology, threat correlation, and a global network of threat intelligence sensors to proactively stop malware and web threats before they reach the computer. Basically it will supposedly block malicious links from appearing on the site.

facebook trend micro

When a Facebook user, on a Mac, PC or mobile device, clicks on links that have been passed to them or posted on their friend’s wall, that link will automatically (and behind the scenes) be first analysed by Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Network which will perform a real-time analysis of that URL and the content of that link to determine whether it’s safe or not.  If that link is deemed unsafe, Trend Micro will warn the user that the link leads to malicious websites and malware sites.

Now incorporated within Facebook’s database of external malicious URL intelligence providers, the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure delivers advanced protection from the cloud, blocking threats in real-time while processing more than 70 billion URL, email, and file queries daily. Every day, Trend Micro blocks over 1.4 billion threats and processes more than 300 million new URLs.

“œNow that Facebook is a primary platform for communication, whether you’re nine or ninety-nine, it’s fast becoming a favorite target for cybercriminals,” said Myla Pilao, Director, Core Technology Marketing, Trend Micro. “œThis is why we’re thrilled to partner with Facebook to offer an additional layer of protection to users so they don’t have to think twice when interacting with friends and uploading pictures from their weekend.”

“We are thrilled to be incorporating Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Network to Facebook’s existing database of malicious URLs, and the opportunity to offer Trend Micro software to our users,” said Joe Sullivan, chief security officer at Facebook. “œThis partnership will better enable us to protect the people who use our service, no matter where they are in the web.”

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  • Wow! Swerte naman ng Trend Micro 🙂

  • Griswold

    I’m going to watch out for this. Expecting no more of those spam video links on my wall.

  • This is not only annoying, I never was harassed or bullyed or humiliated like this in my life. Trend Micros safety online guard on facebook blocks all my links to my portfolio from time to time with no reason at all. I am a photographer, there is only a portfolio on my site, I don’t shoot erotic or porn, just regular portraits, some relative nudes…. but crippled system of Trend Micro keeps blocking my byazrov.ru site on facebook. I successfully added it to Trend Micro safe list, but in a month it happens again and again and again. I wish someone could tell me why? Trend Micros is obviously is too busy making bad systems.

  • This page really has all of the information and facts I wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.